The Best Alarm Clock With Wake Up Light

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Even though cell phones, old and new come standard with an integrated alarm clock, a standalone alarm clock still remains a popular bedroom accessory. But the traditional alarm clock has also come a long way in recent years to include more than just snooze options and programmable alarms, giving you yet another reason to use one!

The latest alarm clocks are technology driven, and come with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, wall projectors, weekend mode settings, LCD displays and let’s not forget the must have wake up light. Given that waking up in the morning to that buzz, blare, ring or chirp of your alarm clock is no fun, wake up light alarm clocks truly wake you up with a smile on your face from the very first minute.

Wake up light alarm clocks often dubbed sunrise alarm clocks have become increasingly popular lately, because they wake you up with a pleasant light rather than what could be an annoying sound. They provide a more positive and natural approach to waking up in the morning, and work great for both light and heavy sleepers. That said, listed below are 3 best wake up light alarm clocks coupled with a sunrise alarm clock buying guide to help you wake up with joy!

1. Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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What we like: When it comes to the best alarm clock with wake up light, the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is undoubtedly a clear winner in this space. For starters, this natural sunrise alarm clock can greatly improve your sleep energy and overall wellbeing, and is equipped with lights that are clinically proven to make you feel more refreshed when you wake up.

This wake up light by Philips offers twofold benefits – first it can wake you up gradually with a natural light lamp and second with a choice of five different sounds via the integrated speaker. And if the five inbuilt sounds aren’t enough, there’s also FM radio capabilities complete with a snooze alarm.

The display of the Philips UV free wake up light dims automatically as the bedroom gets dark, which allows you to sleep faster and better. Speaking of brightness, there are twenty brightness levels to choose from to meet your personal preference. It is appointed with a large, easy to read LED display, boasts a sleek modern design, and most importantly is safe to use around children thanks to its cool to touch feature.


  • Light and sound alarm
  • LED display
  • 20 brightness levels

2. HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

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The HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock takes things to a whole new level in the wake up alarm clock space owing to its red tinted light, which gently transforms to a white bright light to wake you up in a more natural and effective way. It offers both light and sound wake up capabilities, where the latter is available via seven alarm sounds and even FM radio.

These whimsical sounds per se include Hawaii wave, birdsound, stream, wind bells and piano, each of which can be adjusted between 20 volume levels. Speaking of adjustability, the brightness of the HeimVision wake up light alarm clock can be adjusted between 20 levels of brightness, and seven color levels of LED time display brightness.

This user-friendly sunrise alarm clock by HeimVision allows you to configure a default wake up time, and then set the desired light intensity for gradual sunrise light simulation and alarm tones. You can even program several alarms separately to wake up to or alert you at different times of the day.

And if you do need the extra 15 minutes break before actually getting out of bed, there’s an easy to reach snooze button set conveniently at the top of the clock. The HeimVision sunrise alarm clock contrary to what the name may suggest can also be used as a night light/bedside lamp by simply pressing the * button, which proves handy when going to the washroom or feeding a baby during the night.


  • 7 sounds and FM radio
  • Snooze function
  • LED light and sound capabilities

3. LBell Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

LBell Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

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What we like: The LBell Wake Up Light Alarm Clock comes in at the #3 position on this list of best sunrise alarm clocks, owing mostly to its rich set of features such as lighting brightness, lighting time and alarm volume. The sunrise light of this alarm clock gradually changes color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow, which allows you to wake up peacefully and relaxed.

But that’s not all – the light even makes it easy to fall asleep quickly with its sleep aid function, which gradually dims the light with the music. The LBell sunrise alarm clock comes with FM radio mode, which when triggered allows you to preset and save up to 40 of your favorite channels for your wake up or listening pleasure. You can even use any one of the FM radio channels as your wake up sound alarm or choose from several different natural sounds.

This sunrise alarm clock by LBell comes with snooze functionality, which gives you nine minutes leeway when pressed after the alarm goes off. In terms of features, the LBell sunrise alarm clock doesn’t fall short with seven different light colors, twenty warm level colors and a USB charging port both for the clock and to charge your other devices.  


  • Sound and voice alarms
  • Snooze function
  • Different sounds (FM) and light colors

Best Alarm Clock With Wake Up Light Buying Guide

Wake up mode – some clocks wake you with light or sound, while others offer both types of wake up modes.

Sounds – most of the best sunrise alarm clocks come with preset sounds, and a few models allow you to use the integrated FM radio as well.

Brightness adjustment – the brightness level in most sunrise light in most wake up light clocks can be adjusted, so you can set the right level to wake up with joy.

Snooze function – this feature allows you to sleep a bit longer after the initial alarm goes off.

Night lamp – with this feature, you can use the light of the alarm clock as a night light when waking up during the night.