The Best Electric Can Opener With Knife Sharpener

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Can openers make a great difference when it comes to opening cans. There’s no need for dangerous knife exhibitions to get your food out of the container. But imagine making it more convenient than it already is.

An electric can opener brings convenience to another level. All you have to do is attach the can to the unit, and then wait a few seconds for the appliance to open it for you. This is not only a convenient kitchen tool, it also lifts the burden for seniors and others suffering from arthritis.

Electric can openers are often sold with additional gadgets that are utilizing the power of the motor. A knife sharpener, for example. This makes it a great tool for multiple purposes, and you can save money as you only have to buy one tool instead of two.

Our top picks

If you’re shopping for a new electric can opener and knife sharpener combo, this guide is here to help you make a proper choice.

We carefully reviewed the best options on the market, and below are the results.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Electric Can Opener
Editor’s choice

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Electric Can Opener

  • Stylish, modern design
  • Automatic shutoff safety feature
  • Removable and dishwasher safe cutting unit

Made from the number one brand that manufactures can openers in the US, the Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Can Opener provides you with more than just the convenience of opening cans in a jiffy. It comes in a nice sleek black and red color to choose from, and the knife sharpener keeps your knives razor sharp.

With the SureCut Technology in this electric can opener, you’ll have no trouble opening any can after just one try. It cuts through lids of most can sizes on the market, and most users are giving it the highest rating possible across multiple online stores.

Do you often worry about whether you forgot to turn off your kitchen appliances or not? With the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Electric Can Opener there’s no need to worry. It features a safety mechanism that’ll automatically turn off the can opener after some time, granting you peace of mind.

What we really appreciate about this electric can opener and knife sharpener combo, is the detachable and dishwasher safe cutting unit. Forget about cross-contaminating your foods, because you can easily remove the cutting unit and rinse it off between every use.

The knife sharpener works like any regular knife sharpeners, but we do actually think it does a great job a keeping any regular knife sharp in a convenient, easy way.


  • Type: Free tanding
  • Dimensions: 5.12” x 6.9” x 10.25”
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs
Proctor Silex Power Can Opener
Best value

Proctor Silex Power Can Opener

  • Great value
  • Cutting lever twists off for easy cleaning
  • Clever cord storage built into the base

Open any can in a more convenient way using the Proctor Silex Power Can Opener and Knife Sharpener. It is a great, budget-friendly choice for those seeking a good product at a lower price.

What we love about this product is its versatility. It is able to open cans of various sizes. It also has a guidepost that makes it easier to align cans properly. This helps you open the can quickly, without ruining it or spilling the contents.

With the automatic shutoff mechanism, there’s no need to worry about doing it yourself. Take your mind off of it and focus on other tasks, because this combined can opener and knife sharpener will turn itself off after idling for a while.

It has an easy to clean design that enables you to easily twist off the cutting lever for a quick wash. This makes sure that it gets cleaned and ready for the next use. Another neat feature is the cord storage at the back that keeps your countertops clutter-free.

There is a built-in knife sharpener at the back of the unit. It helps keep your knives sharp and in shape without having to get a second appliance for the job. You should note that the only electric component in this unit is the can opener. Sharpening your knives has to be done manually by inserting your knife in between the slot and moving it back and forth. Nevertheless, it is still a great addition to your kitchen.


  • Colors: Black and White
  • Type: Free standing
  • Dimensions: 9.5” x 4.9” x 4.8”
  • Weight: 1 lb
Black+Decker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

Black+Decker Multi-Purpose Can Opener

  • Space saving design
  • Fits on the underside of your cabinets
  • 3-in-1: Can opener, knife sharpener, bottle opener

The BLACK+DECKER CO100B SpaceMaker is more than just an electric can opener. In fact, it’s also more than just an electric can opener and knife sharpener. With this device you can also open your bottles without having to look through your drawers for the bottle opener.

As the model name suggests, the design is supposed to save space on your kitchen countertops. It attaches under your kitchen cabinets, and therefore doesn’t take up any space on your countertop. Easily open cans of any size, and enjoy having a knife sharpener as well as a bottle opener at hand as well.

The SpaceMaker series contains more than just can openers and knife sharpeners though. If you want a completely clutter-free kitchen, make sure you check out the entire range of products belonging to the SpaceMaker series.

Just like other electric can openers and knife sharpeners, the BLACK+DECKER SpaceMaker has an automatic shutoff safety mechanism that turns off the appliance when it isn’t being used.


  • Color: Black
  • Type: Under the cabinet
  • Dimensions: 8.4” x 5.5” x 8.3”
  • Weight: 1.12 lbs

How to find the best electric can opener with knife sharpener?

If you’re looking for a can opener with built-in knife sharpener, the options narrow down quickly.

However, there is still a decent range of models to choose from, and if you haven’t found what you’re looking for in our buying guide, we have a few pointers that we recommend you to look for if you decide to look at other models instead.

1. Durability

Most electric can openers and knife sharpeners are made with a plastic house and metal cutting parts, which in itself is a durable combination.

However, to ensure the best durability possible, you’ll have to look at the different parts. Are there any small parts that look like they could break off easily?

Does the product receive positive ratings for the overall build quality?

These are important things to look for, if you want the highest durability possible.

2. Safety

You wouldn’t want your new electric can opener to leave jagged edges on your cans, but you wouldn’t want it to accidentally switch on either.

Look for an electric can opener with a high safety rating as well as proper safety features, such as automatic shutoff, to minimize the risk of unexpected accidents.

3. Versatility

Cans don’t come in one shape. Some are tall, some have a larger diameter, and some are smaller than others.

Make sure you get an electric can opener that is capable of opening both large and small cans, otherwise you’ll end up opening some cans manually while your new electric can opener just sits there.

4. Cleaning

Some electric can openers have removable cutting units, and some of them are even dishwasher safe.

This allows you to easily prevent cross-contamination between multiple cans, as you can quickly detach the cutting unit and rinse it under running water.

For this reason we recommend that you opt for an electric can opener with removable cutting units.

5. Type of knife sharpener

One thing that you have to take note is that knife sharpeners in the modern world come in different types.

The one that usually comes with the electric can opener is just one of them. Here are three different types of knife sharpeners that you may want to look into:

  • Whetstones

Whetstones are the most basic one to have, the cheapest one but relatively harder one to use. It is also called oilstones or Japanese waterstones. These usually come in rectangular shapes with a gritty surface.

Instead of carving out a new edge on your knife, it just sharpens the existing edge that your knife has. You have to hold it in at a certain angle and run it down the stone a couple of times before you get the sharpness that you want. It may be a bit dangerous if you aren’t used to but it is definitely something to look into.

  • Manual sharpeners

The manual sharpener is the one that would often come with the electric can opener. It usually comes in a V-shaped notch where you’d pull a knife through to sharpen it. Unlike whetstones though, it carves out a new edge for your knife. But it is safer to use than a whetstone.

  • Electrical sharpeners

Electrical sharpeners get the job done easily and efficiently compared to manual sharpeners and whetstones with less effort on your part too. The angles are already set the right way so all you have to do is insert the knife in the notch and let the rotors and grit do its part on sharpening your knife.

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