The Best Electronic Lock for Your Front Door

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Do you ever leave the house and then have to go back because you weren’t sure you locked the door? Have you ever gone home and then had an in a state of panic because you couldn’t find your keys in your bag?

We’ve all been there. The good news is that keyless electronic locks now exist for doors. If you happen to leave your key at home, lose your spare keys, or if you’re not sure if you’ve locked your door properly or not, an electronic lock comes in really handy.

Electronic locks are also great for rentals, because there’s no key needed and the pin number can be switched between each guest staying at your house.

In this article we’ve taken a closer look at the options and reviewed the best electronic locks for the front door of any type of house.

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Electronic Locks for Your Front Door

Below you’ll find in-depth reviews of the best electronic locks, that come with different features.

Schlage Camelot electronic door lock
Editor’s choice

Schlage Camelot

  • Great value
  • Lots of different color options to choose from
  • 10-button keypad
  • Easy to set up and use

Say good-bye to lost, stolen, or forgotten keys. The Schlage Camelot lock lets you create up to 19 unique codes that you can use for different members of the family and even trusted friends. You no longer need to have spare keys made or hide them somewhere in case you forget them as you go home. This keypad will make going to and coming from your home keyless, effortless, and painless.

The Schlage Camelot is easy to install and easy to use. it can be assembled in residential single- and multi-family doors with a thickness of anywhere between 1 3/8 to 1 3/4 inches (35-44 millimeters). You can key in 5-pin codes and it comes with one nickel silver key as well.

Upon purchase, this keypad lock comes with 2 pre-programmed access codes for immediate use. There is a low battery indicator and a back-lit keypad so you can see the numbers you are punching in. You can look at the different kinds of color and finish options so you can coordinate it best with the look of your door and home.


  • Security Rating: ANSI/BHMA Grade 2
  • Key Option: Yes
  • Keypad Type: 10 buttons, keypad
  • App Controlled: No
  • WiFi Enabled: No
  • Color/finish options: Aged Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Pewter, Bright Brass, Satin Chrome, Satin NIckel
Schlage Encode Smart WiFi door lock

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi

  • Create and manage access codes from your smartphone
  • Check your door lock when you’re not home
  • Capacity for up to 100 access codes

If you’re looking for a high-tech keypad lock that connects to the wifi and has a built-in app, this Schlage Encode Smart WiFi electronic door lock might just be the one you’re looking for. Its built-in wifi allows you to lock and unlock from anywhere with no additional accessories required.

You can create and manage up to 100 access codes for family members and trusted friends and opt to give them either temporary or permanent access. If you’re far from your home, or you can’t remember if you locked the door before leaving, you can check the status of your door. It works well with Alexa, which can help you check the status of your door. Alexa can also let you know if your battery is running low and you can opt to set-up smart reorders so that you can have the replacement batteries when needed.

You can also download the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon App which will allow you to lock and unlock your door remotely and even manage access for your visitors. With the Key by Amazon app, you can even receive videos of people entering or leaving your home. It’s safe and simple and very easy to use.

The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi electronic door lock is also fingerprint-resistant and sensitive to the touch, allowing you to unlock it with just one touch. There is also an option for voice control in case you want the convenience of having your lock hands-free. In case of a potential threat, a built-in alarm technology can sense security breaches and notify you.


  • Security Rating: ANSI Grade 1
  • Key Option: Yes
  • Keypad Type: 10 buttons, digital touchpad
  • App Controlled: Yes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
  • Color/finish options: Aged Bronze, Satin Nickel, Matte Black
Google Nest x Yale Lock

Google Nest x Yale Lock

  • Easy to manage via the Nest app
  • Modern look and feel
  • Touchscreen keypad is easy to keep clean

Replace the deadbolt on your front door with this Google Nest x Yale Lock which allows for a smart, keyless entry. Say good-bye to lost keys and picked locks with this secure, tamper-proof lock from Nest and Yale and hello to a more secure home. With this smart door lock, you can create passcodes for family, guests, and people you trust and you can get alerts whenever someone unlocks or locks your door.

This smart lock is accessible from the Nest app, which allows you to lock and unlock your door even from a remote place. With the Nest app, you can enter a passcode, use the one-touch unlocking, or lock/unlock it directly from the app. In case you forget to lock your door behind you, when the Nest knows that you are away, it can lock your door automatically. The door lock also works with the Nest Secure Alarm System which will disarm automatically once you unlock the door.

This lock also works with Google Assistant, which gives you the option of a hands-free usage, letting you lock your door with your voice from anywhere. It can even check on the status of your door for you.

If you forget your phone, there’s no problem either as you can unlock the Nest x Yale Lock by entering your password on the touchscreen keypad on your door. If someone tries to tamper with it, you’ll get an alert and if the batteries start running low, you’ll know right away. If your lock loses power, you can quickly charge it with a 9V battery to unlock the door.


  • Security Rating: ANSI Grade 2
  • Key Option: No
  • Keypad Type: 10 buttons, digital touchpad
  • App Controlled: Yes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
  • Color/finish options: Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel
August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

  • Works with Alexa
  • Keep track of activity from your smartphone
  • Easy to use and set up

The August Smart Lock Pro is a door lock that gives you secure, code-based home entry. You can create unique codes for family members and guests through your smartphone as well as keep track of who comes and goes. It locks automatically behind you and unlocks as you approach.

If you have Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you can use them to control your and monitor your door, no matter where you are. You can lock and unlock your door, control keyless access, and even keep track of who comes to and goes from your house–all through your phone! Alexa is also set to provide notifications when your battery is running low so you can proactively replace them. You have the option to also set up smart reorders through dash replacement, so that you will always have replacement batteries when you need them.

The August Smart Lock Pro works with the free August app that you can install on your smartphone. This app also lets you track activity on your doorstep with a 24/7 activity feed (requires at least iOS 9.0 or Android 5.0).

With this smart lock, you get to keep your existing lock and keys as it easily attaches to your deadbolt. You can opt to use your keys anytime. This smart lock automatically locks the door behind you when you leave the house or unlocks it as you approach. You can also lock the door with a simple push of a button or speak through Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant and control your door lock any way you wish.


  • Security Rating: No ANSI grade available
  • Key Option: No
  • Keypad Type: 10 buttons, keypad
  • App Controlled: Yes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
  • Color/finish options: Dark Gray, Silver
Kwikset 888 SmartCode With Z-Wave Plus door lock

Kwikset 888 SmartCode With Z-Wave Plus

  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Large buttons provide great overview
  • Handles up to 30 programmable access codes

Expand your home security system with Home Connect technology, which gives you a keyless entry lock that allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere with a supporting smart home system using your phone.

With the Kwikset SmartCode door lock, you’ve got up to 30 programmable user access codes for family and friends to use at your door. Through the Home Connect Technology, you can set it up so that, when you unlock your door, it can also automatically turn on your heat or AC, depending on how you program it. It’s up to you to set up everything just the way you like it!

Through the app installed on your phone, you can get notifications when someone locks or unlocks your door and even double-check to see if your door is indeed locked. You have the option to unlock your door with one-touch locking or lock it with auto-locking for those days when you can’t find your keys. In case you forget to lock your door, this door lock also comes with an optional 30-second auto-locking capability.

The Kwikset SmartCode door lock has a sleek metal design and a tamper-resistant interior that will replace your existing deadbolt. No need for additional hard-wiring, all you need is just a screwdriver and you can get this installed easily. It’s easy to use, operates on 4 AA batteries, and features SmartKey Security as the back-up keyway.


  • Security Rating: ANSI Grade 3
  • Key Option: Yes
  • Keypad Type: 5 buttons, keypad
  • App Controlled: Yes
  • WiFi Enabled: Yes
  • Color/finish options: Polished Brass, Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze

General Buying Guide

If you’re considering getting an electronic lock, here are some things you should consider before purchasing one:

1. Security Ratings

When you are looking for electronic locks for the door, it is always best to check their ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) rating. They test the products in different ways to come up with their performance in terms of security and assign them with a grade of either 1 (highest/best), 2 (intermediate/better), or 3 (basic/good). For front doors, it is recommended that you go with an electronic lock with an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating to ensure maximum safety.

2. Key Option

Some of the electronic locks you will encounter during your search will be locks that have an option for a key and locks with absolutely none at all. If you want to play it safe and bring around a key just in case the battery fails or you forget to bring your phone (or even forget the code), then it would be good to get an electronic lock that has a key option. If, on the other hand, you are more likely to forget the key than your phone or the code, then there is no need for a key for you. Many locks also offer different ways to unlock your door in case you forget your code or happen to lose your key.

3. Keypad

Are you looking for a keypad with physical buttons or one with a touchscreen? Do you want one that will allow you to assign different codes to various users? Are you looking for one that will shut down if a wrong PIN has been entered at least three different times? Locks have all these different kinds of options that is up to you to determine which one would be most suitable for your home.

4. App Control

Because of how technology is constantly upgrading, some electronic door locks allow you to access your door from your smartphone. While they are pricier, they also offer better security, allowing you to take track of your codes and even see who enters and exits your home. With an app, you can also lock or unlock your phone remotely, and some of them have geofencing which will let your door automatically lock once your phone is no longer in the vicinity.

5. Smart Home Connectivity

These days, electronic door locks can do much more than just protect your home. Some of them have the option for you to connect them with other functions around the house. For example, once you unlock the door, you can program everything in such a way that the air conditioning or heater will turn on as well.

Final Note

You might have gone through this guide, unsure if these kinds of electronic locks are the best for your home. It’s perfectly normal to feel a bit skeptical of electronic locks, especially since some of them don’t have the traditional key (which somehow feels safe) and anyone can access it, as long as they have the code. The good thing about it is, if you give a guest a code, you have the option to delete it as soon as they are out of your house.

This works especially well if you own a house or apartment that you have converted into an Airbnb. For both the convenience of the host and the persons renting the space, Airbnb checks if the guests are allowed to do a self-check-in the houses or rooms advertised on Airbnb. That way, if your guests are arriving sometime past midnight (or even any time after the check-in hours) due to a late flight, you, as the host, don’t need to meet them, but can simply provide your code for them to enter. Once they are done with their stay, you can simply change the lock, preventing them from entering again after their lease has expired. It’s safe and convenient for all.

Of course, electronic locks (just as traditional locks) come with their own pros and cons. Some of the pros are convenience, geofencing (if you have the tendency to forget to lock your doors, they will automatically lock when your phone has left the vicinity), smart home hub integration, and more. Some cons include the challenge you may face if you accidentally leave your phone in the office or if your phone is completely drained of battery and you have forgotten your key. Other concerns include the risk of your keyless lock’s battery draining just as you are entering your door.

If these are your primary concerns, you can be assured that there are also ways to work through these concerns. Before buying an electronic door lock, however, it’s always best to see all your options and create failsafe measures in the event that any of the above challenges happen.