22 Changing Table Storage Ideas That We Love

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Being a new parent you’ll quickly realize how much easier things get, if you organize everything properly. Especially around the changing table, where you care for your baby and change diapers several times every day.

We’ve asked a large amount of parents for their best storage ideas around their changing tables, and this buyer’s guide sums up the best organizers available on the market.

Below we’ve listed 16 great storage ideas, all great for different placements on or around the changing table.

Corner changing table with plenty of storage on the sides

Badger Basket White Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table with Pad, Hamper and Basket

Badger Basket Diaper Corner

Make the most of a limited corner space with the Badger Basket Diaper Corner changing table. It comes fully equipped with a laundry hamper, a drawer basket, and cushioned changing pad.

What we like: The Badger Basket Diaper Corner is a beautiful changing table and storage combo that fits any small nursery perfectly. We love the idea of having a laundry hamper right underneath the changing pad, making it easy to collect the laundry, and with the drawer you have plenty of space for new diapers and clothing.

For those seeking a complete changing table storage solution, the Badger Basket Diaper Corner is worth a look. It fits any corner of your baby’s nursery, and offers abundant storage spaces on either side of the table.

The changing table itself is made from a combination of solid wood and venners, and the changing pad has a cover made from 100% cotton. The changing pad itself has a soft foam core with a non-PVC vinyl cover that allows for easy cleaning. The laundry hamper and basket are made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

Stylish changing table with plenty of storage underneath

22 Changing Table Storage Ideas That We Love

Badger Basket Modern Baby

The Badger Basket Modern Baby changing table offers ample storage space in the form of a spacious laundry hamper and three baskets.

What we like: The Badger Basket Modern Baby changing table is available in different finishes and has a nice slim design made from solid wood. The finish is durable and easy to wipe down with a wet cloth once needed, and with the laundry hamper directly under the table you got an easy way to keep laundry out of sight. Next to the laundry hamper you get three baskets that you can easily pull out and organize the way you like it.

We really appreciate the design and simplicity of this changing table, and with the bright finish it fits any nursery. It also has a safety strap that will keep your baby safe if you’re occupied for a couple of seconds while changing the diaper.

One of the best storage ideas we kept bumping into online wasn’t actually baskets, boxes, or shelves. Instead we kept seeing the same tip being shared again and again: Get yourself a proper changing table with storage underneath. This piece of advice is highly underrated, so here’s to changing tables with built-in storage!

Narrow dresser that fits next to any changing table

mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower with a white metal frame and gray drawers

mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

You might reach a point where the storage space underneath the changing table isn’t enough. A narrow dresser like this mDesign model grants you four extra drawers that will help you keep organized.

What we like: We were quite surprised to find such a neat little dresser from mDesign, and it took us by surprise what a clever storage idea it actually is. Even the smallest space has room for this dresser, granting you the ability to sort all kinds of necessities and keep them close to the changing table. The drawers are removable and therefore easy to keep organized, so there’s no risk of losing something at the back of each drawer.

The mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower has a slim metal frame that is easily assembled with a few screws. The drawer chests are made of a breathable non-woven synthetic fabric, and the top is made from MDF. Feet are made from plastic to keep your floor protected, and hardware is included for easy assembly.

If needed, you can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Foldable nursery storage bins with rope handles

EZOWare Foldable Fabric Trapezoid Organizer box bamboo fiber handles and gray fabric

EZOWare Foldable Fabric Trapezoid Organizer Box (Set of 3)

These storage boxes fit perfectly in any storage shelf and are easily pulled out when you need to access their content. Organize anything from clothes to diapers with these stylish boxes.

What we like: The EZOWare Foldable Fabric Trapezoid Organizer Boxes are a brillant storage idea. With a set of three boxes you can easily keep all things organized near the changing table, and the rope handles make it very easy to pull out the boxes and carry them to the changing table when needed.

Each box measures 19.69 x 11.22 x 8.27 inches, and they’re made from a mix of bamboo fibers and cotton fabric. Besides the gray fabric shown on the picture above, the boxes are also available in a beige color. The exterior of these boxes are water resistant, so a few drops of water make no difference. You can’t wash them down though, so they’re not meant for laundry or any dirty items.

Place them in a closet or on a shelf. They work perfectly well for all organization and storage purposes.

Floating wall shelves for the nursery room

Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Nursery Room Wood Floating Wall Shelves White

Wallniture Utah Floating Wood Shelves

The Wallniture Utah Floating Wood Shelves have a bright white finish and are perfectly mounted over any changing table you can imagine. Keep ointments neatly organized, or create a nice display of current favorite books.

What we like: One of the best storage ideas is to utilize the walls for additional storage. Not only is this a highly decorative idea, but also a great way to keep your most important belongings at display in a neatly organized way. The Wallniture Utah Floating Shelves are particularly great for this purpose, as they are suitable for multiple purposes.

Whether you need a place to keep the care products organized or a place to display the current favorite books, a pair of floating shelves work wonders in any nursery. Not only do they make great storage areas, but they also keep your things in a perfect display so you always know where to find them.

The shelves are made from solid wood with a white finish that you can easily wipe with a damp cloth if needed.

Bamboo laundry storage shelf with a tilt-out hamper

Giantex Laundry Hamper with a slim bamboo design and top shelves

Giantex Freestanding Laundry Hamper W/Shelf

The Giantex storage shelf features a semi-hidden laundry hamper that you can easily pull out once full. A perfect storage idea next to the changing table.

What we like: The Giantex Freestanding Laundry Hamper W/Shelf grants you ample space for laundry as well as a pair of shelves to keep you organized near the changing table. It’s made from bamboo, a sustainable and durable materials that gives it a natural look, and the laundry hamper tilts out for easy access and removal.

We love storage solutions that are beautiful and give us this natural vibe. The Giantex Freestanding Laundry Hamper W/Shelf does exactly that, and we can easily see ourselves using it for laundry and storage of necessities with a green plant on top.

This storage solution has a slim, minimalistic frame made from bamboo, and a removable hamper made from polyester.

Multi-Room Changing Table Storage

Boon Stash white multi-room storage

Boon Stash Multi-Room Storage

Clever and stylish storage idea for countertops or wall mounting. Features multiple small compartments for various items that are nice to keep available near the changing table.

What we like: This is a great solution for all those small items, that you’re never able to find because they either slip under the couch or someone misplaced them… With this storage idea you’ll always have a place to put those small items, and that way you can always find them when you need them.

The Boon Stash Multi-Room Organizer has 9 different rooms formed like cylinders, and they are able to hold anything from botthes to pacifiers, and everything in between. Use it in the kitchen, on the changing table, and practically anywhere your baby is. It can be mounted on walls or sit on a table, so there’s really no limitations to how useful this little storage gadget is.

Of course it’s made without BPA, phthalate, and PVC. Parents love this idea, and it’s a fun way to store the basic necessities in an easy way.

Storage for 20 Diapers and Ointments

Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer for changing tables

Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer

Practical storage idea for compact changing tables. Holds anything you need to change a diaper and care for your baby.

What we like: This clever storage idea holds everything you’ll need at the changing table. From diapers to lotions and other things, here’s your opportunity to store it all in a simple organizer without taking up too much space.

The Munchkin Diaper Duty Organizer sits on the changing table or practically any countertop you have available, and you can easily refill it with new diapers and other things whenever it runs empty. It’s an easy solution to your storage issues, and highly durable because it’s made from plastic that doesn’t break easily.

In general parents like this design, because it is practical and doesn’t take up too much valuable space around your changing table.

Spinning Storage Platform for Diapers and Basic Necessities

White rotating storage organizer for changing tables

dexbaby The Spin Storage

Spinning base gives easy access to all sides of this organizer.

What we like: With this spinning storage solution you’ll have easy access to all basic necessities at your changing table. Just spin it around to get an overview of what you have available, and fill it up whenever needed. There’s plenty of space for diapers, lotions, wipes and anything else you might need, and it doesn’t actually take up a lot of space.

Measuring only 13 inches in diameter, the dexbaby organizer fits most countertops, and is easily placed near your changing table. It is made from 100% plastic, so it’s durable and lightweight at the same time.

Most parents found it practical because it spinds, but also due to the fact that it is relatively compact when compared to other storage ideas.

Transparent Diaper Storage with Extra Pockets

Acryllic changing table organizer with 4 rooms

Prince Lionheart Diaper Storage

Get the best overview with this diaper storage in clear plastic. Holds up to 20 diapers.

What we like: There’s something special about this clear storage idea. It gives you the perfect overview of everything stored in the organizer, and at the same time it’s practical and small enough to fit any location around your changing table.

The Prince Lionheart diaper storage is perfect for diapers, and holds up to 20 of them at a time. It has a couple of removable side bins too for ointments and lotions, and you can put a box of wipes on top of it to keep them handy at all times.

Parents love how beautiful this see-through storage idea is, and it fits modern interior decoration perfectly.

Hanging Storage Idea for Changing Table

hiccapop nursery organizer with room for diapers and clothes

Hiccapop Nursery Organizer

This hanging storage idea holds everything you’ll need on your changing table.

What we like: This is the perfect solution for those with limited space, because it hangs on existing furniture and doesn’t require a vacant space on the countertop.

The Hiccapop organizer is a nice storage idea for changing tables or cribs, but it also hangs on a wall or almost anywhere, actually. It has plenty of space for up to 72 diapers, and it even has side pockets for towels, wipes, some clothes, and more. There are multiple open compartments for lotions and wipes as well, and if it gets dirty you can just wash it.

Parents like how durable this hanging organizer is, and it is easy to clean as well. It has pockets and storage compartments for everything they ever needed, and it holds a full diaper bag in the large middle section.

Hanging Acryllic Storage for Diapers

Prince Lionheart acryllic diaper depot hanging on a changing table frame

Prince Lionheart Diaper Depot

This see-through storage idea is perfect for diapers and ointments.

What we like: Here’s another stylish storage idea for changing tables: A hanging see-through diaper depot with a pair of side bins and flat top, so you can store a generous amount of diapers along with all the basic necessities you’ll ever need. It is a practical solution for those who don’t have a lot of space to spare, yet still want to have a few things at the ready when changing a diaper.

The Prince Lionheart diaper depot holds up to 18 diapers, and the removable side bins are perfect for lotions, ointments and other things, while the flat top has room for a box of wipes.

Most parents love this storage idea for their changing tables, because it’s practical and space saving at the same time. They can easily stove the large bag of diapers in a drawer or closet, and then get a batch of diapers for the diaper depot whenever it runs empty.

Hanging Storage for More Than 50 Diapers

Maliton hanging diaper organizer with large space for diapers and care products

Maliton Hanging Diaper Storage

The large hanging storage holds up to 50 diapers and all the accessories you’ll ever need.

What we like: This cute storage idea holds plenty of diapers for a week or more, and it even has a large storage compartment on top with enough space for all the basic necessities you’ll ever need.

There are also a nice range of side pockets for all those things you like to keep handy, and the complete storage is safely attached to your changing table or crib with a pair of durable plastic hooks.

The Maliton diaper storage is made from polyester, and parents loved how easy it is to use and keep clean. The side pockets make it easy to organize everything, and since they’re made from a mesh fabric you can always see the contents without opening each pocket.

Hanging Storage with Cute Elephant Motif

Cradle Star hanging diaper caddy with room for diapers and care products, with an elephant motif at front

Cradle Star Hanging Diaper Storage

A compact solution for organizing the things you need the most.

What we like: We like the idea of hanging storage, because it doesn’t take any space from other things. It just hangs from the changing table or crib, and therefore doesn’t require a free surface.

The Cradle Star Diaper Caddy is a compact hanging storage idea for those who want to save space while still being able to organize things properly. It has a pair of side pockets made from a mesh fabric, and there’s plenty of room for at least 20 diapers or more.

Parents love how cute this organizer is, and it’s available in multiple colors too. It is said to be very durable and easy to clean, and the compact design makes it easy to move around and use for many purposes besides diaper storage.

Large Hanging Storage for Closets

mDesign tall hanging storage organizer for changing tables

mDesign Closet Rod Hanging Storage

If you have a vacant closet space near the changing table, this is a great storage idea.

What we like: If you by any chance have storage space available inside a closet, this hanging organizer is a perfect storage idea. It doesn’t just hold diapers, but practically anything that fits into the large amount of storage compartments.

It attaches to all types of closet rods easily, and you have plenty of space for anything you’ll need while changing a diaper. It has large storage compartments for clothes and other things, in total it has 12 compartments. Besides that you’ll find 4 side pickets and an elastic band, which comes in handy for a towel and lotion bottles.

Parents like the idea of having a hanging organizer inside a closet, because that way it’s easy to keep out of sight and out of access for a baby/toddler. It is a future proof storage idea too, because whenever your kid stops using diapers, it can be used for storage of nearly anything you can imagine. Shoes, clothes, pillows, teddies, anything.

Hanging Storage Idea for the Door

mDesign hanging door storage organizer for changing tables and kids' rooms

mDesign Wall Mount/Over Door Storage

Hang it over the door or mount it on a wall – easy space saving storage idea.

What we like: Most houses have doors… But they are quite rarely utilized for anything except providing a bit of privacy. With the mDesign hanging organizer your doors transform into additional storage space, and that’s great news for all those families living in small homes all over the country.

By utilizing the doors for storage of diapers and basic necessities, you’ll keep things organized and keep the overview. This hanging organizer has 3 storage pockets large enough to hold plenty of diapers and everything you’ll need at your changing table, and we love how simple it is.

Most parents liked this storage idea because of how easy it is to utilize additional storage space around the house, and it hangs from nearly anywhere with the durable metal hooks included in the package. You get the choice of many cool colors, so make sure you check this storage idea out.

Carrying Bag for Diaper Storage

Portable changing table organizer bag

Joouno Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Portable storage idea for the day trip or family visit. Holds everything you’ll need.

What we like: The Joouno Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer is a cute storage idea for those who don’t necessarily want to have a large changing table in their house. Lots of parents actually change the diapers on the bed or on a blanket, which in many cases are easier and more space saving than a large changing table.

The carrying bag is like a tool box for diaper changes, it comes with plenty of storage space for diapers, lotions, wipes and anything in between, so you’ll have everything you need to succesfully change your baby’s diaper in a jiffy. Bring it along to your friend’s or family’s house too, instead of packing a bag everytime you leave the house for more than 30 minutes.

Parents seem to love the idea of having a carrying bag for all the things needed to change diapers and take care of their babies, and they like how stylish it is and how well it’s organized with plenty of pockets on the inside and outside.

Large Carrying Bag for Organizing Nursery and Other Things

Changing table organizer bag in a grey fabric with handles

KeaBabies Diaper Caddy Organizer

Cute storage caddy with plenty of rooms and pockets for organizing everything.

What we like: This is another great storage idea for those parents who like an alternative to a large changing table and storage furniture. It is a handy way to store everything you need to change a diaper, and it has additional space for lotions, wipes, and other things.

The bag has a leather patch on the side with the KeaBabies logo, and it’s made from grey high quality felt durable enough for many years of use. The handles make it easy to carry around,, and there are plenty of side pockets for small items as well.

Parents love how practical this is, and they think it’s a great storage idea for day trips, family visits, vacation, and anything in between.

Storage Caddy for Diapers with Rope Handles

Large changing table storage organizer in a gray felt fabric and rope handles

KAD Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Nice storage idea with detachable rope handles – use it as a storage box or carry bag.

What we like: This robust carry bag is a great storage idea for those seeking a stylish option for diapers, lotions, ointments and wipes. It is a great alternative to a regular changing table storage furniture, and it has a pair of durable carrying handles so you can move it around whenever you need to. Bring it along in your car, or change diapers on a blanket anywhere around the house, while still having anything you need within reach.

Parents like this storage idea, and it’s a great option for those living in smaller homes. It’s made from an eco-friendly felt material, and has removable dividers so you can organize the storage space exactly the way you want.

Storage Basket with Handles and Organizer

Rounded white-gray textile storage organizer for changing tables

KavaasCasa Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Beautiful storage basket with integrated dividers.

What we like: This is a great storage idea for those who want something beautiful, that doesn’t make your home look like a nursery. It is large enough to hold lots of diapers and anything you need on the changing table, and you can easily bring it along wherever you go.

It sits perfectly next to your changing table as well as anywhere in your house, and it’s a stylish item itself so you won’t need to hide it away any time visitors drop by.

Parents love how stylish this bag is, and because of the removable insterts it’s easily transformed into a picnic bag, shopping bag, or anything you can imagine. A great choice for those seeking something “more” than just a diaper bag.

Changing Table Storage Box with Multiple Pockets

Changing table storage organizer in a grey fabric with side pockets

Sorbus Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Compact storage idea for changing tables, but also suitable for day trips and family visits.

What we like: This is a nice storage idea for your changing table. It is portable and easy to move around due to the handle in the middle, which works as a divider too. It has enough space to hold plenty of diapers as well as any basic necessities you’ll ever need, and the side pockets make it easy to store small items too.

Parents like how simple this is, and since it has a rectangular shape it fits nicely on a changing table or countertop. It is very durable and won’t break if it’s dropped, which is a big plus in a busy household.

Portable Storage Bag for Changing Tables and Day Trips

Changing table storage organizer bundle with side pockets and carry handles

PUTSKA Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Cute storage idea with pacifier clips and bibs included.

What we like: This is not only a great storage idea for the changing table, but also a nice gift idea for those going to a baby shower. Every parent needs one of those to get around with the little one, because it holds everything they’ll ever need when they’re away from home.

The storage space is organized into multiple sections to give you a good overview, and large side pockets hold smaller items as well. Bring it along for family visits and day trips in your car – easily carried by hand.

Parents love these types of storage ideas, because it gives them flexibility to quickly bring their baby anywhere they go. They don’t have to pack a bag every time, because this carrying bag is always ready to pick up and go.

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