Colors That Go Well With Cream

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What colors go well with cream? Cream is a simple white with a little yellowish tint mixed into it. It’s a neutral color that pairs well with many colors, but some colors bring out the warmth and richness better than others. Pairing the right colors with each other means that they’ll complement each other perfectly in an aesthetically pleasing way.

One beautiful color to use as a base when decorating a room is cream. It can match with colors like white, gray and its complementary color, lavender. It also goes well with many warm, cool, and pastel tones. Matching cream with these colors create different kinds of visually pleasing effects for your home.


When people think of painting their homes and are looking for something to match with cream, white is usually not the first thing that comes to mind. Both colors are almost exactly similar, but if you place them side by side, you’ll start to notice the subtle differences as well as the way they complement each other.

For people who are advocates of the minimalist lifestyle even when it comes to color, pairing cream and white when it comes to the walls, floors, and even the furniture will give a neutral, monochromatic feel. If you have a living room with cream walls, you can pair it with pure white fixtures that will add to the lightness and brightness of your living room. You can opt for white shelves or white pieces of furniture as well. The end result is a room that looks airy, creamy, and elegant.

Gray tones

At the end of the day, you want to go home to a place that will leave you feeling comfortable and rested. One such way to do that is to pair cream with gray in your living room or bedroom. The color gray gives a cool, relaxing feel especially when paired with cream. It produces a calming effect and creates a safe haven in your home to return to after a long and tiring day.

If you want to add a pop of color to break away from the monotony of these more minimalistic shades, try adding pillows or rugs that are light pink or old rose, for a feminine touch, or black for a more modern look. You can even use varying shades of gray against cream walls.

Cool colors

Just as the name suggests, cool colors tend to calm and soothe. They usually come in blue, purple, and green, as well as any of their corresponding shades. According to The Spruce, cool colors tend to recede, making a room appear larger than it actually is. If you have a small bedroom that you want to give off the appearance of it being larger than it actually is, you can opt to paint it cream and partner it with any of the cool colors.

Some cool color shades, such as turquoise, sea-green, or sky blue work well if you want a room that gives off a coastal or country feel. If you want a more traditional room, you can use the darker shades of these cool colors, such as emerald green or navy blue. 

You can also opt to paint your rooms with cream and then two shades of the same color, such as light green and then a darker green, or sky blue and then a darker blue. Such an effect lets the colors blend well together, because they are analogous colors, meaning colors that sit side-by-side on the color wheel. If you want to highlight the cream’s yellow undertones, painting some of the walls a darker shade of color or getting darker furniture will have this very effect.

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are often associated with motherhood and femininity. They are used to color nurseries, children’s rooms, and even the rooms of teen girls. Pastel and cream, however, can give your living room a calming, soothing look, which is why they are common color schemes in hospitals and clinics, according to Shutterstock.

Pastel colors are also associated with the spring and summer seasons. Because pastels give off a cheerful, uplifting look, decorating your rooms with pastel colors and cream will keep your home looking light, bright, and optimistic, no matter the season.

Warm colors

Warm colors have tones that remind you of warm things such as sunlight and heat. Think of oranges, yellows, reds, and their similar shades. These colors tend to be associated with energy, positivity, and youthfulness. In contrast with cool colors, warm colors tend to make rooms appear as if they are coming closer. If you want your room to appear cozier and more intimate, you can paint it with a warm color and cream to give it a pleasant, bright effect.

If you want a room to appear cheerful and energetic, you can combine cream and warm colors when you paint your walls. To avoid being over-stimulated, as warm colors also tend to trigger more passionate motions, you can opt to get accents or furniture pieces (such as throw pillows or ottomans) to go with your cream-colored walls.

Complementary colors

Color wheel featuring complimentary colors and basic colors

The color wheel, explained in this article by Color Matters, is the basic tool for combining different colors. It features the three basic colors—blue, yellow, and red—as well as their complementary colors—green, orange, and purple. The color wheel also shows the different shades in between as the colors blend onto one another, as well as their darker and lighter shades (e.g. pastels).

Using colors that are complementary—meaning opposite of each other on the color wheel—is a good option to consider when you’re looking to decorate and style your space. When you have two complementary colors as the main features of your room, the result is a beautiful, vibrant, contrasting look.

If you are planning to use complementary colors in your design, the opposite color of cream on the color wheel is lavender.

The effect of this often comes across as feminine and cute and is therefore often when designing nurseries or girls’ rooms. Nonetheless, when you have just the right amount of lavender with cream and add some brown tables, shelves, lamps, and other accents, it can also give a nice rustic finishing touch to your rooms.

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