Top 11 Things to Store Under Your Bed

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Are you wondering what to store under the bed? If you live in a small house with a small bedroom, you probably know the struggle of allocating enough space to keep your belongs perfectly organized in a way so they’ll stay in a proper condition.

Storing thins under the bed is a great solution, as it allows you to store even the bulkiest items out of sight. But what are the best things to store under your bed? And what are the don’ts of under bed storage?

You can store many different items under the bed, especially ones that you don’t use frequently:

  • Linens
  • Luggage
  • Shoes
  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Tools
  • Books
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Blu-rays and DVDs
  • Craft and hobby supplies
  • Blankets and rugs
  • Gym equipment

Read on below for some of the best ideas on how and what to store under your bed, along with pros and cons of utilizing the space under your bed for storage.

#1 Linens

iWill Create Pro Under Bed Storage Container with a lid, sliding out from under a wooden bed
The iwill CREATE PRO Under Bed Storage Container has a zip lid and handles, making it easy to slide in and out from under the bed. Get it on Amazon.

Running out of cupboard space for bed sheets, pillow cases, and other linens? Instead of cramping them into the very back of your shelves or drawers, store them under the bed. Since you don’t need to change your sheets every day, keeping them under the bed will help save space in your cupboard for other things that need to be more readily accessible. If you’ve got extra table cloths and towels, you can keep them under there as well.

Useful advice: Because you don’t have to take the linens out regularly, one of the challenges of storing linens under the bed is finding a way to do so without it getting musty, especially during a hot and humid summer. Make sure that your linens are freshly washed and thoroughly dried before folding them and keeping them up. According to Homes to Love, sometimes adding a sachet of lavender keeps them smelling clean and could help deter pests as well.

#2 Luggage

Different luggage standing in front of a green background

When you’re not off traveling from one place to another, you can store your luggage under the bed. This is particularly helpful if you have a high bed frame where the luggage can easily slide under. That way, your luggage remains protected from the dust and keeps out of the way so you have more space in other areas around the house

Useful advice: If you have extra-large suitcase, it can be a bit difficult positioning it under the bed and then hauling it out again when you’re going to use it.

#3 Shoes

If you have a lot of shoes and not enough shoe boxes or shoe rack space, try storing them under the bed. A lot of the shoes you have are shoes that you don’t necessarily wear very often. If you’ve got boots or fancy dress shoes that you only take out from time-to-time during special occasions or when the weather permits it, you can store these under the bed where they remain safe from dust and varying weather conditions.

Useful advice: Shoes are a little hard to organize and store, especially if you have a lot of them. Instead of just tossing your shoes under the bed, get some containers or under-the-bed drawers to make sure your footwear remains neat and tidy.

#4 Out-of-season clothing

Some of the best things to store under your bed are the garments you don’t wear the whole year round. If you live in a place where you experience all four seasons, you definitely know when to replace your thick coats with bathing suits and other summer wear and vice versa. Instead of letting the clothes of another season take up space in your wardrobe the whole year round, why not tuck them in a safe corner under the bed until it’s time to wear them again?

Useful advice: Just as with linens, make sure you wash and dry your clothes fully before storing them. Keeping them in plastic or cloth containers will also help keep the dust and pests away.

#5 Tools

The space under your bed is a great place to store things you don’t always use but come in handy from time-to-time. An example of this would be your tools. Instead of putting them up in a cupboard, put them in a toolbox under the bed where they are easy to get any time you might need them.

Dewalt TSTAK II Flat Tool Box for under the bed storage
A DeWALT TSTAK II Flat Top Tool Box is the best choice for storing your tools under the bed. Get it on Amazon.

Useful advice: Tools can get quite heavy and you don’t want to store items that are too heavy under your bed—items that will require a lot of heavy lifting because it might hurt your back. If you have a lot of tools, consider dividing them into two or more boxes.

#6 Books

If you have some books that you aren’t reading but are reluctant to give away, one place where you can safely store them is under the bed where they won’t be exposed to moisture, excessive sunlight, and pests.

HOONEX Linen Foldable Storage Bin
The HOONEX Linen Foldable Storage Bin is perfect for storing books under the bed. Get it on Amazon.

Useful advice: Paper can be susceptible to pests, molds, and the like especially if you live in a place where the weather changes drastically throughout the year. Make sure you keep up your books in a container before storing them under your bed.

#7 Puzzles and board games

Game nights are fun things to do with family and friends on special occasions. If you won’t be having game nights at least every week, you’ll need a place to store your puzzles and board games until you have to take them out again. One of the best places is under the bed so you are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Useful advice: Just like with books, make sure to put your board games in a container or wrap them up with plastic before storing them under your bed so the pests won’t find their way into the boxes.

#8 Blu-rays and DVDs

These days, online streaming is largely popular and have taken the place of buying Blu-rays and DVDs. If you’re reluctant to part with your collection, however, for sentimental reasons or because you’re unable to find some of the good old movies on streaming sites, you can always keep up your movie collection in mint condition by storing it under your bed.

Evelots DVD or Blu-ray storage bag for under the bed
The Evelots DVD/Blu-ray storage bags are great for keeping your movies your movies in a protected environment under your bed. Get them on Amazon.

Useful advice: Storing Blu-rays and DVDs can be a little bit tricky because of the sensitivity of the material. According to Data Direct, a little moisture could easily damage the surface of your DVDs and other media. Make sure you keep pack them in a way that keeps out the moisture and keeps them from being bent before putting them under the bed.

#9 Craft or hobby supplies

Do you have some craft and hobby supplies that you don’t use very often but still want to keep close by? One great place to store them is under the bed. That way, they don’t have to take up precious cupboard space in your bedroom or living room, but they are still easy to get wherever you need them.

Useful advice: Craft and hobby supplies can get messy if you don’t organize them properly before storing them. It would be good to properly sort and label your supplies so you know what to get instead of pulling everything out and having to go through each one just to get the one you want.

#10 Blankets and rugs

Blankets and rugs are nice to have when it’s cold outside, but if you have a few extra ones that you don’t currently use, you can wash them, fold them up, and then store them under the bed. Unused blankets and rugs that you will be needing in the future can also go under there. They could be nice to have, should you decide to head out for a picnic or happen to need a blanket or rug for other purposes.

Useful advice: Blankets and rugs could start to smell if they’re being kept under the bed for extended periods of time without being used. If folded and stored under the bed, you could avoid this by unfolding them and hanging them outside once in a while, so they’ll stay fresh for longer.

#11 Gym equipment

Many people like to exercise at home, in order to stay in shape during a busy life. Going to the gym, changing into gym attire, waiting for other people to hand over the equipment you need are some of the biggest inconveniences of going to a local gym.

Homz Plastic Underbed Storage Bin with latching handles and wheels
The Homz Plastic Underbed Storage Bin is a great solution for storing your gym equipment under the bed. Get it on Amazon.

Exercising at home require some basic equipment though, and storing it under the bed is an ideal solution. We recommend getting a large box with wheels, so you can easily roll it out from under the bed and grab the equipment you may need.

Useful advice: Some gym equipment can be heavy, so you have to make sure you won’t break your back trying to lift them up from an awkward position. You also have to be careful with where you place them under the bed to avoid stubbing your toe on some of the equipment. We recommend placing heavy equipment on a dolly, so you could easily slide it out whenever you need it.

Things you should never store under your bed

You can store just about anything under your bed, but there are some things you should not put under your bed. Here’s a brief explanation of what those things are and why:

  • Heavy items – they could scratch your floors—especially if you don’t have a carpet under your bed—or you could hurt your back when you’re trying to pull them from or push them into a spot under your bed.
  • Storage boxes without wheels – if you have a queen-sized bed, you have a lot of space under the mattress. But if you keep storage boxes without wheels, you could strain your back or scratch your floor when you’re trying to put your items in position. If you still opt for boxes without wheels, we recommend containers made of nylon fabric or similar since they weigh less and will not scratch the floor as easily as plastic or wooden containers.
  • Clothes in unsealed containers – these are susceptible to dust, dirt, and even pests so it’s best to store your clothes in sealed containers first before putting them under the bed. Consider a tightly sealed container with a few silica gel packets added in, to suck out any bit of moisture left inside.
  • Items that are frequently used – you should only put the items that you rarely use under the bed, otherwise, you’ll get tired from having to pull them out or put them back under all the time.
  • Things that you never use – if you have some items that you haven’t used for around 6 months to 1 year and you don’t see yourself using them any time soon, maybe it’s time to consider throwing or giving them away to give space to items that you do need and use.
  • Items that are not in good condition – if you are still hanging on to old things that are broken or no longer work, you might want to check if they are still repairable, and if not, maybe throw them out instead.

Should you store things under your bed?

While there are some things that should never be stored under your bed, there are other things that you can keep there for longer periods of time. If it’s a new concept to you and you’re not entirely convinced yet, here are some pros and cons to storing things under your bed.

Pros of storing things under the bed

  • It frees up more storage space. If you’re running out of storage space, storing items under the bed will help free up your shelves and drawers so you can put other things there.
  • It gives you a neater home. Keeping your things under the bed could make your home look more organized, as you could keep bulky items fully out of sight.

Cons of storing things under the bed

  • It requires you to spend a bit more money. If you want to store your belongings under the bed, you’ll need to invest in drawers and containers so that everything is organized and kept under proper conditions.
  • It might be hard to move things around. Storing your things under the bed can be challenging when it comes to moving them around, which is why it’s recommended that you get storage bins with wheels and only store the things you don’t use regularly.

Are beds with storage good?

If you’re considering storing some items under your bed, you might want to consider getting containers that you can roll under the bed or even getting a bed with a built-in storage under it.

DHP Cambridge Upholstered Platform Bed with large storage compartment
A bed with a hidden storage compartment is a great way to keep your belongings organized without having to look at them every day. You can get it on Amazon.

Beds like these have become quite popular throughout the years because they are practical and give your room an elevated, neat look. There are a lot of things to consider, however, from the cost to their function and more. Here are the pros and cons of getting a bed that comes with a built-in storage:

Pros of beds with built-in storage

  • They already have ample storage space with no need to add boxes or containers. If you get a bed with a built-in storage, you don’t need to worry about what kind of storage containers to buy. All you have to do is decide what items will go under the bed and how you want to organize your belongings.
  • They are a barrier against dust and other things. Over time, it’s not just dust and dirt that you’ll find under your bed. Other things will settle down there too—missing socks, a stray hairpin or scrunchie, water bottles, and more. Having a bed with a built-in storage doesn’t leave much room between the floor and the storage area, which prevents it from collecting odds and ends through the years.

Cons of beds with built-in storage

  • They cost more. It’s no big surprise that buying a bed with a built-in storage will cost a bit more than regular beds. Think of it like buying another set of shelves or drawers with a bed on the side – it’s an investment that might be worth it.
  • They are difficult to transport. Because of their bulkiness, size, and weight, beds with built-in storage can be difficult to transport and sometimes difficult to assemble.