4 Best Bar Stools With Wheels and Back

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Bar stools with wheels and back are the best option for a comfortable sitting area. Whether you want to create a cozy work space for yourself or create a multi-functional dining/study area, these stools are most likely going to meet your requirements.

While most bar stools with wheels and back are meant to be used in an office or professional setting, some of them are both stylish and sleek. If you want to make the most of a small space, these comfortable stools are a great choice.

Our top pick is the Boss Office Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair, as it’s not only very popular but also works really well for most purposes.

Best overall: Boss Office Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair

Boss Office Black Ergonomic Works Drafting Chair With Back and Wheels
Editor’s choice

Boss Office Ergonomic Works

The Boss Office Ergonomic Works bar stool has a comfortable back, wheels, and swivels 360 degrees. Perfect for any style and setting.

Pros: Comfortable cushioned back and seat, practical 360-degree foot rest, sturdy design, available with arms, available in different colors, height adjustable seat.

Cons: Design is a bit generic, assembly is a bit of a challenge, seat padding could be improved a little.

The Boss Office Ergonomic Works bar stool is our number one pick for those seeking an affordable, comfortable stool with back and wheels. It has a cushioned seat and back so you can sit properly when you’re getting things done, and the swiveling base makes it easy to turn around when needed.

For a home office or a hobby room we believe this bar stool is the best option, because of the practical design as well as the swiveling base and wheels that roll well on most surfaces.

We do think the design is a bit generic and bland though, but the advantage is that it fits most settings. The assembly can also be a bit of a pain, but it’s only a one-time thing and it’s quickly done.

Best sleek design: Boss Office Be Well Stool With Back

Stylish Black Boss Office B16245-BK Be Well Bar Stool With Back, Wheels, and Chrome Base

Boss Office B16245-BK Be Well Stool With Back

The Boss Office B16245-BK Be Well Stool has a sleek and stylish design, that works really well in a contemporary setting.

Pros: Stylish and attractive design, comfortable seat and back, sturdy and stable, great value, easy to keep clean.

Cons: Not the best comfort for long hours, too high for some countertops, stool might slide out from under you if used on hard floors.

Best splurge: Safco Vue Mesh Extended-Height Stool

Black Safco Products 3395BL Ergonomic Bar Stool With Mesh Back and WHeels

Safco 3395BL Vue Mesh Extended-Height Stool

If you’re looking for a bar stool with a breathable mesh back and sturdy wheels, the Safco Vue Mesh Extended-Height Stool is a solid pick.

Pros: Nice and luxurious design, fits well in a modern setting, swivels 360 degrees, height adjustable from 22″ to 32″, stable at any height adjustment.

Cons: Could be too tall for some tables and desks, cushion is relatively firm, assembly is a bit of a headache.

The Safco 3395BL Vue Mesh Extended-Height Stool has a great design that works well in any modern office or home. From the black, powder-coated swiveling base to the ventilated mesh back, this bar stool has a lot of things going for it.

It does cost a bit more than similar stools, however we believe it’s worth it for those seeking a perfect combination of style and comfort. When adjusted properly, it supports your back well and makes for a great alternative at a standing desk.

As some buyers also pointed out, it is quite tall and might not work with any table or desk. So make sure you measure the heights first, in order to see whether it fits your needs or not. It’s also worth noting that the seat cushion is a bit firm, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Most exciting: LoveGlass Vintage PU Leather Stool

LoveGlass Vintage Coffee Colored PU Leather Bar Stool With Back and Wheels

LoveGlass Vintage PU Leather Stool

If you love vintage furniture, the LoveGlass Vintage PU Leather Stool is worth a look. It comes with a padded back and cushioned seat for great comfort.

Pros: Stylish vintage look, stable in all height settings, durable stainless steel base, different styles to choose between.

Cons: Doesn’t have a foot rest, seat isn’t as comfortable as we’d want it to be, wheels might leave marks on your floor.

First of all, we’re in love with the look of the LoveGlass Vintage PU Leather Stool. It has a stylish back padding as well as a cushioned seat, and the height is adjustable between 51 centimeters to 65 centimeters.

The bar stool has a metal base with a rustic finish, and it comes prepackaged with directions on how to easily assemble.

One thing we noticed right away was the lack of a foot rest. It simply doesn’t have one, and for some people this might be a disadvantage, but of course that depends on their work environment. What we also noticed is the material of the wheels. As they appear to be smaller than regular casters, they might leave marks on a wooden floor and therefore we recommend using a protective pad under the stool.

Do you need a bar stool with wheels and back?

Bar-height stools’ initial purpose was for seating around a bar counter. With time, this handy furniture is a common feature in the modern home.

First, bar-height stools are a must-have in any modern kitchen. They are convenient for family and friends to get-togethers over some sizzling appetizers. You can use these chairs alongside the kitchen table to watch your kid’s as they do their homework. Plus, grandkids can circle the seniors and listen to the good old fairy tales. 

Second, do you have a bar area in your home? These bar stools create an inviting and stylish island to your satisfaction. Also, if you work from home, these stools are excellent for your home workspace. Their ergonomic design includes wheels and a backrest. Hence, you will maintain a healthy posture as you work for extended periods.

Other applications of the bar stool with wheels and backrest are as follows:

  • At medical facilities

A bar stool comes in handy in a dentist’s clinic. The dentist uses it to seat high up as he performs various procedures on the patient. Even so, opticians, lab technicians, and surgeons need the stools to endure the long hours. Also, their wheels make it easy for practitioners to change positions. Its backrest and height adjustability allows for a change of focus as needed. Plus, it adapts to the height of the patient.

  • Market exhibitions

As a sales rep, you attend many market fairs to connect to current and potential customers. This task is quite rewarding. Yet, it can be your source of fatigue and other medical issues. Bar stools with wheels and back are a modest way to solve this setback. By using the bar stools, you maintain an eye-level contact as you interact with the customers. Also, their trendy styles look appealing to passers-by, catching their attention.

  • Waiting areas

Modern receptions, hotel lobbies, and other waiting areas have high main counters. Hence, they use barstools to receive and serve customers. The raised stands hinder visitors from peeping at the receptionist. So, they need matching high stools to be at an equal footing with the area staff. The backrest, padded seat, and wheels are sleek and stylish. Plus, they are supportive for long periods.  Indeed, for versatile users and functions, you need a bar stool with the right features.

  • Media houses

Most TV sets use bar stools with wheels and back. They feature in live interviews of guests, interactive quizzes, chats, and reality shows. It is a way of breaking off from the traditional sofas used here for decades. The new setup brings glamor and a contemporary vibe. The high seats fill up the screen, ensuring there are no open spaces. In a typical, interactive show, the standing anchor will be at the same height as the guests. Hence, giving different TV brands their identity.

  • Beauty parlors and barber shops

Hairdressers and beauticians use bar stools to enhance their customer experience. The seats are comfy for washing the hair, pedicure, manicure, and other services. Again, the beautician can pull the seat to switch positions when moving from one hair process to the next. These seats have padding at the seat and backrest for utmost comfort. Their height change feature means it can get low to a sofa level if you want.


An ideal bar stool with wheels and back needs a sturdy construction to support the weight of the person and the daily use. The design includes materials, rollers, padding, and height adjustment features as follows:

  • Frame

A sturdy frame uses the latest technology to give you control on how you want to use it. For example, a bar stool with a 360 degree swivel frame design is ideal for open spaces like studios. While bar stools with a gas lift mechanism adjust height with ease, making them ideal for a beauty parlor.

Chrome plated frames look sleek and stable. While rubberwood frames fit a TV setting, making them the show’s focal point. An ideal bar stool should have a larger weight capacity. This way, it should support persons of varying weights.

  • Padding

Bar stools of a polyurethane padding last for long. For, the foam can withstand lots of chemicals and punctures typical of a bar environment. It is super easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe off any dirt using a damp piece of cloth. Leather padding is ideal for the waiting areas and guest lounges.

  • Backrest tilt

An ideal bar stool ought to use the latest technologies to give you control of how you want to tilt the backrest. For example, a swivel style is quick and easy to turn. Hence, it is convenient when you want to access things far away from you without leaving your seat. 

  • Wheels

A bar stool with wheels is quite mobile. They retail with safe-brake casters that lock the seat in place. Plus the foot ring above the wheels provides excellent leg rest.