9 Amazing Platform Bed Frames With Storage and Headboard

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Platform bed frames with built-in storage and a headboard are amazing pieces of furniture for any bedroom. Not only are they multifunctional, they’re also very easy to fit with most types of mattresses available on the market.

If you’re in dire need of additional storage space but have no clue on where to allocate it, a platform bed frame with built-in storage is a perfect choice. Pillows, linen, and your favorite teddy bear can all fit the spaces beneath your new bed frame.

Upgrading your bedroom can be difficult if you don’t feel inspired, though. For this purpose we’ve put together this curated list of the most amazing platform bed frames with all the features you’d wish for.

If you remain undecided whether getting a platform bed frame is a clever choice or not, check out our comparison of panel beds vs. platform beds for a side-by-side comparison of the most popular bed frame types.

Novogratz Kelly Bed Frame With Storage Drawers

Black Novogratz Kelly Bed Frame With Large Storage Drawers

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The Novogratz Kelly is a popular platform bed frame featuring an upholstered headboard as well as side panels with hidden storage drawers on both sides.

You can get this platform bed in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, or King.

It is also available in a range of colors: Dark gray, Green, Ivory, or Navy.

This platform bed frame has a modern, simplistic design that works really well in most apartments and houses.

The storage drawers are on wheels, and there are two compartments in each drawer. It has a bentwood slat support support, and you don’t need anything bud a mattress to have a complete bed.

Mellow Platform Bed With Headboard and Bedside Storage

Gray Mellow Platform Bed With Headboard and Large Bedside Storage

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The Mellow Platform Bed Frame comes with a nice wingback headboard as well as a bedside ottoman with an ample storage space under the seat, so this bed has you covered in multiple aspects.

You can get this platform bed frame in multiple sizes ranging between Full to Twin, so there’s a size for every need.

The bed frame is upholstered with a soft, gray fabric, and it suits all kinds of modern bedrooms very well.

Do note that there’s ample space for additional store beneath the bed frame, check out our article featuring genius drawers for under the bed if you need inspiration.

Wooden Platform Bed With Two Storage Drawers

Gray Wooden Platform Bed With Two Storage Drawers at one side

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The Baysitone wooden platform bed frame is as nice and simple as it’s functional. It’s a complete bed frame with everything you need, except for a mattress to go on top of it.

You can either choose the Twin sized bedframe or the Full sized bed frame, and it comes with either a gray finish or a white finish.

The wooden platform has ten reinforced slats, making the bed stable and durable for everyone to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Beneath the platform bed frame you can enjoy an ample storage space, and the bed comes with a large drawer for storage.

Upholstered Platform Storage Bed With Plenty of Storage Space

Gray Upholstered Platform Storage Bed with large storage drawers

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The beautiful DHP Rose Upholstered Platform Bed Frame has been upholstered on all sides with a nice, gray fabric that keeps you comfortable throughout the night.

It has tufted details on the headboard as well, and beneath the bed frame you’ll find four large storage drawers that open independently, and therefore you’ll have plenty of storage space at hand.

You can get this platform bed frame with or without the storage drawers, and it’s available in a large range of sizes and colors.

Platform Storage Bed With a Bookcase as a Headboard

Dark wooden platform Storage Bed With a Bookcase as a Headboard and drawers

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The Prepac Full Mate platform storage bed frame is a great choice for those who want a traditional piece of furniture instead of something modern.

It comes in all the sizes you can imagine, and you have the choice between four different colors as well.

The platform bed frame is built from wooden panels, and it has six decently sized storage drawers as well as a proper bookcase built into the headboard itself.

Platform Bed With Storage Drawers and Light Gray Upholstery

Platform Bed With Storage Drawers and Light Gray Upholstery

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The Everleigh platform bed frame by Rest Rite is a great choice for those wanting a beautiful, modern bed with soft, upholstered panels as well as a button-tufted headboard.

This bed frame is available in multiple colors, and you’ll have two practical storage drawers at your disposal.

It is a Queen-sized platform bed frame, and it comes with a full slat system that enables you to put any type of mattress on it.

White Wooden Platform Bed With a Headboard and Storage Drawers

White Wooden Platform Bed With a Headboard and Storage Drawers

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The Metro White Full Platform Bed Frame by Atlantic Furniture has a nice, classic design with a curved headboard and practical storage drawers built into the frame.

You can get this platform bed frame in multiple colors as well as sizes, so make sure you check out the store linked above to see the different options.

With this bed frame you’ll get a slat kit support system, meaning no additional things are needed except for a mattress of your choice.

The frame is made from solid hardwood, and the paint is non-toxic.

Traditional Platform Bed With Storage and Arched Slat Headboard

White Platform Bed With Storage and Arched Slat Headboard

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The Richmond White Full Platform Bed Frame is an amazing bed with ample storage space due to the storage drawers that are built into the frame.

You can get this bed frame in multiple colors and sizes, so make sure you check it out and see the options you have with this one.

The bed has a traditional design with a slightly arched slat headboard, and it comes with two storage drawers that you can place wherever you want.

Wooden Platform Bed in a Transitional Style With a Blue Painted Finish

Dark Wooden Platform Bed in a Transitional Style With a Blue Painted Finish

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This beautiful platform bed frame in a transitional design has everything you’d want, including a wooden headboard, large storage drawers, and it’s all built in sturdy, wooden panels.

The bed is available in either blue or gray, with both of them being of darker nuances than usual.

Designed by Taylor & Olive, the platform bed frame is a beautiful addition to any kids’ room and bedroom in your house. The storage drawers grants you ample capacity for all kinds of belongings.

This platform bed frame is available in Twin or Full size options.

What is a platform bed?

Today, the modern mattress retails with handy traits to suit the needs of all customers. That is seniors, persons with disabilities, tall persons, and couples alike. Hence, the traditional bed frame may no longer work in today’s bedroom. A platform bed frame is the latest mattress support that caters to the evolving mattress. More so, this bed will support any mattress without the need for a box spring. It has the following unique highlights:

1. A lower profile

Platform beds are 12 inches to 18 inches high. It is shorter than the average 25 inches height of a traditional base. In turn, it creates a modern look. Plus, it facilitates a child, senior, or persons with disabilities to climb on and off the bed. Besides, the shorter height is safe, in case such users roll off the bed

2. Minimal clearance

Due to their limited height, platform beds have little or no clearance under the bed. And, when it includes some storage drawers, it becomes an enclosed frame. It has zero clearance below it.

3. Optional floating design

A platform bed frame with a floating design features bed support below the bed, and not on the sides or corners. It is a robust base that gives you a floating view. Yet, the floating design has no storage areas.

4. Headboards and footboards

A platform bed frame retails with either a headboard or a footboard, or both. Furthermore, these additions are in varying designs to suit the vast customer tastes. The headboard is the focal point of the bed. They come in unique designs that elevate your space, add color to the room, or make the room feel cozier.

For example, a paneled headboard has cubicles for pictures, artwork, or bedtime storybooks. In contrast, a decal headboard is a cheap way to add a decal to your wall. Other headboard categories include rustic, traditional, mid-century, contemporary, Scandinavian, and industrial.

5. Storage sections

Most platform bed frames have built-in storage under the bed. It can be in the form of drawers, cubicles, or bookshelves. Such reserves slide into the bin spaces under the bed when closed.

6. Slatted designs

Some platform bed frames comprise of wooden slats. They maximize ventilation while providing a sturdy base for the mattress. Also, these designs are a bit flexible. Most of the slats’ width is 2 inches to 3 inches.

Types of headboards for a platform bed

You ought to pick a headboard that will complement what you do in bed. For example, if you sit up reading before sleeping, consider an upholstered headboard. It is a padded option that will keep you feeling comfortable for the long reading hours. In contrast, if you go to sleep right away, then you can opt for a slatted headboard with décor that matches your room.

Next, the headboard is your bedroom fashion statement. Hence, it ranges from neutral colors to the flashy designs. Below are the most common headboards that retail with platform bed frames:

1. Panel headboards

These comprise of one or more panels. They may feature some horizontal or vertical décor.

2. Slatted headboards

Slatted headboards use horizontal or vertical slats. They can be either wood or metal.

3. Canopy headboards

These headboards feature a canopy extension. That is, they connect to a fabric canopy bar.

4. Upholstered headboards

Upholstered headboards use tufting, welting, or nail heads to create a padded focal point. They can feature either a flat or wingback edges.

5. Bookcase headboards

Book lovers prefer headboards with nooks or shelves. Such a design adds more storage space at the front or side of the bed.

6. Sleigh headboards

Sleigh headboards have a curved out look like a sleigh.

7. Headboard materials

Headboards suitable for a platform bed frame can be of any of the following materials:

  • Fabric
  • Wood
  • Plant Fibers
  • Leather
  • Metal