5 Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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It’s such an amazing, accomplished feeling to clear your clutter and get your things organized. There’s nothing like going home to a bedroom that’s all neat and tidy, no matter how big or how small it is. Well, if you’re a shoe lover there’s nothing like proper shoe storage, but these bedroom storage ideas come close.

However, for those of us that live in small spaces, the tendency to collect almost anything and then leave them cluttered around the house is sometimes inevitable. The lack of storage space makes it a real challenge to keep things organized, and we have to consider every purchase and think of ways to store it properly once we bring it home.

Rotating bookshelf in bedroom
This rotating bookshelf is tall and rotates 360 degrees, granting you plenty of storage options for not only books, but also your alarm clock, jewellery, and much more.

Nevertheless, that shouldn’t discourage us from keeping our things spic and span, and applying a little cleaning every now and then so we can come home to a tidy, relaxing place that we love.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to organize a small bedroom properly, and make room for all the things you have. It’s a matter of choosing the right kind of furniture and optimize storage capacity for your room.

Instead of regular, flat shelves that take up your whole wall, why not opt for a revolving bookshelf? Instead of keeping your shoes in their boxes that take up so much space behind your door, why not hang them up where you can see them inside your cabinet?

There’s literally a ton of ideas to explore! To get you started, we carefully handpicked a few genius bedroom storage ideas that are highly suitable for small bedrooms.

1. Utilize the space under the bed

Bed with drawers
The Baxton Storage Bed has 2 drawers built into the frame — a stylish way to get more storage space in your bedroom.

One of the best bedroom ideas for small spaces is to optimize the storage space underneath the bed. You can choose to buy a bed frame that has built-in drawers, like this traditional Baxton Storage Bed with 2 Drawers or a more modern one that has a mix of drawers and shelves, like the Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed (it comes in twin, queen, or king size).

If, on the other hand, you already have a bed and simply want to purchase containers to place your things under it, you should check out different under-the-bed organizers and storage containers.

Items like these are really helpful because, with them, you can store anything under your bed, from clothes to bags and shoes to books and other items that you have.

You can decide that under your bed will be the storage place of things you don’t need at a hand’s reach, such as seasonal clothes and shoes, or other keepsakes and mementos that you don’t need to take out every day (in that case you need to keep them in closed containers).

You can also opt instead to store the things that you need within easy reach, like your day bag and your favorite book or your gadgets and other things you use daily.

2. Get drawer organizers

mDesign adjustable drawer dividers
The mDesign adjustable drawer dividers help you organize your drawers and optimize the space.

Here’s another bedroom storage tip for small bedrooms: When it comes to maximizing space, you’ll want to use every inch of your drawers as much as you can. The problem with that is things tend to get messy because you’re trying to put in as many items as can fit. One way to do that but still keep things organized is to get drawer dividers. Check out some of the drawer dividers below:

If you don’t like drawer dividers, you can opt for drawer organizers instead that let you put your things into little boxes and in turn put those little boxes into your drawers. Some come in cloth are good for organizing underwear, socks, handkerchiefs and the like. There are also clear plastic organizers that help you organize your accessories, make-up, and if you have a desk in your room, can help you organize things like paper clips, staple wires, pins, and other office supplies.

If you don’t have drawers or closets in your bedroom, make sure you check out how to store your clothes without a closet or dresser.

3. Hang things up

Another thing you can add to your list of small bedroom storage ideas is to hang things up. Over your door, in your closet–the options and ideas are endless. Over the door organizers and other hanging organizers are great ways to keep your clutter tidy. There are some for clothes and accessories and some that will help you keep your shoes where they belong. Check out some of the items below that can help you hang your stuff up:

Lynk Over Door Hook Organizer
The Lynk Over Door Hook Organizer is a great way to utilize space you wouldn’t otherwise use for anything.

4. Get double duty furniture

Otto & Ben folding box and seat
The Otto & Ben Folding Box is an examble of a functional double duty furniture, that combines a bench with a large storage box.

Instead of getting furniture pieces that are just meant to sit there and look pretty, get those that will help you as you store your items or those that will save space and have many different functions.

Instead of getting a regular bench at the foot of your bed, why not get one that will allow you to store things underneath it or inside? A storage bench can serve as an organizer for clothes, shoes, books, magazines, and more. Check out some of the storage benches below.

  • ClosetMaid Cubeicals – this is a storage bench you can put by your bed. It comes with three cubbies with partitions, and you can buy the Cubeical Fabric Drawers if you want to keep your things covered up
  • Otto & Ben Folding Box – you can also put this at the foot of your bed. The good thing about this is that it has a lid that hides everything from sight. You can opt to put clothes, beddings, and other things that you wish to remain hidden here.

Other double-duty furniture to give you some ideas for your small bedroom are:

5. Choose a nightstand with built-in storage

Nightstand with 3 drawers for storage
The WLIVE Dresser is a great alternative to a regular nightstand, as it features lots of storage space for your bedroom.

Nightstands are basic necessities in every bedroom, and even the smallest bedroom needs one of these to provide a surface for your alarm clock, lamp, and cell phone.

By opting for a nightstand with storage, perhaps a small dresser, you’ll not only get additional storage space, but also a proper place to store your essential bedside items.

Check out the stylish WLIVE Dresser With 3 Drawers, or one of the other models in this collection. They are a great choice for a small bedroom, because of how well the space in each drawer is utilized. Each drawer can be pulled out and folded, and it’s also a super affordable option.

Round side table with a storage basket
The Rivet Meeks Round Side Table has a storage basket and is suitable for small bedrooms.

If you want a lighter and stylish nightstand, the Rivet Meeks Round Side Table With Storage Basket is a nice upgrade pick. It has a large storage basket that works wonders in small bedrooms, because of how easy it is to store anything in this large open basket. Do you like to knit before sleeping? Store your supplies in the basket! Or perhaps you want a safe place for your teddy bears? The basket keeps them nice and snug!

One last option for those who want a more traditionally looking nightstand, the Henry Accent Table is a great choice. It has an open storage compartment for books, an alarm clock, and other things you want to be easily accessible, and a closed storage compartment behind a single door.


As you sort through your things and decide what to keep and how to keep them, keep in mind that it’s all about making your space livable and as cozy and comfy as you want it to be.

You can mix and match based on the suggestions above, or find other creative ways to keep your small bedroom as neat and tidy as you can.

There’s no right or wrong way to go about it, and the important things it that you know where your things are and you know what works best for you. Happy organizing!