How to Store Clothes Without a Closet or Dresser

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Keeping your clothes storage tidy and neat is necessary, if you want your everyday life to be as easy as possible. So let’s look into this topic, and see what you can do!

Now of course, the ideal way to store clothes is to hang them in wardrobes or keep them neatly folded in your cabinet. But what if that isn’t the case? Some of us live in studio-type apartment units or flats where there just isn’t much space to lay out all the things we own. Some of us are staying in dorm rooms and we don’t want to have to spend for unnecessary furniture if we won’t be staying long term there. And for some of us, squeezing in shopping for wardrobes and shelves is just beyond our time and budget right now.

Before you give up and decide that keeping your things tidy will never happen to you—don’t despair! With just a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of imagination, you’ll be able to tidy up your things and get that new year’s resolution ticked off your list!

Here are some ways you can store your clothes if you don’t have any cabinets or shelves:

1. Re-purpose old storage items

Got a huge container that’s been lying around for sometime? Remember that old trunk that you saw the last time you cleaned out your attic?

Most of the time, we have several things around the house that are just lying around. With a little bit of imagination a little bit of cleaning and a little bit of polish, we can take those old storage boxes, trunks, bins, hampers (you name it!) that have been lying around waiting to be used and re-style it for our purposes!

The good thing about using that already exists is that it automatically saves us time and expenses. If you have a busy schedule, you don’t need to worry about taking time off and visiting various furniture stores. And if your budget is a little tight, you only need to spend a minimal amount or none at all!

2. Use the space under your bed

Gray storage box with a lid used for under-bed storage of clothes
Prandom storage bins are collapsible, and great for seasonal clothing storage.

One place people don’t usually think of when considering storage spaces is under the bed. That might have been a little terrifying when we were growing up, but no fear! There are no monsters hiding under there. Just some dust and a lost sock or two.

Under the bed is a perfect place to store items because it doesn’t take up that much space. You can purchase storage drawers, plastic boxes or bins, and even nice lidded baskets that fit perfectly under your bed. You can also use this place to tuck away items that you are not using—clothes that are out-of-season or clothes that require special occasions.

Amazon sells plenty of storage items for under-bed storage, that you can check out. Personally, my favorites would be:

To also help you as you organize, you can label your boxes or if you like living life in full color, purchase boxes that are differently colored, so you won’t have difficulty remembering where you your tops and pants and the rest of your clothes.

3. Hang things up

Metal garment rack on wheels
Simple Trending Clothes Garment Rack. One Stylish Way to organize your clothes.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget those clothes and other accessories that we don’t see because they are tucked away at the bottom of our drawer or are kept in some place where it’s such a bother to take things out.

This new year and new decade, it’s time to bring out that fashionable flare in you! Hang up scarves, ties, and other accessories where you can see them and where they are easy to get. You can purchase clothing racks online or in furniture shops that are adjustable in terms of height and how much space they will take. If you are feeling more like dressing your space up, there are a whole lot of clothing racks that come in all shapes and sizes that you can use however you want and you can choose the one that fits your room or gives it that aesthetically pleasing vibe to liven up your space.

Just like the storage baskets and bins, Amazon has a lot to offer in terms of hangers and clothing racks:

You can also check out the different types of hangers with different functions to make storing your clothes easier and helps save space better, such as the Meetu Pants Hangers or the Devesanter S-Shape Trousers Hangers. The HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers also maximizes space, allowing you to hang several pieces of clothing without any difficulty at all.

There you have it! Some fun ways to store and organize your clothes without having to sweat it about drawers and closets. The important thing to remember when you fix your clothes is to go with the style that best suits your space and your taste, whether it means finding old storage items in the house, putting stuff under your bed, hanging things up, or doing a mix and match of two or more or all three at once. And as soon as you’ve gotten what you wanted, you can now tick off that item from your list of things to do, and tackle the next one. Happy organizing!