The Best Electric Razor With Beard Trimmer

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Do you use an electric or a manual razor for your beard? Now, electric blades are a fast, convenient, and comfortable choice to manual ones. No more prepping, lathering or wiping the edges after you shave. For, all you need to do is grab the gadget, cut, and you are good to go. If maintained properly, your electric razor will last you for many years and give you that smooth look without irritating the skin too much.

We actually have dedicated buying guides for beard trimmers suitable for sensitive skin, but also beard trimmers suitable for thick beards. You might want to check these guides out as well, especially if they seem suitable for your needs.

However, what’s more handy than having a razor AND a trimmer? A 2-in-1 device that does both jobs. It is not only a space saver, but also a money saver, because you don’t have to invest in two separate machines. And for light trimming and styling, this is actually a great choice for many people.

In this guide we’ll give you our recommendations of the best products, and take you through some of the most important criteria when selecting the product suitable for your needs. So make sure you read through the entire guide below:

Our Top Picks for 2-In-1 Shaving and Beard Trimming

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige
Editor’s choice

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000 Prestige

  • Travel case included
  • Waterproof – rinse under water after use
  • Rechargeable battery built in

The S9000 Prestige by Philips Norelco is in a class of its own. It features a waterproof core that you can scrub anytime you want. Meaning, you no longer have to put up with clogged hairs, germs, or dead skin typical with electric razors. This series uses NanoTech blades that will clean and remain lubricated for sharpness. Indeed, it is a rotary-style electric razor with all the traits you could ever want.

The Features

  • Sharp NanoTech blades
  • 8-direction contouring head
  • Wet and dry use
  • Built-in sensors
  • SkinComfort rings
  • Three shaving speeds
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • 60 minutes of shaving time
  • LED display

What We Like

  • State of the art rotary-style electric razor
  • Uses SkinComfort rings to contour the beard, gentle on skin
  • Uses a BeardAdapt Sensor that detects the beard length 15 times per second
  • Waterproof electric razor allows for both wet and dry use
  • Includes a SmartClick precision trimmer for the moustache and sideburns
  • Uses an anti-friction coating that pampers your skin
  • Has a digital display for battery
  • Easy cleaning with water
  • Retails with a premium travel case
Panasonic Arc5 Wet/Dry ES-LV65-S

Panasonic Arc5 Wet/Dry ES-LV65-S

  • Efficient on all skin types
  • Built-in pop-up trimmer for detailing
  • Battery powered
  • Waterproof

The Panasonic Arc5 is a simplistic electric razor suitable for a close shave. It has 16-direction contour head with angled precision multi-blades. This order moves the edges in all sides, contouring your face, neck, and jaw with sureness. Use it for 45 minutes nonstop to trim sideburns, stubbles, and moustaches.

The Features

  • 16-direction pivoting head
  • Five precision blades
  • Cordless razor
  • Wet and dry shave, with or without foam or gel
  • Linear motor 14,000 cpm
  • Active Shave Sensor technology
  • 45 minutes of battery life

What We Like

  • Hypoallergenic blades that are safe on sensitive skin
  • 30 degree angled edges allow for clean cuts at the base
  • Uses a precision pop-up trimmer for stubbles, sideburns, and moustaches
  • Has a reliable sensor for beard length
  • Powerful linear motor delivering 14,000 cuts per minute
  • Great value for your money

General Buying Guide and FAQs

Q. What are the significant features that make an electric razor with a beard trimmer stand out?

A. First is its design. Electric razors with in-built trimmers will cut any long beard with precision. Next, check whether the head and the handle integrate or are detachable. With detachable shavers, you can flip and remove the trimmer if you don’t need it.

Then, opt for razors with a rechargeable battery. Such units are cordless, hence convenient when you want to move around as you shave. Still, it should last for long after you charge it.

Q. What are the rotary razors? And, how are they different from the other types of electric razors?

A. Electric razors are in two categories. That is rotary razors and foil razors. The rotary ones usually have three cutters that rotate to lift and cut the beard. Other variations allow for a bend to a certain degree. In turn, they flex to contour your face, neck, and jaw to precision. In contrast, foil razors use a single or dual head shifting back and forth behind a metal foil.

Q. Which is the right electric razor for my beard? Is it necessary to use it with a beard trimmer?

A. A rotary shaver works best for older persons with firm skin. Also, they are ideal on thick or coarse beards. Plus, if your beard grows in all kinds of directions, the rotating head is the best fit for you. More so, do you hate shaving your beard each day? Then this is a grand option for you. For, they work best on rather long hair. Still, electric razors are not comfortable when cutting longer hair. You’ll need to combine a trimmer with your choice electric razor.

Foil razors are for anyone looking for an almost bald shave. Hence, if you shave your beard every day, are working on a sideburn, or your facial hair is scanty. Do you shave your beard in a straight motion? Or, are you looking for a razor for a close shave around the cheek areas? Pick foil razors for superior results.

Q. How do I clean my electric razor?

A. Electric razors are quite easy to clean. Detach the head. Tap it to remove any hair. For wet and dry models, switch it off from any power source before putting it under running water. Electric razors come with a small brush as a cleaning accessory. Use it to remove any clogged hair. Once in a while, remove the housing and inspect your razor for any other hidden hair.

Note, you can always buy a self-cleaning electric razor and save time in enjoying a clean shave. For, the shaver uses a cleaning station that has a non-alcoholic cleaner. By placing your shaver on the cleaning station, the station removes any hair or debris on the blades. It then overheats the razors to sterilize them. Then, it lubricates them, sparing you the need for shaver oil.

Final Note

An electric razor has versatile features that are convenient for the modern man. Even so, when they retail with a beard trimmer. The extra feature ensures comfort when trimming long beards. Hence, pick an electric razor with a beard trimmer that will fit your schedule.

While these machines are 2-in-1 models, they work great for multiple purposes. However, if you’re into facial styling and want to go all in, a separate razor and trimmer is still the recommended choice among most (bearded) users.

We do actually have a dedicated buying guide for electric razors, that are perfectly capable of getting you that smooth look and feel that is desired among many men. Furthermore you should look into investing in a beard trimmer on its own, because once your beard starts growing, you probably want to keep it handy in order to control the growth and shape.