The Best Food and Meat Slicer for Home Use

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A slicing machine for foods and meats is a useful kitchen tool that you can use to cut meat, vegetables, and even cheese into thin slices. It can aid you in cutting slices of just about any food item, and it is the preferred choice of those who want to make their own food from scratch instead of buying it pre-cooked and pre-sliced.

In other words, a food and meat slicers enables you to regain control of exactly what you’re eating, and as such it’s an important part of any healthy lifestyle. It’s also a great tool for a party or family gathering of any size, as it aids you in cutting thin and uniform slices that will line up nicely on any plate.

For buying guide we’ve researched and reviewed the best options for home use, based on criteria such as strength, ease of use, cleaning, and additional features.

Our Top Picks

Below are the best food and meat slicers for home use:

Cusimax CMFS-200N meat and food slicer
Editor’s choice

Cusimax CMFS-200N

  • Nice and easy to use
  • Heavy and durable housing with suction cop feet
  • Parts are easy to remove for proper cleaning
  • Super sharp blade

The Cusimax CMFS-200N is your best option for home use. It features a durable and sharp stainless steel blade that cuts through anything, such as meat, firm vegetables, bread, cheese, and more.

So if you’re a fan of homemade deli meats and want to serve up a nice spread for yourself and your family, this is your safest bet. It will also help you prepare foods and meats for freeze drying, vacuuming/freezing, and much more.

We like its ability to stand firmly on any kitchen countertop, due to the stable base and suction cups that provide additional stability for any task. That way you don’t have to worry if it will slide or skid while you’re using it, which is a great feature for any piece of equipment that involves the use of sharp blades.

With this food and meat slicing machine you’ll be able to cut anything into slices with a thickness between 0.04 inches, and 0.6 inches. You can even slice your own bread in nice uniform slices, so you don’t have to use a knife and risk getting uneven slices in the future.

Chefman Electric Deli Slicer
Best value

Chefman Electric Deli Slicer

  • Affordable
  • Compact design (11″ x 11″ x 15″)
  • Serrated blade slice any type of food and meat
  • Durable die-cast aluminum housing

Can you imagine a the perfect clubhouse sandwich with everything made from scratch? No need to head over to your favorite diner for it, now you can make one at home with the Chefman Electric Deli Slicer. With this simple and easy-to-use machine, you can now slice all your favorites: ham, turkey, roast beef, cheese, bread, fruit, and more.

Because of how affordable this slicing machine is, we believe it provides the best value of all meat slicers in this buying guide.

It’s easy to use and clean up, and it enables you to create anything from scratch, including beef jerky, deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, grazing tables, sliced fruit for dehydrating, party platters, appetizers, and more. All this is done by the powerful 180-Watt AC motor and serrated stainless steel blade, that allows food to glide through the slicer with ease.

There’s an adjustable thickness dial on top of the housing, that allows you to cut perfect slices with a thickness up to 0.6 inches. Simply turn it until you reach the desired thickness, turn on the slicer, and start cutting.

Rubberized non-slip feet make sure that your food slicer will stay in place so you won’t have any difficulty while you are using it. An off-and-on switch offers additional safety, and its 9 x 12-inch design is sleek and saves space so that it’s small enough to fit into your cabinets and will only take up minimal space on your kitchen counter.

KitchenWare Station MS-10NT meat and food slicer

KitchenWare Station MS-10NT

  • 10″ stainless steel blade coated with teflon
  • Aluminum alloy base
  • Approved by ETL, NSF, and FDA
  • Rubber feet ensure a firm grip on any surface

If you’re looking for a premium food and meat slicer that can serve for the home or for commercial use, then you’ll love the professional-grade MS-10NT food and meat slicer from the KitchenWare Station brand.

It’s a premium slicer that comes with a stainless steel blade coated with Teflon, and an aluminum alloy base. With its 320-Watts motor power, this slicer can be used over and over for a long period of time without you having to worry about its wear and tear. It will cut through any food or meat with ease, and allows for a thickness of up to 0.4 inches.

The sharp 10-inch Teflon blade will help you slice meat perfectly, as well as vegetables, cheese, and fruits. It runs smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly, and you can easily asjust the thickness with the numerical scale knob on the side of the machine. The Teflon coating will efficiently prevent residue from building up on the blade, so it’s easy to clean after each use. 

Its body comes with a waterproof on-and-off switch and skid-proof rubber feet, that will hold the slicer securely on any countertop while slicing. The product tray that comes with the food slicer can hold your food while you are slicing. It is also quick and easy to remove for a thorough cleaning, like any other parts that are in contact with foods and meats. This can reduce seams and hard-to-reach places, where bacteria can grow so that you can ensure that your slicer is always clean and ready for use.

The KitchenWare Station MS-10NT slicer also comes with a built-in sharpener, that both hones and sharpens the blade. It helps the blade to maintain a sharp edge for slicing, so that it will always deliver nice quality cuts with ease. This is helpful and handy to have for both home use (especially if you need to use a slicer almost every day), or if you own a small restaurant or a catering business. For any home cooking enthusiasts, this premium food and meat slicer is a must-have.

How to Choose the Best Food and Meat Slicer for Your Needs

Here are some things to take note of, before you purchase a food and meat slicer for your kitchen.

Are you going to use it regularly or occasionally, when you have family get-togethers? It’s important to determine how frequently you will be using your food-and-meat slicing machine. You’ll definitely want to get a sturdier machine, if you’re going to use it regularly.

How frequently you use the machine will also determine if you’ll buy one of the following:

  • Entry-level machine: Basic and simple, this is your cheapest option. It’s a good choice for beginners, who aren’t intending to use it often. It cuts small batches of food and meat when needed, but is probably not the best option for large-scale cutting in bulk.
  • Mid-level machine: Equipped with better slicing abilities and a stronger motor. A mid-level slicer’s motor won’t heat up too quickly, and can be used to slice different foods other than meat.
  • Premium-level machine: High performance, that usually lasts for decades. If you plan to use your food and meat slicer frequently, you’ll want to get a professional- or commercial-grade slicing machine. They have the best motors and can slice anything for long periods of time. They are great for professional cooking as well, and most spare parts are available if needed.

The Blade You Want

Food and meat slicers come with serrated blades or smooth-edged blades. Serrated blades are better for cutting hard objects like bread, cheese, and frozen meat. Smooth blades are great for cutting lean meats and vegetables, but require regular sharpening to stay in shape.

As blades also come in different sizes,  you need to determine as well, what is the best and/or most efficient size.

A bigger blade means bigger items can be cut, but it also requires more space and are more expensive to replace.

Smaller blades don’t require as much motor power, but can’t be used for large items.

A regular blade is usually 7.5 inches in diameter, whereas most professional- or commercial-grade slicers have bigger blades.

The Size of the Machine

As with most things, the heavier an item is, the bigger it is. For meat and food slicers, this also means added stability, which is a nice feature for this kind of work.

Entry-level food and meat slicers are lighter and smaller, so they don’t take up as much space, while the premium-level slicers are sure to be heavier and take up more space.

As you decide, think about how much counter space or shelf space you are willing to give up.

Is the food and meat slicer something you will be using frequently, so you’re fine with it sitting on your countertop, or is it something that you want to store in one of your kitchen cabinets? If so, you may want to consider a lighter option.

Final Note

Just as you go about making your final decision, remember that food and meat slicers have sharp blades.

It’s important to take the necessary precautions, when you are using and cleaning them. While most food and meat slicers come with safety and security measures to protect the user, it is always better to take as many precautions as possible.

As much as possible, use safety guards and wear safety gloves when cleaning your food and meat slicer. Most slicers come with manuals that tell you how to operate and clean the slicer, so it is important to read them as thoroughly and as carefully as possible. Stay alert while you are using the slicer and don’t turn the switch to “on” until you are about to use the slicer. Of course, it is always essential to unplug it when you are done and keep it out of reach of children so as to avoid any kind of accidents.