Best Portable Heater for Bathroom

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Whether you are looking for a small heater to keep your bathroom comfortable during the cooler months or a larger model to help with entire home heating, there is a perfect option for you available on the market today.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best portable heaters for bathrooms and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Stay warm this winter season with one of these best portable heater for bathroom.

Top 3 Best Portable Heater for Bathroom

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1. Best for Indoor Spaces: BEYOND BREEZE Space Heater

This small, portable space heater is perfect for spaces up to 250 square feet. The ceramic heat elements are fast to heat and long-lasting, making this a reliable choice for your home or office.

The efficient design only takes a few seconds to heat up, so you can enjoy comfortable warmth in no time. Plus, the compact size makes it easy to transport wherever you need it.

The BEYOND BREEZE Portable Heater is a 1500W powerful space heater that provides targeted heating to meet your needs. Featuring an extra-large LCD digital display, you can easily adjust the thermostat and view the temperature settings.

In addition, it has 3 adjustable power levels from fan-only to 1500W, with an overheat protection system located inside the body of the heater.

This portable electric heater is equipped with a 6′ heavy-duty cord that allows you to place it almost anywhere in your home or office. It also features a safety protection system with an automatic cc shut-off for overheating, overcurrent and overloading. 

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  • 1500W powerful space heater for indoor use
  • Overheat protection with a safety tip-over switch
  • Anti-slip rubber pad to prevent sliding
  • Easy to read digital display
  • 3 adjustable power levels from fan only to 1500W heat


  • Maybe too small for some larger spaces
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2. Best for Multi-Purpose Use: Dreo Space Heater – 70°Oscillating Portable Heater

The Dreo 70° oscillating portable heater is a space-saving, high-performance device that effectively boosts heat to keep you cosy and warm during the cold winter season.

The 10.3-inch size makes it perfect for small rooms or even offices that need just a little extra warmth.

This powerful heater includes advanced PTC ceramic heating technology to ensure comfort with a targeted warmth and zero complications when customizing the ambient temperature. It boasts a detachable and easy-to-clean filter to ensure that you will always breathe clean air.

This Dreo Space Heater is designed with an electronic and more sensitive tip-over switch, making it extremely quiet. With an ECO mode that will adjust its output based on the ambient temperature, this small portable heater is perfect for keeping you cozy and comfortable.

This unit is equipped with four different options to provide the heating comfort needed. This heater has a programmable 24-hour timer, an auto switch-off when the desired temperature is reached, a thermostat for temperature regulation, and a fan mode that allows you to enjoy air circulation. 

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  • 10.3″ size perfect for small areas up to 200 sq ft
  • Highly effective space heater with advanced PTC ceramic heating technology
  • ECO mode adjusts output based on the temperature of the room
  • Anti-slip rubber pads to prevent sliding
  • Highly portable, compact design


  • No handle for easy portability

3. Best for Warmth and Ease of Use: Pro Breeze Space Heater – 1500W Electric Heater

The Pro Breeze 1500W Electric Heater is a powerful, small, and lightweight space heater with an advanced ceramic heating element that provides faster and more energy-efficient heating than a traditional electric space heater.

The Pro Breeze features 750W (Low) and 1500W (High) power modes and a gentle fan-only mode. This portable, low wattage, and highly efficient 1500w heater will reduce your energy bills by efficiently heating individual rooms rather than expensively heating your entire home.

This is the perfect room heater for bathroom, office, and under-desk use. It’s equipped with a 6′ heavy-duty cord that allows you to place it almost anywhere in your home or office.

 The adjustable thermostat ensures that you can set the temperature to your desired level, while the advanced safety features keep you safe. The lightweight and compact design means that you can take this space heater with you wherever you go. 

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  • 750W Low power mode and 1500W high power mode for faster heating
  • Gentle fan-only mode
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight design
  • Advanced safety features: auto switch off, overheat protection, and enhanced anti-tip over switch


  • Only two power levels may not be enough for some users

Buying Guide for Portable Bathroom Heaters

When looking for a portable bathroom heater, there are several factors that you should consider before making your purchase.

The Size of Your Space

With the portable bathroom heater, you will want to ensure that the unit you choose is powerful enough to heat your entire space. Some of these units can be quite large, so be sure to measure your bathroom before you purchase. If the heater is too powerful for the space you have available, it will quickly heat the space, but it will also overheat and shut off.

This means that the heater will turn back on before your room has time to cool down, and you will constantly be fighting with the unit.

Price of Your Unit

The best portable bathroom heater will provide you with the warmth your room needs without overheating.

When searching for a unit, be sure to keep an eye out for deals and coupons. These deals may allow you to purchase a higher quality unit at a lower price, saving you money over time.

Comfort and Safety

No one wants to be stuck in a cold bathroom during the winter months. Many of these units have safety features such as automatic shut-off and overheat protection.

If you are looking for a safe unit to use, easy to use, and powerful enough to heat your room, be sure to keep an eye out for these types of features.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bathroom Heater

Can I Put a Portable Heater in My Bathroom?

You can put a portable heater in your bathroom, but installation may vary depending on the size, age, and type of material used for the flooring. Wall space heating may not be an option as your bath or shower already takes up that space.

What Type of Room Heater is Allowed in a Bathroom?

Most portable room heaters are allowed in a bathroom as long as they have safety features like an automatic shut-off and overheat protection. Be sure to double-check the manufacturer’s guidelines before you purchase to ensure that the specific model you are interested in is allowed in a bathroom.

What Heater is Best for Bathroom?

The best heater for the bathroom can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. This type of heater doesn’t take up any floor space, and it heats up the room quickly. Another option is a portable heater, but you have to be careful not to use it in wet areas like the bathroom.

If you are looking for a portable heater for bathroom, the best option is to go with a model that has an automatic shut-off feature. This will ensure that your device does not continue to run after it has reached its set temperature, which could lead to dangerous overheating situations.

Additionally, be sure to choose a unit with a wide range of heating settings so that you can find the perfect warmth for your needs.

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