The Best Robot Vacuum

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Robot vacuums have revolutionized how we clean your homes. This hands-off approach of cleaning is welcomed by many, given how busy our lives seem to get by the decade. Any time we can spare during the day is a treasure, and that’s where these robot vacuums come in.

In this article, we’re going to look at our top six picks of robot vacuums in the market. Read to the end to find out why you ought to consider getting yourself one and what to go for. Pay close attention to the various features. That way, you can identify what you need in a robot vacuum when it comes time to purchase one.

iRobot Roomba 980 – our favorite little helper

iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum

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What we like: The iRobot Roomba 980 is a great robot vacuum for pet hair. That is because of the premium three-stage cleaning system that gets rid of dirt and pet hair as well as the allergens that your eyes cannot see. The robot runs up to 120 minutes and will automatically recharge when it is low on battery. After, it will resume cleaning until the whole job is done.

All you need to know: You need a WIFI connection to work this robot vacuum. It also has smart navigation and also the brand’s patented dirt detection technology. There is also a sweeping edge brush, an auto-adjust cleaning head that is meant to work on carpets and hard floors. With the 980, you require WIFI to get the robot vacuum moving. There is also Smart Navigation, the Edge sweeping brush, and the Patented Dirt Detect technology. There is equally the auto-adjust cleaning head that works both on hard floors and carpets.

The powerlifting suction delivers up to 10 times the air power of the Roomba 600 Series along with the AeroVac System. That means that there is an improved pickup performance, especially when the robot moves to the carpet. The company runs this robot on iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology that’s patented. It allows the robot to map the surroundings. With that, it can clean an entire floor of your home, working its way around objects and under furniture.

The dual multi-surface rubber brushes on this robot vacuum adjust and flex so that they remain in contact with the hard floors and the carpet. The filter is highly efficient, trapping 99 percent of dog and cat allergens. You can operate the iRobot vacuum via an app. It is, however, compatible with operating systems higher than 5.0 and 11 for Android and iOS, respectively.


  • 120 minutes run time
  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • Smart Navigation
  • Patented dirt Detect technology

iRobot Roomba i7+ – self emptying robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba i7+ robot vacuum

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What we like: We’ve been looking forward to the day where robots became more automatized, because isn’t that the whole point of using robots for some of the boring chores anyway? With the new Roomba i7+, emptying the dust bin has never been easier. It’s a superb self emptying robot vacuum, but at the same time its build quality and overall performance is outstanding.

All you need to know: iRobot has been one of the market leaders for a long period of time, and it’s easy to see why. Their robots are great, and more often than not they’re leading the technological innovation with their ingenious designs and features.

Self emptying robot vacuums have been a dream of ours for a long time, and with the i7+ it’s finally come true. The way it works, is that it runs it cycle like normal, and when it’s finished it returns back to the charging station as normal. However, the charging station is completely different than regular ones: The “tower” holds a large dust bag, and once the robot vacuum returns home, its dust bin gets emptied into the large dust bag. Afterwards, it’s ready to return operation, and you don’t have to lift a single finger.

Besides the self emptying feature, iRobot Roomba i7+ works like any other robot vacuum, and does well on both carpets and hardwood floors. It maps out your entire house and saves it in its memory, making it easy to navigate from one room to another without having to set up “virtual walls” or lay out magnetic strips to tell it where it isn’t allowed to go.

According to, “what you want is a robot vacuum that will make your life easier and the i7+ provides that”. We do agree on that.


  • 75 minutes run time
  • Self emptying feature
  • Smart Mapping
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

iRobot Roomba 650 – great mid-range choice

iRobot Roomba 650 robot vacuum

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What we like: There is a pullout handle that is handy for when you need to take the vacuum up and down the stairs. You also don’t have to worry about the robot falling down the stairs because it has infrared sensors at the bottom that guides the robot on where there’s floor and where it ends. Another feature of this robot vacuum is that you can schedule your cleaning. You can do so by setting the date and the time into the configuration and after pressing the schedule button. This feature allows you to manage your cleaning in ways no typical vacuum can do. You can schedule up to seven times a week.

All you need to know: When you want to use the iRobot Roomba 650, all you need to do is the power it up by using the Clean button. Five other functions include pot cleaning mode, return to dock. With this last function, use it when you want to interrupt the cleaning. Otherwise, the robot vacuum will go back to the dock once it’s done the cleaning. To do the cleaning, the Roomba 650 uses dual rotating brushes, edge-sweeping brushes, and a filtered dust bin.

The iRobot Roomba 650 has a three-stage cleaning system. It agitates, and then brushes and then suctions the floors for a thorough cleaning. The height of this robot vacuum is 3.6 inches tall, allowing it to get under most furniture and desks, so it cleans up all the dust in your home.

This robot vacuum moves fast as compared to others in the market, so you get cleaning done in record time. It does, however, go slower on dirtier areas and rugs or carpets. It can do that thanks to the iAdapt Navigation technology that uses sensors to help it adapt to various floor textures. Included in with the robot vacuum are a cleaning tool, charger, and a replacement filter. You can charge the vacuum either directly or using the drive-on charging dock.


  • Three-stage cleaning system
  • 60-minute runtime
  • Adapts to the various floor textures
  • Recharges itself when low on battery

Deenkee DK600 – affordable and compact robot vacuum

Deenkee DK600 robot vacuum

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What we like: When it comes to the height, the Deenkee DK600 is smaller than others on the list, and could work well as a small robot vacuum for an apartment. Its height makes it super easy for the robot vacuum to get under tight spaces where furniture is such as under sofas and cabinets. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect it to get suck under beds or sofas. Another aspect that we will discuss further is that this vacuum robot also has a timed cleaning feature where you can schedule your cleaning to suit your needs. The three-point cleaning system and also the intelligent navigation ensure that no angles get missed, including the corners of the room.

It is also among one of the best quiet robot vacuums on the market.

All you need to know: The suction power on this vacuum robot stands at 1500Pa. With that kind of power, it can clean dust, cat litter, dog hair, nutshells, and the like. The dust bin capacity is 0.6L, which is only a bit bigger as compared to others in the industry. When it comes to the noise levels, the robot is mostly quiet, producing only 55dBa and thus giving you a quieter environment. It even means that you can get the cleaning done when you’re sleeping, reading, or getting some work done.

In total, the Deenkee DK600 has six cleaning modes. It has the standard four-cleaning modes that other brands have, and also a timed-cleaning mode and a max power vacuum mode. With the timed-cleaning mode, you can schedule when you want your cleaning done. That way, when you get home, you find that the robot vacuum has gotten the cleaning done. As for the max power vacuum mode, you activate it when you want to clean dust or pet hairs from blankets deeply.

Built-in functional omnidirectional infrared sensors are responsible for the vacuum’s navigation. They include anti-drop and anti-collision functions so that your vacuum is protected at all times during cleaning. As with other robot vacuums, when the battery is low, the gadget makes its way back to the charging dock. Once it is fully charged, it picks up from where it left off. If something happens to the robot vacuum, you can call Deenkee customer service any time of the day or night to get assistance. Lastly, with the robot vacuum, you get a remote control, a four-sided brush, a power adapter, a charging base, a foam filter, an additional HEPA filter, a cleaning tool, the manual, and also a warranty card.


  • 1500Pa suction power
  • 100 minutes runtime
  • Three-point cleaning system
  • Six cleaning modes

Coredy 3-In-1 robot vacuum, mop, and sweeper

Coredy 3-In-1 robot vacuum

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What we like: As the name suggests, this is a three-in-one robot vacuum cleaner. The three-point cleaning system, along with dual-edge-brushes, can work on both carpets and hard floors to clean out dirt and pet hair. You can use the remote control to schedule and customize your preference for the kind of cleaning you want to be done and when. The sleek and anti-scratch tempered glass top protects the robot but also works well with most contemporary home decors.

All you need to know: The height of this robot vacuum is 7.2cm, making it ideal for the job of cleaning out the dirt under furniture in general, beds, sofas, and other hard to reach spaces with minimal effort. Let’s look at the functions of the Coredy. There is a wet-dry mopping function that has five cleaning modes; edge cleaning, single room cleaning, manual cleaning, max vacuuming cleaning, and spot cleaning. You can leave the robot getting a thorough cleaning done and go about your business in peace.

If you want specialized cleaning, you can purchase boundary strips separately. With these put on the floor, the robot can use the dual-hall sensors to detect and adhere to the boundaries that you’ve formed. It’s ideal if there is a sensitive area on the home that you’d rather clean yourself. The runtime of the Cored is impressive too; it is 120 minutes. That gives it ample time to clean the home or even public space. When it is on low battery, it will seek out the charging base and recharge. Also, when it’s done cleaning, it goes back to the dock and charges and waits for the next time it’s going to clean. Overall, the robot vacuum is quiet, coming in at 60dB.

When you purchase this gadget, you get a welcome guide and user manual, a power adapter, a charging dock, remote control with 2AAA batteries included, one extra set of filters, four side brushes, and a one-year warranty card. The technical support line is open to users round the clock.


  • 1400Pa suction power
  • 120 minutes runtime
  • Five cleaning modes on the wet-dry mopping function
  • Self-recharging

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 – intelligent robot vacuum with remote control

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 robot vacuum

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What we like: This robot vacuum by Eufy is the only one that has boundary strips included. They are important because you get to control the areas that the robot can clean and those to steer clear of. An example is an artist’s room. There are likely bottles of paint, brushes, and papers all around, or even in a playroom. In general, you don’t want the robot vacuum in a room with too many obstacles.

All you need to know: The BoostIQ technology that Eufy uses on this robot can automatically increase the vacuum’s suction power when it detects an area that needs more cleaning. An example of that is on a rug or a blanket. That way, it can suction out all the dirt, dust, and pet hair. The vacuum performs 100 minutes of deep cleaning on hardwood floors. It is also consistent, maintaining a powerful suction all through. Once the cleaning is done, it goes back to the charging dock, waiting for the next time you’ll need it to clean your home.

The robot is generally quiet; it is only a little louder than a microwave is. The anti-scratch tempered glass-top on the robot vacuum protects the vacuum even as it goes under furniture. The infrared sensors are what the robot vacuum uses to evade obstacles. The drop-sensing technology ensures that the robot doesn’t fall a stair or a flight of stairs. With the BoostIQ RoboVac 30, you’re getting a 12-month warranty, a welcome guide, five cable ties, four side brushes, an extra set of filters, a cleaning tool, an AC power adapter, the charging base, remote control with 2AAA batteries included and a 13ft boundary strip.


  • 1500Pa suction
  • 13ft Boundary strips included
  • Remote control with batteries included
  • 100-minute running time.

bObsweep PetHair Plus – versatile pethair collector

bObsweep PetHair Plus robot vacuum

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What we like: Lastly, we have the PetHair Plus by bObsweep. It is different from other robot vacuums on this list because it has a display screen. You can run checkup tests on the screen and also access the various cleaning modes. Another feature that you don’t get on other gadgets is the blOck Plus feature where you can form invisible walls around the house and thus restricting the areas the robot can clean.

All you need to know: The 4X boosted TurboLift suction that is found in the bObsweep can suction carpets, rugs, laminates, and even more. The UV-C light shines on the floor space that the vacuum is working on, while the filter can remove even the tiniest of particles. The robot does a thorough job thanks to the main brush and the rotating side brush working together seamlessly to clean up dust and dirt. The scheduling on this model additionally allows you do come up with even a seven-day cleaning schedule. The robot will get to work whether or not you’re home.

This robot vacuum comes with a large dustbin of 1100ml, which is twice as much as the industry standard. That means that they’ll be enough space for it to do a thorough cleaning, especially where fur and pet hair are involved. The attachable microfiber mop ensures that you get the full mopping performance on your floors. As with other robots, the sensor can keep the robot away from the stairs to avoid it falling and getting damaged.

The FullCommand Remote control allows you to navigate the gadget and also perform several functions. There is also the auto-recharge function where it goes back to the charging station when the battery is low or when it is done charging. How long the PetHair Plus runs for is dependent on the mode that you use.


  • 1100ml dust bin
  • Display screen
  • blOck plus feature that creates invisible walls
  • Attachable microfiber mop

Here’s why you should get a robot vacuum

There are tons of reasons to get a robot vacuum, and here, we’re going to state just two in-depth. Let’s get started.

The convenience

You’ve come from work, and your house is a mess because you left for work in the morning in a hurry. Now you have to reach for the vacuum, a broom or a mop. That is the life that most of us leave, especially when we know there’s company coming over. Now, imagine getting home from work and finding a clean house. For many, that would be a dream-come-true. It is also one more thing to take off your to-do list and use that time for something else.

You can get that level of convenience with robot vacuums today. Before you leave the house, you can leave it running. Once it’s done, it is going to make its way back to the charging dock. You don’t have to worry about fishing it out from under the sofa either because when it is on low battery, it makes its way back to the charging dock before continuing — more advanced versions in the market offer up to seven-day scheduling.

Does a super job cleaning

The good thing about robot vacuums is that you’re not limited to cleaning your home when you’re free. You can run it every day if there is the need, meaning you’re coming home to a clean living space daily. You can also use the robot vacuum around the office where it makes sense to clean daily. It is not just about the frequency. Most of the robots in the market have powerful suction and cleaning brushes that do a thorough job on any surface. They also follow a careful pattern, so no area of the house remains untouched. Plainly put, it tends to do a better job than even we sometimes do.

The other aspect there is to love about robot vacuums is that some come with allergen filters, leaving the air that you breathe in free of pollutants. If you suffer from allergies, then you can consider grabbing yourself this gadget to ease your experience when you’re in the house. What about those hard to reach places? You don’t have to hurt you back bending over or moving furniture. The robots are made of varying heights and can squeeze in tight spaces.

Why are some robot vacuums very cheap?

It might come to a surprise to you, but there are robot vacuum cleaners that are super affordable and very well within your budget. The reason why some are considered expensive is because of their use of advanced technology. Take, for example, the iRobot Roomba 980 that uses the patented technology. When that is the cause, the pricing will, of course, be higher than the others in the market.

In essence, if you find a cheap vacuum, do know that the intelligence running it is at the bare minimum. You might not get to enjoy some of the benefits of the more expensive models that include features like scheduling and creating invisible walls for the robot vacuum.

Should you get a cheap robot vacuum?

As we know, cheap does prove to be expensive in the long run. The purpose of getting a robot vacuum is to eliminate the time spent in cleaning your home. It frees you up to do more- and as they say, time is money. The amount of time you save when you have a robot vacuum is the time that you’ve bought thanks to the convenience of technology. You don’t want to shorten the time you’d save in a year by getting a cheap robot vacuum.

That said, the specifications are what will determine if the robot vacuum is worth a buy. You don’t want to overlook lesser-known brands that still do a good job just because the price is low. Know what you’re looking for in what way you can tell what’s worth purchasing and what isn’t.