The Best Small Closet Ideas Found on Pinterest

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From event styling to exercise tips and easy-to-make dishes, Pinterest is a great place to go to when you are in need of inspiration. There are so many ideas and tips and tricks that you can garner from either the app or the website. It is especially helpful when you are trying to fix up your home or add a lovely accent or furnishing to your space, even if your place is smaller than what you would like it to be.

When building or organizing a closet for a small space, your goal is to maximize every single inch, every single corner. Sometimes, it takes the trick of mixing several different kinds of storage options, depending on how big (or small) your closet is and how you would like to store your things. Getting the most out of your storage space is always super important, and you may also want to consider these small bedroom storage ideas to further maximize your storage options.

Pinterest gives so many good ideas with regards to the best small closets. From hanging cubbies and modular shelves to hooks and storage baskets, you’re sure to get some inspiration and practical tips that you can use as you organize your closet at home. Here are some of the best small closet ideas on Pinterest:

1. Make Use of Storage Boxes and Baskets

When organizing your small closet, it helps to categorize your items and then put them in their containers or storage baskets and then label them. That way, when you are looking for something, you don’t have to go through all your cabinets and containers, but can just remove the container or basket based on what you need.

If you have a home office or library with small shelf space, you might want to categorize your items into the following:

  • Stickies (stick-it notes, stickers, tabs, etc.)
  • Budget (checkbook, calculator, bills, receipts, etc.)
  • Writing Tools (markers, pens, pencils, ink, etc.)
  • Mail (envelopes, stamps, address labels, etc.)
  • Other Tools (cutters, stapler and staple wires, punchers, etc.)

For tool closets, it would be good if you could tie up extension cords and other wires and put them in one container. Cleaning tools go in another, as do tools that help you conduct repairs.

For clothes, you can store smaller items, like underwear, socks, handkerchiefs, scarves, and the like in these storage baskets. Jewelry and other accessories go in their boxes or baskets too. Labeling each one will help you easily identify which goes where when you are keeping them up, as well as what you need to take out when you are packing or getting ready to go out.

Storage boxes made of white and gray fabric
DeCOMOMO storage baskets are quite spacious and foldable, making them perfect for small closets.

Check out these large foldable, collapsible storage baskets on Amazon.

2. Get a Shoe Organizer

For those of you who keep your clothes and shoes in one closet, it can be hard to keep them separate and neat. It’s tempting to toss your shoes into your cabinet when you are in a hurry, instead of stopping to store them neatly. It would be good then, to make sure the storage space for shoes in your closet is one that will give you easy access and one where you can see all your shoes immediately. That way, if you are running late and need to grab a pair of shoes, you don’t need to dig around until you find the pair you’re looking for.

2.1 Tiered Shoe Organizer

Black metal shoe shelf
A tiered shoe rack can easily be placed in the back of a small closet, and it’s a great idea if you need additional storage space for shoes.

One great way to keep your shoes neat and tidy is by getting a tiered shoe rack for your closet. You can install this under your hanging clothes in your closet to keep your space from getting so cramped up.

Also check out these different types of tiered shoe organizers on Amazon.

2.2 Hanging Shoe Storage

If you don’t have space under your hanging clothes and instead want to hang up your shoes on your closet door, you can make use of a tiered shoe storage which comes in different sizes and forms. These over-the-door shoe organizers will help you keep your shoes neat and tidy.

If you don’t want to hang your shoes over a door, but instead want to organize them in a  column of vertical boxes on your closet hanging rod, there are more hanging shelves that you can use that can hold your bags, clothes, bedsheets and other linen, and more.

Check out the different kinds of over-the-door/hanging shoe organizers and the different kinds of hanging shelves.

2.3 Clear Shoe Boxes

Actually we have so many ideas on how to store shoes, that we made a whole article full of exciting shoe storage ideas.

I recently came across clear shoe storage boxes and instantly loved the idea. You can put each pair into an individual box and then stack them up neatly on your closet floor or on the shelf space above your hanging clothes. The great thing about this is that it keeps your shoes clean while also helping you see what shoes you have when you’re going out for work, sports, dinner, or other occasions.

White plastic shoe storage boxes
Clear shoe storage boxes are a great way to keep your shoes organized while maintaining the overview.

If you want clear boxes for your shoes and your boots, check these super neat clear boxes out on Amazon!

Pro Tip: If you get a stackable organizer or cubbies for your shoes, you can also put your smaller handbags and wallets there.

3. Use a Modular Closet System

Modular closet systems have become quite popular throughout the years because they are sleek and add to the aesthetics of your home, and they are highly flexible and can store a lot of items. Modular shelving units are separate modules that can be stacked on top of one another or against each other, creating an array of shelves that are both beautiful to the eye and functional for your everyday use.

Modular closet pieces are sold separately and can be assembled or attached inside your closet. You can opt to have hanging, shelving, drawers, or shoe shelves to help you organize your clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and other things.

4. Hang Things on Hooks

Hooks for over the door storage
Over the door hooks is an extremely efficient way of maximizing storage spaces, because they’ll utilize additional storage space inside your small closet.

Hooks are extremely helpful when you’re trying to save up on shelf space in your closet. From tool to clothes, you can install cloak hooks on your closet doors and use them to hang up various kinds of items. You can also install adhesive hooks for lighter items. This way, you maximize the extra space behind your closet door, which is what small closet organization is all about

You can also take on a creative way to hang up your clothes, such as your pants, belts, and other accessories, through S-shaped hooks. This saves up on a lot of space and makes it easier to also see the items you need.

Whether you’ve got a big space or a small one, organizing can be a fun activity that lets you unleash the inner stylist in you. The secret to keeping your things neat and tidy is to rid your house of clutter that you no longer need and to categorize your items before putting them away. Think of it as more of a puzzle and less of a chore and you’ll find that organizing your closet can be quite enjoyable!