The Best Picture Hanging Tool

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In these modern times, people often prefer to be minimalistic in their house products, furniture and even the very decorations that they put up on walls. Having a minimalistic theme in the house guarantees to have a “spacious” feeling without having to sacrifice functionality and overall style.

We ultimately created a breakdown of tools and materials you have to try to help you create that stylish way of hanging your pictures. With each material, you get to experiment with your creativity and expand your style! Remember to always prioritize function over vague styling. Read the rest of this article and enjoy being creative along the process!

1. A Hanging Kit for Your Pictures

Stepcool Picture Hanging Kit for multiple materials

Ever wondered how pictures could hold on to walls and securely hang them tight for a long time? Bulky and unsettling wires and connectors are out of the game, now we innovate the function by using new pieces of material that is no less than durable to last a long while.

The Stepcool Picture Hanging Kit is the best thing you can own.

The Stepcool Picture Hanging Kit has new hooks, cords, nails and screws that you can interchangeably use for your picture hanging needs.

Inside the kit:

  • 10 lb hooks with 1 inch nails
  • 30 lb hooks with 1 inch nails
  • 50 lb hooks with 1 and a half inch nails
  • 100 lb hooks with 2 inch nails
  • D-ring Sets Screw Eyes Sawtooth with half inch nails
  • Mini Gradienter 10 feet steel wire
  • 80 lb hooks with their individual nails
  • 120 lb hooks with their individual nails

Don’t underestimate this small set as it can carry a whole lot of weight and is very durable. You can randomly place your pictures flat on the wall as it does not create a hefty gap space from the actual picture frame to the wall. If you’re very passionate and would want to give much effort on your decorating, finding the best pattern while constantly partnering your frame size to the capacity of your nails is more than a great idea! Remember, function over vague styling.

2. Stick it

3M Command Strips for pictures

This specific method only requires for your pure sticking skills.

All jokes aside, this very easy method is fitting for those who wants to make the work done without sacrificing the overall function as a picture hanger. So if you’re wondering how to hang posters or pictures without damaging your walls, this is it.

Its very modern and would basically seem like your pictures have a ready made stick-back to it. No maximum efforts needed, just pure sticking power.

The 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

It includes 28 individual strips of with 4 pairs that can hold up to 16 pounds of Maximum of 24 x 36 inches. It requires no tools and can surely be stress-free upon use. It can be pasted on painted walls, painted concrete, varnished wood, painted wood, glass, tiles and matte finished flat walls. Use it as often as you like, because it wont leave marks and holes in your precious walls and spaces. Each individual strip is 0.75 inches wide and 3.65 inches long. It can be locked together to ensure safety in your hanged pictures.

3. Monkey Hooks

Monkey Hooks metal hangers for pictures

Looking for an actual hook that could cover your picture hanging skills? Then this method is the one you can surely apply to your decorative needs.

The Pincute Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers are the best long hooks there is!

These monkey hooks are super-strong spring steel monkey hooks that can be used overall, for small and large pictures, mirrors and even wall accessories. It can carry up to a whole lot 100 lbs securely and without the effort of using tools and heavy equipment. It wont give damage to the wall and wont leave holes and obvious marks that can deteriorate the beauty of your space. It can be better used on drywall, plaster and paneling.

Don’t worry about the excess hook parts as it can be covered and pasted ultimately with paint or pure commercial tape. Its up to you on how you use these fun and fully functional hooks at home!

4. All in One Hanging Tool

All in One Hanging Tool for pictures

Dreaming of an all-in measuring and hanging tool for your pictures? Weve got the best one for you, the Hang-O-Matic Picture Hanging tool gives you the best experience in your picture hanging process.

Hang-O-Matic Picture Hanging tool

Its hard to hang your pictures on curved and mounted edges especially glass, shelves, corners and embossed walls but with the Hang-O-Matic it gives you the pleasure of hanging pictures on these then impossible locations. It includes a sliding yellow bubble level and contains sliding pins, that can be used for guidance to accurately tell if your placing the picture right. It is very compact and not that bulky which would not give you hand strains while using

Steps in using the Hang-O-Matic

  1. Align the two pointers of the Hang-O-Matic with the two anchor points on the back of the item you wish to hang.
  2. Level the tool at your chosen height and firmly press both ends to mark the two anchor points.
  3. Finally, use nails, screws or hangers to mount the object on the wall.

Enjoy using this tool and ultimately create your own positioning of your hanged pictures!

Guides for Awesome Picture Hanging

Besides a proper drill driver, you may not need anything besides one of the tools or kits mentioned above.

Its better done when you have passion of putting up these pictures. If you want to flaunt your loved ones, the places you have traveled, the people you have met and even your own personal profile then what better way to display them than to think of actual ways of placing them in walls. Thinking of the best way to decorate your walls whilst maximizing your space and not putting harm to your other decorations needs a lot of consideration on which tool to use.

Ultimately, these tools will only give you less the effort and more of preserving functionality. Making sure that each hanged picture is secure and safe is still a priority for you to think about and not solely relying on the tools. Follow them if you feel that you need to reinvent your space and even revamp your old hung picture frames! Enjoy creating your own decorative outputs and never forget to enjoy and be imaginative!