8 Best Video Baby Monitors

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With the best video baby monitor, you can say goodbye to constantly and silently tiptoeing into your nursery to check on your napping baby. Stumbling in the dark or being thwarted by a creaky floorboard accidentally wakes up your little one. A video baby monitor not only helps you avoid all that, it reassures you with a round the clock view of your baby regardless of your location in the house.

Video baby monitors are the extra ears and eyes that give you the utmost peace of mind. By settling on the right one, you can utilize features such as two-way audio, automatic mobile notifications, and temperature sensors to help you connect with your bundle of joy.

Today, we have a look at the best video baby monitors, their details, essential features and what makes them stand out:

Versatile Video Baby Monitor With Night Visions

Google Nest video baby monitor
Editor’s choice

Google Nest Cam NC2400ES

  • Versatile
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Night vision

What we like: When it comes to motion alerts or night visions, this is the perfect baby monitor. This unit has features including Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras, a 4k sensor, 1080 resolution, HDR, and a close-up tracking. The above features will enable a parent to have a real-time video or photo of the baby to know what he or she is doing at that exact moment. Nothing beats that feeling of knowing what your child is doing.

Its hardware and software are easy to use. In case both parents are far apart, one can save and share photos and video clips of the baby with the other parent. Therefore, no parent will feel left out in parenting roles and thus they will both create a bond with their child. It is easy to install since it comes with step by step guidelines. This unit ensures that nothing happens with your child without your knowledge.  You can set it in a way that you can receive alerts on your phone. Finally, when your child gets of age, you can use this baby monitor as security cameras.


  • Item weight – 1.38 pounds
  • Dimensions – 3.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

Remote Controlled Video Baby Monitor With Multi-Layered Lenses

Infant Optics video baby monitor
Best value

Infant Optics DXR-8

  • Remote controlled
  • Multi-layered glass lenses
  • Additional camera units

What we like: It is the ideal baby monitor when it comes to functionality and performance. Not only can you zoom in the room to know if someone enters the room, but you can watch also listen to your baby without going into the room. Moreover, this is the first baby monitor to come with changeable lenses. Although one must buy these lenses separately, they make it possible to zoom and change without changing the camera angle. Through the panoramic view, a parent can monitor the baby when she starts to move around while playing.

What is more, is that by using this unit you can turn off or on devices such as air cooler or heater. This is because a parent can monitor temperature percentage in the room. This is the perfect baby monitor for parents that need to monitor more than one child. This is made possible by the add-on camera units.


  • Item weight – 8 ounces
  • Dimensions – 2.5 x 2.5 x 4 inches

Wireless Video Baby Monitor With A Digital LCD

Video baby monitor with a large screen

Serenelife SLBCAM20

  • Wireless
  • Intercom talk through
  • Digital LCD

What we like: Although parenting is a hard and exhausting job, this baby monitor comes with features that will suit modern parents. The design of this unit is both classy and beautiful because it has a widescreen and a color digital LCD. The rechargeable monitor is wireless, this ensures that one can carry it for up to 850 feet. Also, it has an in-built battery that lasts long for up to 24 hours.

Moreover, this baby monitor does not only provide for a 360-angle view, but it also has an in-built thermometer. This will ensure that as a parent you can regulate air in the nursery. A parent can remotely talk to her child to comfort her or even sing to her. It also comes with lullaby songs to soothe the child during her sleep. Finally, you will be able to monitor the activities of the child without interruptions because of long battery life.


  • Item weight – 5.8 ounces
  • Dimensions – 3 x 6 x 7.2 inches

Easy To Install Video Baby Monitor With Multiple Breath Sensors

Miko video baby monitor with app connection

Miku Video Baby Monitor

  • Multiple breath sensors
  • Smart alerts
  • Easy installation

What we like: This monitor goes a long way to ensure you can not only monitor your child’s movement but also her real-time breathing. It is the perfect definition of a digital baby monitor. For safety purposes, this baby monitor does not have wearables, wires, chips, clips or pads in contact with your young one. It is easy to install since it comes with step to step guidelines on how to install. This will save you time apart from not being a headache.

What is more, it works hand in hand with your smartphone. This way, you can monitor your child’s breathing, nursery condition and sleep patterns in real-time. To be safe and secure, it offers 256 encryptions to store data safely. Multiple sensors assist to show every breath, save and share data in real-time. Also, one can download lullabies and soft songs to ensure that the child enjoys his or her sleep. Finally, if your child has health complications, this will go a long way to help you monitor the child.


  • Item weight – 5.2 pounds
  • Dimension – 2.6 x 2.8 x 5 inches

User-Friendly Video Baby Monitor With A Touch Screen

Sumee video baby monitor with a large screen

Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor

  • Easy to use
  • Touch screen
  • Reliable technology

What we like: It is among the most sought baby monitors. This is because not only are they helpful to monitor the movement of the child, it is also classy. It is detectable to a range of up to 400 ft and therefore one can run her day to day house chores properly. It has a touchscreen feature for sound lights, battery indicator and volume. Besides, this baby monitor has a user-friendly interface and reliable technology.

What is more is that one can zoom, scan, and the baby’s room smoothly on the 3.5-inch screen. It is portable since one has the option to use AA batteries in case of wireless monitoring or directly connect to the power outlet. Besides, you can use USB, you can easily watch your child on your television set by connecting the monitor. Finally, you can add more three additional cameras.


  • Item weight – 1 pound
  • Dimension – 4.5 x 9.9 x 1.2 inches

Advanced Video Baby Monitor With 2X Digital Zoom

BabySense video monitor and screen

Babysense V24US Video Baby Monitor

  • Infrared night vision
  • 2X digital zoom
  • Two-way talk-back

What we like: When it comes to quality, then this unit from Hisense is the ideal unit because of its uncompromised high quality. This is because the ensures that you maintain a private and secure connection with your baby always. The parent unit is relatively light to carry with ease while undertaking your chores. Also, you enjoy watching the baby’s movements on a 2.4-inch screen. With the 2X digital zoom, you can closely monitor and spend time with your child.

You are always able to know the movements of your child, be it day or night. This is because infrared night vision automatically detects dim light, provide a clear video in darkness too. This baby monitor goes a long way in helping your child sleep comfortably. This is because it has a list of pre-programmed lullabies. It is detectable for a range of up to 900 ft and still receives crystal clear sounds of your child with no or minimal interference from other wireless units. Finally, you can comfort your child with your voice through the two way talk communication


  • Item weight – 14.1ounces
  • Dimensions – 8.7 x 5.9 x 3 inches

Portable Video Baby Monitor With Automatic Night Vision

Hello Video HB24 Baby Monitor with camera and screen

Hello Video HB24 Baby Monitor

  • Automatic night vision
  • Clear video and sound
  • Large battery capacity

What we like: This baby monitor provides an image that is crystal clear with no pixelated tenures. A parent is sure that she can monitor the child day or night. This is because it has an automatic night vision. Through the help of infrared LEDs, it automatically adjusts itself to the light of the room to transmit an image of the child. The parent can freely work on her chores around the house. This is because the parent unit has rechargeable batteries that can last for 7-8 hours and within a radius of 900ft.

On the parent unit, LEDs light allows the parent to see if the child is crying by use of voice alerts. This an important feature for parents with hearing complications. In case the baby is crying; the talkback communication feature enables you to comfort her. A temperature sensor on the child unit reports on the parent unit display informing you how comfortable the child is. Finally, to soothe or make the child comfortable, these baby monitors have 8 polyphonic lullabies.


  • Item weight – 8 ounces
  • Dimensions – 8.6 x 3.2 x 6.7 inches

Reliable Video Baby Monitor With Instant Alerts

Wansview Wireless 1080p Video baby monitor for the ceiling

Wansview Wireless 1080p Video Baby Monitor

  • Instant alerts
  • Night vision
  • Smart camera

What we like: Many are the times that parents go for a baby walker that they will not only use to monitor their young child. They want a unit that they can use in future when the child grows past that monitoring stage.  Well, this is the perfect unit. It wirelessly connects via android Apple Mac Software and you can see the movements of your young one from anywhere and in real-time. Through the Wansview Application, you can talk and listen to your child. You can also record videos and take photos of her.

Besides, there is no time be it night or day when you cannot monitor or see your child. This is because this baby monitor gives you 1080P live videos since the night vision switches automatically according to the light. The 4X digital zoom ensures that you can scan the whole nursery without missing anything. The camera offers video recordings and photos of high quality.


  • Item weight – 1.6 pounds
  • Dimensions – 8.4 x 4.6 x 4.5 inches