15 Best Baby Play Mats and Gyms

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If you have a baby, you know that sometimes it takes a lot to keep them engaged and amused without the help of toys. That is why there are handy inventions such as playmats and gyms that fulfill a multipurpose role. The child can work out and also engage with various toys, that will keep them busy for hours. Place the mat inside a teepee play tent for added fun and a touch of coziness, while at the same time keeping the kids’ room decorative and inviting.

When they are surrounded by toys that stimulate them, it prompts them to explore through their hands and even mouth. They can learn to feel the different textures and overall be stimulated. It also promotes there developmental growth, be it in motor function, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive function.

In this article, we’re going to look at our top picks of the 15 best baby play mats and gyms in the market. You can buy them for your baby, but it also makes a fantastic baby gift. Let’s get started.

Best Baby Play Mat on the Market?

Fisher Price Deluxe Kick and Play baby play mat with piano

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

  • Lots of features
  • Sounds, lights, and toys
  • Adjustable: Grows with your baby

What we like: This baby play mat comes in recyclable frustration-free and easy to open the packaging. If you want to send it to someone as a gift, you just have to opt for the ‘ship in Amazon packaging’ when you’re at the checkout. The other good thing about this play mat is that there are four ways in which the baby can enjoy it as they grow up. There are three smart stages of learning that have varying difficulty, and then there is a bonus play piano that produces real musical notes.

All you need to know: The large keyboard at the head of the playmat has five different keys that light up. You can also take it off for when you want to keep your baby amused in a different part of the house or when traveling. Additionally, there are five repositionable toys. They are monkey cymbal clackers, lion rattle, crinkle panda, elephant teether, and a self-discovering mirror. The material that makes up the mat is super soft and thick too. You can also put it in the washing machine; you just have to remove the attachments before you do.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: yes (included in the purchase)

Cutest Baby Mat from Tiny Love

Forest-themed baby play mat

Into the Forest Gymini Deluxe

  • Fun baby mat, suitable for infants
  • Suitable for tummy time
  • Cute forest theme

What we like: This has to be cutest baby mat on our list. The good think about it is that it is also gender-neutral, so both boys and girls can get to enjoy it. The primary purpose of the mat is to encourage exploration in your child. It is also essentially an activity gym that has adjustable arches and play-modes. As the guardian, you can customize the multi-mode activity mat as they age to suit their developmental stages. In total, there are 18 developmental activities. When the baby is lying down, they can engage with the hanging toys that feature 30 songs and 18 play activities.

All you need to know: With this mat, you get a take-along electronic bird toy. It has interactive lights and music feedback that is meant to engage the baby. You can put in on the arches of the Gymini and let your baby play with it, or you can take it with you anywhere to keep them amused. There is equally a mirror to promote self-recognition. Overall, this mat is ideal for tummy time thanks to the soft fabric the carpet has and the engaging textures. They can also engage with the various toys hanging from the arches. You can also use it as a changing pad and can clean it in the washing machine.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Funny Twist and Fold Play Mat

Baby play mat with wild animal toys

Infantino Vintage Boy

  • Folds up easily
  • Plenty of play options
  • Self-discovery mirror included

What we like: With the Infantino, we like that you can twist and fold and take it anywhere with you. You’re also able to store it away when it is not in use, such as when your child is grown, and another one is on the way. It is also perfect in general to take it with you when you’re traveling. Your child can enjoy the stability of knowing that they have something with them that feels like home. We also like that you can take the toys and put them on the car seat or the stroller. There are fun colors and mixed fabrics textures that also make clacking, rattling, and crinkling sound.

All you need to know: The material of this mat is made of polyester. It folds up into a compact manner for easy traveling. The baby can use it as a sit and play, overhead discovery, or tummy time. There is also a large peek-a-boo mirror that then entertains your baby. In the package, you get four linkable toys that you can take with you anywhere to keep the baby amused. Do note that these toys are repositionable sensory toys. There is also a plush prop up a pillow that works perfectly during tunny time. It is also BPA-free teether.


  • Recommended age: birth to 1 year
  • Batteries required: No

Baby Gym and Ball Pit Comboo

Baby play mat shaped like a turtle with a ball pit and toys

Infantino 3-In-1 Grow with Me

  • 40 colored balls included
  • 3-in-1 gym and ball pit
  • Built-in ball storage

What we like: As the name indicates, here we have a gym and play pit combo where your baby can have an action-packed time. There are four adorable sea tops and also a pop-up mesh that surround the toys. The gym is also able to turn into a fun sensory-stimulating ball put that is ideal for keeping toddlers busy.

All you need to know: There are three ways to enjoy this gym. There is an overhead discovery that offers sensory stimulation. The toys are visually stimulating and thus help the child to be able to develop visual developments such as tracking. That also encourages fine and gross motor skills as they can reach for, kick, and grab the toys. They are also entertained all the while. The other aspect is that the babies can detect color and object recognition. Lastly, there is the sit and play ball pit where the baby can keep occupied. They can learn to put balls and also the activity toys through holes around the mesh pit to get them active.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Cloud-Shaped Baby Play Mat and Activity Gym

White and grey baby play mat shaped like a cloud with toys hanging from above

Skiphop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

  • Cute cloud-shaped base
  • Cloud-shaped pillow included
  • Music, lights, and toys

What we like: With the Skiphop silver lining cloud activity gym, your baby gets hours of plush playtime that is meant to stimulate a baby’s sight, touch, and hearing. Overall, the activity gym has a soft color palette that goes with any modern décor. Five celestial-themed hanging toys are meant to engage the baby with music, lights, and other stimuli. The cushy-matt offers cloud-like comfort for your baby. The play gym is also BPA-free, PVC-free, and Phthalate-free.

All you need to know: The development activities that are there include music toys playing cheerful tunes, colorful light stars, cloud squeaker, a baby-safe sunshine mirror as well as bird rattle. The playmat is oversize, and it provides cushiony comfort as well as multiple textures. That helps with the child’s sensory development. The other thing that you get with this activity gym is a cloud-shaped tummy time pillow for newborns. There are also two sides, one with a plush cloud-like mink surface a fun star-printed surface on the other.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Baby Play Mat with World Theme

Blue and green baby play mat with 5 different toys

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discover

  • Large play base
  • Lots of toys included
  • 5-in-1 fun

What we like: Here, we have a 5-in-1 adjustable play environment for your growing baby. The baby can explore the world because it is a global themed gym, and it is something that they will enjoy and discover. As they grow older, they’ll be able to recognize the world around them as you point out the different continents around the world with the various colors. Your child is also able to get tummy time, music appreciation, co-play, eye coordination, and curiosity.

All you need to know: Ten balls encourage motor skill photographic, development, and imagery. That way, it helps the baby develop their recognition skills. The ball-drop canopy makes it ideal for co-play time so that the baby can grow. You’re able to keep the toys clean only by wiping them with a damp cloth along with mild soap. Otherwise, do not immerse the toys in the water. When the play gym is not in use, you’re able to store it away.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: Yes

Jungle Themed Rainforest Music & Lights Baby Gym

Jungle themed baby play mat with lights and sounds

Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

  • Premium zoo-theme
  • Music, lights, and toys
  • Music plays for up to 20 minutes

What we like: There are more than ten toys and activities to keep your child interested. That includes lights, sounds, and music. Your baby’s movements activate these, kicks added. It is these features that will ensure that your baby gets quite the workout to keep them entertained. The other likable thing about the jungle-themed rainforest play gym is that you can rearrange the activity toys so that it provides a whole new perspective.

All you need to know: To keep themselves entertained, the child can bat at the soft monkey and lion that are present. There is also the snail rollerball that they can roll and follow. As for the zebra, when you play with it, it clacks. There is also a pretty mirror where the kid can look at to encourage self-recognition as they grow up. When it comes to the mat, it is soft, and that allows the baby to keep themselves entertained. With this mat, your baby can lay-and-play and tummy time. There is even a removable toucan that you can take along with you that has music and dancing lights.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: Yes

Baby Play Gym Featuring Lights and Music

Baby play gym with music and lights

Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends

  • Lights and melodies
  • Suitable for newborn babies
  • Lots of things to explore

What we like: Children are eager to explore new environments, and this is one gym that will unleash the explorer in them. It is with such play mats where kids can activate the Einstein in him. Every day as they grow and become more curious, they can explore the play gym.  Sometimes they don’t have to do anything; all they have to do is what their favorite toys dance. The gym is equally lightweight so that you can move it around the house.

All you need to know: For the toys, your child gets to play with sea turtles, crabs, whales, and other animals that make a splash for great adventure time. There are baby controls and music and lights, and you can do that by jiggling the starfish. The baby can also self-activate the music and even the lights that the toys offer. There is tummy time treasure where the baby can engage with the toys while lying on their stomachs. The other aspect to note about this gym is that you can detach the toys and take them with you wherever you wish because learning never stops, especially for toddlers. Additionally, the mat can be washed using a washing machine. As for the toys, you only need to use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe them down.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: Yes

Affordable Space Saving Play Mat Shaped as Teddy Bear

Grey and blue baby play mat shaped like a teddy bear

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Pillows and toys included
  • Shaped like a teddy bear

What we like: This time prop-and play is different from the others in terms of the size and what it does. It is meant to give big bear hugs and so provide supreme comfort. What makes this play mat great for you is that it is small and fits well in small spaces. You can take it with you when traveling and still allow your child to enjoy their playtime.

All you need to know: There is a matching prop pillow that provides additional support for when they have tummy time. It helps them as they are getting the strength to push themselves up. You’ll find a baby-safe mirror, toy, and rattle attachments to keep the baby overhead.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Extra Large Baby Play Mat Means More Fun

Large baby play mat in multiple colors

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

  • Extra large play mat
  • Suitable for a living room play corner
  • Folds easily and can be brought on picnics, the beach, and more

What we like: What stands out about this mat on the list of those we are exploring here is that there is extra room for the fun. This extra-large mat is excellent as a developmental playground where the baby can engage in fun activities and also explore. It is big and comfortable enough for both the baby and the parent to have fun times in. This Tiny Love Meadow Day super play mat is ideal for use in the house or on the go. It folds into a compact size that then allows you to even take it with you to the beach, park, or anywhere you please.

You may also want to check out our article on the best large play mats.

All you need to know: The playmat has playful textures that are fun and engaging that promote the development of physical and motor skills. There is also a soft padded stand-alone mirror that is located on the playmat where the baby can learn how to recognize their faces. It also brings about continuous engagement. Lastly, there is a cute carrot teether that the baby will love using to self-sooth when they are playing. When the mat is due for a wash, you can throw it in the washing machine.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Fish Themed Baby Play Mat

Multi-colored aquatic themed baby play mat with toys and music

Baby Einstein Nautical Friends

  • Beautiful fish theme
  • Melodies activated by movement
  • Lots of toys included

What we like:  Here we have another play mat by Bab Einstein, but the difference is that this is fish themed. The child gets to play with sea turtles, crabs, whales, and more as they enjoy their time at sea. It is a great way to open up the little mind to what lies underneath the sea. With their aquatic companions, your baby will get to develop their sensory and motor skills early thanks to the exploring they will do.

All you need to know: There are baby controls that prompt music and lights. When the baby giggles, the starfish, lights, and music activate. That should be enough to keep them entertained for hours. The mat is also fantastic for tummy time treasures where multi-sensory toys surround them. These can keep them curious and engaged for hours.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: Yes

Music and Language Discovery Gym and Play Mat

Music and language discovery play mat with a piano

Baby Einstein 4-In-1 Kickin’ Tunes

  • Detachable piano included
  • Pillow included
  • Great for multiple purposes and ages

What we like: This product is also from Baby Einstein and it specifically a musical play gym. What we love about it is that it encourages language discovery through the piano. It introduces words in three languages: English, Spanish, and French. There is a throw pillow that you can use for the baby during tummy time, even as they engage with the piano for some fun studio time.

All you need to know: The baby will get to enjoy a tap-and-play piano and other activities that encourage language discovery, multi-sensory toys, and a prop pillow. The baby can play with the keyboard attached to the playmat, whether they are on their back or having tummy time. The keyboard is also removable and a great companion because it responds to even the lightest of kicks. As the child grows, they can use their hands to play the baby piano.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required:

36 Piece Large Non Toxic Baby Play Mat

36-piece baby play mat and play pit

Superjare 36-Piece Plat Mat

  • Multi-purpose play mat
  • Edges can fold up if needed
  • Soft base for play time

What we like: This next mat also stands out on the list because of how it is created. It comes in tiles form that you have to assemble. The tiles are in different patterns of shapes and animals, which will help your child get hand-eye coordination sooner rather than later. This playmat is fantastic because it is waterproof. When it is time to clean, you merely just have to wipe it with a wet cloth along with mild detergent. After, you should wipe it dry with a towel.

All you need to know: This play mat form Superjare comes with 16 tiles, 16 edge tiles, fan-shaped tiles that all come together to form the play mat. When you get them, they come in a clear plastic case. The tiles are well cushioned and make it ideal for crawling; the thickness is 0.56″. In case your child slips or falls when making their way around, they’ll still be safe. It is also great for them during tummy time because it’s not too hard. The mat is lead, phthalates, and chrome-free and with no choking hazard. When it comes to toys, you’ll have to purchase those separately.


  •  Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Large Baby Play Mat with Soft Hypoallergenic and Non Toxic Materials

Large rectangular baby play mat with a baby playing on it

Comfort Design Mats Play Mat

  • Large non toxic baby play mat
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Suitable for kids rooms or living rooms

What we like: As we get to the end of the list, we’re keeping it simple. The playmat is designed to indeed look like a gorgeous area rug. What makes them different is that it is soft; it will not shed or accumulate stains and also easy to clean. The other good thing about it is that the fabric does not collect dust or hair. Your child can play in an allergenic-free playmat that is half an inch thick. It is also made of squishy and soft foam, insulating the child from the ground.

All you need to know: The waffle-like surface is textured so that it can simulate the child. The best use of this mat is when you want to lay the baby on the floor and play with them. It cushions them from the floor and the existing carpet. It is meant to support your child even as they grow. You can take this mat with you anywhere around the house and when traveling. It is foldable and compact too. With it comes to cleaning, you shouldn’t put it in the washing machine. Instead, you should vacuum, sweep, or spot clean or mop.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No

Non Toxic Expandable Baby Play Mat with Stylish Pattern

Baby playing on a Yay Mats baby play mat

Yay Mats 6 ft. x 4 ft. Plat Mat

  • Easily assembled
  • Cute pattern
  • Space saving storage

What we like: Last and final on the list is the Yay Mats that provide a safe place where your baby can tumble and crawl. The aspect that makes this a lovely mat to consider buying is that it elevates any place that you put it, including the living room or the playroom, thanks to the modern design. Even with that, the babies are safe as they are crawling, tumbling, and playing. This playmat is also among the largest in the market, coming in at six feet by two feet.

All you need to know: This play mat is made of premium form. There is also a non-slip backing and is even thick as easy to while. The mat is 100 percent waterproof and built to last. Even your toddler will not be able to tear the fabric apart with their little fingers. Cleaning is also a breeze. You can wipe any mess the baby makes way using a wet detergent that has mild detergent. Overall, you can get the mat ready for the baby in a matter of minutes.


  • Recommended age: 0+ until they outgrow it
  • Batteries required: No