Cheapest Way to Heat a Room Without Central Heating

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We spend most of our time in the house when winter month draws in. And most of the days you may prefer working from home. As such, you’ll need to heat your house to keep warm.

Many homeowners complain of higher energy bills at the end of the month. This article will share the cheapest way to heat a room without central heating. Honestly speaking, these devices consume a lot of energy.

A chilly cold home may cause a lot of moisture in the house. This cold air may be a health hazard due to respiratory diseases. Secondly, it can be uncomfortable for a working condition or even relaxing in the house.

To control your power bills, you need to develop a strategy to save energy. And to help you, this article has tips on the cheapest ways to heat a room. In other terms, you’ll learn how to heat up a room without a heater.

What Are Drawbacks of Central Heating?

  • High installation costs
  • High energy bills
  • Heaters occupy a space within the room.
  • Need for a suitable area to circulate pipes.
  • Higher maintenance costs and time-consuming.
  • Fire risks

Cheapest Way to Heat a Room Without Central Heating

Heating a home without a central heating system requires effort. However, with determination, you’ll implement the cheapest way to heat a large room.

Below, the article discusses the practical and quickest way to heat a room. Let’s dive in;

1. Utilize the Sun

Although sun heat is rare during winter, you can open curtains when the sun is out for a few minutes. When the sun goes down, close and seal your curtains.

Warm air will be trapped and circulate within the room for an extended period.

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2. Invest in Solar Panels

If you have a south-facing house, you can make use of a few minutes of sun and store the energy to heat your room. Solar panels are a one-time investment that will save you dollars.

Luckily, some governments offer grants to install solar panels. Confirm the offers with your government and make use of the opportunity.

3. Block Up the Chimney

Fireplaces are rarely used nowadays. As such, a chimney may be just a decoration in your house. You may be losing a lot of heat through the chimney.

Invest in the best chimney insulator or balloon to retain heat when cooking.

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  • Use a Floor Carpet

Bare floors are usually cold, and they may transfer cold to the surrounding air. A floor carpet acts as an insulator between the floor surface and the surrounding air. However, the effectiveness depends on the carpet material. A wool and polyester carpet may be the best.

  • Find and Seal Drafts

Gaps around the door or window frames may allow hot air to flow out. Locate and seal them using weather stripping tape. Alternatively, you can use rolled-up towels or rugs.

  • Use Hot Water Bottles

Several hot water bottles can spread a little heat around the room. All you do is pour hot water inside and tightly screw the lid. Then place them around the room or on the fabric sofas.

  • Occupy a Single Room as a Family

Naturally, the human body releases heat when it carries out biochemical processes. If you occupy a room with two or three people, you can quickly warm the surrounding air.

  • Invest in a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat controls the room temperature. Luckily, it can detect a slight temperature while cooking or when several people get into the room and switch off.

Additionally, you can program it to switch on when in the house and switch off while away.

  • Use Portable Propane/ Halogen Heaters

Portable propane or halogen heaters are common in homes. You can use a single heater to heat your room at a small cost.

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  1. Utilize Your Fireplace With Animal Dung as Fuel

Using animal dung is a traditional but cheaper way to heat your house. Wood logs may be costly, but dried animal dung is a low-cost fuel commonly used in homes. 

  1. Use Candles

Using several candles as a short-term solution may help heat your room. A little heat is released into the surrounding air as each candle burns. When combined, they can successfully warm a room.

However, candles can be risky, especially if you have kids. For safety, invest in candle holders to prevent kids from touching the candles.

  1. Use Electric Dehumidifiers

An electric dehumidifier takes moisture from the air through its compressor and releases it with a bit of warmth.

Once humidity is removed from the house, it becomes easy for the air to warm from small heat sources like coking or the human body.

  1. Use a Wood Stove

If you like chopping wood, a wood stove can be the best option to heat your room. Additionally, cracking sounds from burning wood can be romantic with your lover in the room.

Most wood stoves are cheaper and use small pieces of wood that are affordable for many homes.

  1. Use Black Window Curtains

Usually, black color attracts more heat; when the sun appears, they can absorb heat and retain it within the room. Install the curtains on the windows that face sun direction, and you’ll notice a difference in a few minutes.

Is it Cheaper to Run Space Heaters or Central Heat?

Central heating systems consume more energy compared to space heaters. However, if you run a space heater for each room, you may end up being slapped with a higher energy bill than that of the central heating.

Is it Cheaper to Have Heating on Low All Day?

If you leave the heating on the whole day, you’ll be incurring energy costs. As such, the idea of leaving heating low for cost-cutting is a myth, according to energy-saving trust experts. Instead, heat your home when around and switch off the heater when away.

What is the Most Economical Way to Heat a House?

Active solar heating is proven the cheapest way to heat a room without central heating. However, you can add the above tips to save even more dollars within a year. 

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