19 Coffee Tables With Storage

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A coffee table with built-in storage is a great choice if you want your living area to look nice and tidy all the time. Gone are the days where your mess is visible – furniture with built-in storage compartments are brilliant additions to your interior decoration, and very useful too.

You can get beautiful coffee tables with either hidden, semi-hidden, or open storage areas, suitable for those who always have something they need to store quickly while still keeping it easily accessible.

We’ve dug out 19 beautiful coffee tables with storage compartments, and some of them are both good-looking and very practical in multiple aspect.

Emerald Home Chandler – Natural Fir Coffee Table with Open Storage Shelf

Emerald Home Chandler natural fir coffee table

Now this is one beautiful coffee table for those seeking a modern yet rustic solution for the living room. It features a table top of natural fir on a set of metal legs, that are dark grey for that industrial touch.

There’s an open storage shelf underneath the table top, which is durable enough to hold plenty of magazines or newspapers, or you could put a couple of decorated cardboard boxes down there, if you want a more discrete way to store things under the table.

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Industrial Coffee Table with a Metal Grid Storage Shelf

Wooden industrial styled coffee table with a black metal grid storage shelf

Yep. We love this industrial design. It makes the living room feel more rustic, and it gives it this warm vibes due to the wooden look of the table top.

The storage shelf is made from a black metal grid, and it holds up to 88 pounds. So you can either store your magazines, pillows or what not on the open shelf, or you could put a pair of boxes down there for more discrete storage. The description also suggests that it could be used as a resting area for cats, so if you’re a cat person you could put a small bed or a blanket down there, and give your cat (or small dog) a nice and comfy space to relax close to its human slaves.

Jokes aside, this is really a beautiful coffee table, and with the open storage space you get two functions in one.

The coffee table is part of a larger collection, consisting of different models in a similar design. You can check them all out by filling the reseller link.

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Sauder Carson Forge – Lift-Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

Sauder Carson Forge - lift-top coffee table in a dark brown finish

The Sauder Carson Forge coffee table has a top that lifts up and forward, giving you a practical small work or dining area across the TV. This is a great feature for those who like to have TV dinners, but also for those who like to lean back in the couch and have their laptop placed in a proper work position.

Underneath the table top there’s a large hidden storage compartment. This compartment could hold anything from candles to remote controls, the tablet, and other stuff that you usually need whenever you’re relaxing in the couch. It also has a couple of open storage areas underneath, which are great for magazines, a couple of pillows, a blanket, or something similar.

The coffee table is made with a durable laminate finish and iron details around its corners, which give the table its beautiful look.

It is also part of a bigger furniture collection, so if you want matching furniture you should check out the reseller link and see them all for yourself. It comes in various colors as well.

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Beautiful French Country Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Dark brownFrench country coffee table with white framing and storage shelf

This romantic French country-style coffee table has beautiful white legs and a frame with an amazing finish. You just don’t see these details in new modern furniture anymore, but it really adds to the ambience of the room. The table top has a nice driftwood color, which gives it a warm look as well.

There’s not a lot of storage space here, but for most people it’s more than enough. The open storage space underneath the table holds your pillows, a blanket, your favorite book, or basically anything you like to keep handy while spending time in the living room.

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Round Coffee Table with Large Hidden Storage Compartment

Round coffee table made from an old farmhouse metal bucket with a wooden table top

Now here’s a table you don’t see every day. Made from a farmhouse metal tub look-a-like, this is definitely something. It has this rustiqueness you won’t find in conventional furniture, and that’s worth considering if you’re looking for that wow-effect inside your living room.

The round coffee table has a huge storage compartment underneath the table top, which is of course due to its functional design (but probably mostly due to the fact that it’s actually a tub used on a farm).

There’s a galvanized metal finish along with some scratched-off white paint on the tub, which makes it look like an antique item. The table top splits and has a hinge in the middle, which means you can open one half of it and access the contents of the tub. It’s a great idea for those who need plenty of space to stow away messy items from their living room.

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AmazonBasics Lift-Top Coffee Table with Large Storage Areas

AmazonBasics lift-top coffee table with a white finish and two storage areas

The AmazonBasics coffee table is exactly what it says: Basic. However, that’s a GOOD thing. Basic furniture is loved by many people for its simplicity and functionality, and this coffee table has plenty of reasons why it lives up to this.

First of all it has a very nice white finish, and it has smooth surfaces everywhere. The table top lifts up and reveals a spacious hidden storage compartment suitable for all those things you don’t want laying around your house, and there’s also a couple of storage areas underneath.

The AmazonBasics lift-top coffee table is part of a collection, which features furniture in different colors. You can see them all by clicking the link below.

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Vintage Inspired Coffee Table with Hidden Storage and Drawers

Vintage styled coffee table in a dark brown color with drawers

This is one heavy coffee table with plenty of storage options. Most importantly, it features a table top that lifts to create a small dining/work table in your living room, and secondly it has a pair of end drawers for smaller items.

The vintage inspired coffee table is hand-finished and consists partially of veneers, wood, and engineered wood. That makes for a great and durable combo, which make sure this table lasts for a long time.

One important feature to mention is the practical caster wheels, as they make it easy to move the table around. Without these caster wheels it would feel quite heavy when moving it around.

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Wooden Coffee Table with Durable Drawer Boxes

Wooden coffee table with a dark finish and two drawers

This coffee table has great storage options in the form of drawer boxes, but also a storage shelf where you can put larger items, some magazines, a folded blanket, or something else.

It has a nice warm russet finish, and all surfaces are smooth and easy to keep clean.

The drawers have blackened metal ware pulls, and the assembly is very easy. You’ll just have to spend a couple of minutes figuring it out, and then an additional couple of minutes to do the actual assembly.

The Mission Two drawer coffee table is actually part of a collection, which consists of a console table and a wine stand, and those items are available at the online store as well. You can check the out by clicking our link, which takes you directly to the coffee table.

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Lift-Top Coffee Table with Open Shelf Storage

Lift-top coffee table with open shelf storage and drawers

This coffee table has a beautiful dark cherry finish, and comes with great storage options. The table top lifts up in order to give access to the storage area, and there’s also a framed drawer below the storage shelf. The storage shelf itself gives you additional open storage space, where you can store larger items such as a folded blanket, a couple of boxes, a pillow, magazines, or whatever you need to have nearby when you’re spending time in your living room.

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White Coffee Table with Open Shelf Storage

Basic white coffee table with an open shelf storage area

If you’re into simplicity and want your furniture to feel as light and bright as possible, this coffee table is a great choice.

It doesn’t feature any hidden storage space, but it does have a large open storage area on its bottom shelf. That way you can choose if you want to keep your stuff in a couple of boxes stored on the shelf, perhaps you have a hobby which requires some storage space for small items, but you can also just store a pair of larger items directly on the shelf.

The coffee table is available in multiple colors, so there’s definitely a style that suits your room as well.

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Round Coffee Table in Antique Walnut Look with Drawer and Storage Shelf

Round coffee table with an antique walnut finish and bottom shelf

This coffee table from Winsome Wood has a nice elegant look, and features a practical drawer for those things you don’t want to keep lying around in the open. There’s also a storage shelf underneath the table top, which works well for storage of larger items.

The coffee table is made from a mix of natural wood and composite wood, in order to give you the best and most durable construction as possible. It has a smooth surface as well, which is easy to keep clean on a regular basis.

It’s a nice and small coffee table with a discrete storage drawer, measuring 30 inches in diameter and has a height of 18 inches.

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Retro Coffee Table with Partially Hidden Storage Area

Retro styled coffee table with a semi-hidden storage area

This retro inspired coffee table has a nice large storage area underneath the table top. The storage area is partially hidden, but still accessible from all sides. This means you can store larger items without having them completely visible, which is a nice feature.

The table has legs made from solid rubberwood, and the frame is made from particleboard with nice rustic finish on top.

This coffee table is available in both a light and dark version, and it’s part of a small collection featuring cocktail tables and bookcases in a similar style.

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Industrial Coffee Table with an Open Storage Shelf and Metal Legs

Dark coffee table with a black metal frame and storage shelf

This is a very cool and unique coffee table with plenty of storage space. It is made partially from metal with a table top made from P2 particleboard with a rustic walnut finish.

The thick metal frame provides a sturdy and durable base, and the open shelf is made from a metal grid as well. It has an industrial feel to it, with exposed joints and a surface finish that is both wear-resistant and rustic at the same time.

If you like this kind of quirky furniture with a raw and industrial look, you should definitely take a closer look by following the link below. The table top measures 35.45 inches in diameter, which is plenty for most people.

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Lift-Top Wood Coffee Table with a Hidden Storage Compartment

Lift-top wooden coffee table with a hidden storage compartment

The Rockpoint Argus coffee table has plenty of storage space below the table top and in the storage shelves underneath. It is made of engineered wood with a chestnut brown finish, which makes the daily cleaning and maintenance easy and effortless. Just wipe it down with a damp tablecloth whenever needed, and the coffee table is as good as new.

The coffee table has a lift-top, which gives you a useful space for your TV-dinner and/or laptop, so you can do something productive while sitting in your couch. It has a spacious storage area underneath the table top as well, providing lots of space for all those things you don’t want lying around out in the open.

The storage shelves at the bottom are perfect for a pair of boxes with your favorite stuff, but can also be used for magazines, folded blankets, pillows, etc.

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Practical White Coffee Table with a Smooth Lift-Top

White coffee table with a lift-top storage area and shelves

This beautiful light colored coffee table has a frame with a white finish, and a table top made from P2 level chipboard in a wooden look, which gives it a smooth surface that it easy to keep clean.

Take advantage of the divided storage space underneath, and organize your stuff into separate sections. That’s one of the easiest ways to keep track of your stuff, and you can combine different things yet still keep them separated.

The coffee table also has a lift-top, so you have an additional storage space hidden below the table top. The hidden compartment can be used for those things you don’t want to be visible, such as remote controls, spare batteries, reading glasses, etc.

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Modern Coffee Table with Steel Frame and Hidden Storage Area

Multi-functional coffee table in a contemporary style with two storage compartments

This is a modern coffee table with a rectangular steel frame, which gives it a beautiful floating/raised look. The height clearance underneath the storage compartment makes it easy to get underneath with your vacuum cleaner, and the frame itself is both sturdy and durable.

The table top and storage compartment is made from a water resistant wooden boards with a warm wooden finish. It features a lift-top as well as a drawer, where the top slides to the side and reveals a separate storage compartment.

This coffee table is very clever thought out, and could work well in a small studio apartment.

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Mid-Century Coffee Table with a Drawer and Open Storage Shelf

Chique mid-century coffee table with a drawer and a storage shelf

This cool mid-century coffee table has a retro inspired look, but the rustic finish gives an industrial feel as well. It looks like it’s made from reclaimed wood, which is not a bad thing, because it gives it a certain charm you won’t find elsewhere.

The frame is made from particleboard with a wooden finish, and the surfaces are therefore smooth and easy to keep clean. The legs are made from real wood, and the assembly takes only a few minutes.

There’s a large open storage compartment and a drawer, so you’ll have no problems storing anything at your coffee table. Everything from books to remote controls, reading glasses, there’s a place for it all in this coffee table.

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White Coffee Table with Drawers and Brass Alloy Handles

White coffee table with drawers and an open shelf area

This elegant white coffee table features plenty of storage options to choose from. The brass alloy handles on the drawers gives the table a nice classical look and the surface finish is nice and smooth.
There’s not only one but two drawers in this coffee table, so you’ll have lots of storage options here. The open storage compartment next to the drawers gives you a functional place to store all those larger items, that you wouldn’t find room for elsewhere. It’s a great spot for your books, the bag of take away food that was just delivered, or something else. Your imagination is the limit here.

The design is well thought of with rounded corners around the edges, so your entire family stays safe here.

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Black Faux Marble Lift-Top Coffee Table

Black coffee table with a faux marble lift-top

If you’re rocking the black and white interior style and love marble (but don’t like how cold it is), this faux marble coffee table is a great pick.

It features a black frame with solid wood legs and veneer, which in combination provides a sturdy and robust base. The table top lifts to reveal a hidden storage compartment for all things imaginable, and at the same time you get a neat table for dining and productivity.

The finish of the table top is similar to beautiful black marble, but since it’s faux marble, it’s not cold to the touch and the table is lightweight as well.

There’s also a brown version available, so if you like a warmer finish, you can check out the coffee table by following our link.

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