The Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

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We’ve been using cordless stick vacuums for multiple years already, and we love it for multiple reasons. It’s handy, does incredibly well on most surfaces, and there’s no cord to unwind and plug in. It enables us to do all 1,100 square feet in a few minutes, and if you get one with a wall mount you can grab it and do spot cleaning in just a few seconds.

The market is quickly expanding with new models and technology, and since most of them have a lot of similar features, it can be a difficult task to disguise one from another.

For the last couple of years we’ve been reviewing some of the best cordless stick vacuums on the market, while simultaneously analyzing user ratings and expert opinions.

In this buying guide we’ve gathered our current top picks based on our reviews and personal opinion on cordless stick vacuums, so make sure you read it to the end see what models are the best ones on the market.

LG CordZero A9 – The Competitor We’ve Been Waiting For

LG A9 CordZero stick vacuum
Editor’s choice

LG CordZero A9 Charge

  • Comes with a portable charging stand
  • Two removable batteries included
  • Adjustable telescopic wand

What we like: LG has recently entered the market of cordless stick vacuums, with what seems to be a direct challenger to Dyson. From removable batteries to an adjustable telescopic wand, it seems like they’ve managed to address some of the biggest issues of cordless vacuums: Their general lack of flexibility and versatility.

As of the time of this writing, LG has four cordless stick vacuums in their lineup, with the CordZero A9 Charge being the entry level model. It comes standard equipped with a power carpet nozzle with brushes, that’ll not just pick up any hair or dust, but also agitate the carpet to loosen up dirt that’s been nestled between the fibers.

With a 2-in-1 charging stand and wall mount included along with the most common accessories, this is definitely among the best cordless stick vacuums on the market.

All you need to know: LG CordZero A9 Charge is the entry-level model of their cordless stick vacuum lineup. What sets it apart from the more expensive models, are the accessories. The Power Floor Nozzle and Power Punch Nozzle aren’t included with this model, but you do get a Power Carpet Nozzle that does great on any surface.

Two Quick Release batteries are included, and they sit in a slot at the back of the vacuum with locking mechanism, that allows for quick battery change when needed. This is probably the most important feature of this vacuum, as users have been requesting it for years with nobody listening. Fortunately, more manufacturers have been addressing this issue lately, and more cordless stick vacuums now come with the option to remove the battery.

One more thing that’s also worth mentioning, is the telescopic wand. Usually a fixed wand is included with the stick vacuum, but with this model you can adjust it according to the task. So if you need to reach those high ceilings, you can simply extend the wand, and when you’re vacuuming the floors you can adjust the wand to the length that fits you best.

There’s also a charging stand included, that can be wall mounted. In contrary to other brands, it also has the option to stand on the floor so you can move the stand around when needed. This is practical for those who don’t want to screw it onto a wall.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive – Go Cordless for Your Entire House

Dyson V11 Torque Drive stick vacuum

Dyson V11 Torque Drive

  • 60 minute run time depending on attachment and mode used
  • LCD screen display that shows performance and countdown
  • 40 percent more suction than the V8 model

What we like: The thing about the Dyson V11 Torque Drive vacuum is that it has twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum there is in the market. It has a high torque cleaner head that intelligently adapts to the various floors that you’re vacuuming.You can get that feature on Auto mode so you can move from the carpet to the hard floor without having to change the settings. Another aspect that makes this cordless best for when you’re cleaning your entire house is the LCD screen display. It shows you the run time countdown and also the performance.

With this vacuum, you can switch between Eco, Auto, or Boost modes. The V11 can transform into a handheld and also reach under low furniture. You can equally use it to remove pet dirt and hair from the upholstery and the carpet.The convenience of it allows you to take the vacuum to your car and give it a good cleaning. You no longer have to fuss about spills and pet hairs in your vehicle.

All you need to know: The V11 does help to deliver 40 percent more suction power than its predecessor, the V8 cord-free vacuum. The machine filtration captures 99.97 percent of microscopic dust particles, even those that are as small as 0.3 microns.The 14 cyclones that the vacuum has been able to get tiny particles into the bin. When it comes to disposing of the dirt, you have to point and shoot the hygienic dirt ejector. There’s also a convenient docking station where you can put the vacuum when not in use.

When you’re doing your cleaning, you have up to 60 minutes of fade-free floor cleaning. However, do note that the run time will depend on the mode that you’re using and also the attachment in place.In the vacuum set, you get a torque drive head, a combination tool, a wand storage clip, a soft dusting brush, a stubborn dirt brush, a crevice tool, a mini-motorized tool, the docking station, and a charger.

Dyson V7 Animal – Great Cordless Vacuum at a Lower Price

Dyson V7 Animal stick vacuum
Best value

Dyson V7 Animal

  • 30 minutes of run time depending on the mode and the tool
  • Transforms into a handheld allowing you to clean tight spaces
  • Stiff nylon bristles that will enable you to clean in tight spaces

What we like: Here, we also have another vacuum that is cord-free and thus making it hassle-free. A feature that we like is that the V7 Animal vacuum has excellent suction. If you’re using a non-motorized tool, you get 30 minutes of run time.Overall, this vacuum is lightweight and also versatile so that you can clean your home with ease. It is equally engineered to collect dirt from both hard floors and carpets.

The lightweight nature of the vacuum allows you to reach up high in corners of the ceiling that need vacuuming.You also don’t have to worry about cleaning around edges and narrow gaps; that is what the crevice tool is for. You’re therefore assured that your house will be clean from top to bottom.

All you need to know: Before using the V7 Animal, you’ll have to charge it for 3.5 hours. With the direct-drive cleaner head, you’re able to get up to six minutes of fade-free power when it is in Max mode. The vacuum has stiff nylon bristles that can capture dirt and dust that is deep down in the carpet.There is also the release trigger available, which means that the battery power only gets used while you’re doing your cleaning. If you pause for a break, the battery doesn’t get dispensed.There is the combination tool that comes with the vacuum where it is two tools in one so that you can switch easily between surfaces. 15 cyclones are present that create strong centrifugal force and thus able to capture more dust.

There’s also a soft dusting brush that you get and is handy when it comes to cleaning dust from screens and even hard surfaces. For tight spaces, you can use a mini motorized tool that is tailored to tackle hair and dirt in tight spaces- that means you can use this vacuum in your car.

As compared to the V6 model, the V7 has 75 percent more brush bar power. However, just as with other models, you get a fully-sealed filtrations system that traps 99.97 percent of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. There’s also the hygienic bin emptying, so you don’t need to touch the dirt once it’s time to dispose of what you’ve collected. Once you’re done with all your cleaning, you can store and recharge your vacuum so that it’s ready to go when you need it next.

MOOSOO XL-618A – Cheap Cordless Stick Vacuum

MOOSOO XL-618A stick vacuum


  • Has a HEPA purification system for a fresh cleaning experience
  • 120-watt powerful suction
  • Multipurpose cleaning vacuum

What we like: There is the updated version of the MOOSOO XL-681A hat that has 120-watt powerful suction. That means it can meet your cleaning demands. That includes picking up dust and debris as well as crumbs and pet hair in all under a minute.It is multipurpose and can clean hard floors, carpeted floors, stairs, sofas and beds, window sills, curtain, desk, and the like. Once you’re done, you get to enjoy a dust and dirt free space.

The main machine is super light, and it weighs in at 3.3lbs. It comes with different attachments for the various tasks you need to undertake during your cleaning. There is also the ergonomic handle that allows people to hold the machine comfortable

All you need to know: Before you make the purchase, do know that MOOSOODirect is the only authorized online store for the brand MOOSOO. When you purchase it from the, you have both a 45-day money-back and a 24-month warranty. In case anything happens, you’ll be on the safe side when you purchase from them.That said, you get a somewhat long-lasting battery life and also a powerful suction. You can do a cordless running time of about20-35 minutes, depending on the mode and the tool you’re using. The size of your home is what will help determine if you need to stop and charge the vacuum.

However, if you’re pretty fast, you’ll be able to get a lot done. Another aspect that makes this vacuum ideal for purchase is the HEPA filtration system that it has. It can remove up to 99.97 percent of microscopic dust particles that are as small as 0.3 microns from the air. That way, you’re left with purified air and overall an excellent cleaning experience. The other good thing is that the HEFA filtration system is washable and recyclable.

The other aspect to note about this MOOSOO brand is that you’re able to get powerful suction for thorough cleaning. Two adjustable modes allow you to adapt to the various surfaces and equally allow you the full use of the battery. When you get this vacuum, you get a motorized floor brush, a dusting brush, an aluminum alloy tube, a power adapter, a battery, a wall bracket, a mini cleaning brush, and also a user manual.

MOOSOO K17 – Cordless Stick Vacuum with All Attachments You’d Ever Need

MOOSOO K17 stick vacuum


  • HEPA filtration system
  • Has a life expectancy of 800 hours
  • Comes with multiple attachments for all your cleaning needs

What we like: In this version of the MOOSOO K17, you’re getting a vacuum with a brushless motor. It has a life expectancy of 800 hours. That is five times longer than many of the other brushless motor available in the market.There are two modes that you can use for your cleaning. There are the standard mode and the Max mode for the more heavy-duty cleaning.

The K17 is lightweight, and so you can clean anything between the floor and the ceiling. The floor head you get used to any floor, which includes vinyl, tile, hardwood, and carpet. You also don’t have to worry about your floor getting scratched. Overall, what is likable about this brand of cordless vacuum is that you get quite several attachments for all your cleaning needs. You don’t have to go back to the online store to get additional accessories.

All you need to know:The brand has an ongoing promotion where you’re able to get another two packs of filters for free. To get the promotion, add the vacuum and the filters to the cart. After checkout, you’ll only pay for the vacuum and get the filters for free. That is when you purchase via Amazon.When it comes to the vacuum itself, it has four stages of the filtration system that makes the vacuum highly effective. For that reason, the device captures 99.99 percent of the microscopic dust found in your home. All that is thanks to what is called the HEPA filter.

MOOSOO states that you should replace the filter because it is essential to keep the vacuum working at optimum. Also, they brag that their filter and other attachment heads they offer are among the cheapest in the market. That’s one reason to opt for this vacuum if you’re strapped for cash.Let’s look at what you get when you purchase this brand and model. The vacuum cleaner comes with an aluminum alloy tube, a 2-in-1 cleaning brush, mounting accessories, a charging base, and a wall holder, a crevice nozzle, a 2-in-1 square brush, a mini motorized head, a stretchable hose, an electric LED floor head and also a user manual. That is quite an impressive list of attachments that you’re getting.

Cordless 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum and Hand Vacuum from Hikeren

Hikeren Cordless 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum

Hikeren Cordless 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum

  • Run time of 30-40 minutes when fully charged
  • Come with a protecting cover
  • Can be used for dry and wet cleaning

What we like: Hikeren is the other brand that we are going to look at in this review. When you get it, you’re able to enjoy 18-months of after-sale service. If you have any questions or problems, you can reach out to them, and they will respond in 24 hours. Another aspect that we like about this vacuum is that it has the latest fast charging technology. It also has intelligent power management technology that allows you to run the battery for up to 40 minutes when on low power and 30 minutes when it is on high power.

As mentioned, this is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner. You can quickly turn it into a handheld mode from the stick version. That allows you to work with one hand and with ease too. You can then go about cleaning your furniture and sofas alike. If there are pet hairs on the couch, you’re able to get those off immediately. The other thing that stands out is that you can use the stick vacuum for dry and wet cleaning. You’re ready to do that thanks to the stainless steel filter that gets used on hardwood floors has all-round waterproof construction. The design is also self-standing so that you can store it away safely

All you need to know: This stick vacuum comes with powerful suction and long battery life. You’re able to clean all the hard floors and carpets with ease because of the strong continuous suction the vacuum offers. You can choose between high and low suction depending on the area that you’re working on.Before you get started and after every use, you’ll have to charge the battery for 5 hours. It is worth noting that the power brush rotates 180 degrees and also a folding handle that allows you to reach under the sofa and other difficult to reach places.

There are also LED lights that help you light dark corners of the room and get the dirt out. It is made from ABS material, which is low density, durable, impact-resistant, and promotes environmental protection. When you buy this vacuum you getting a stick, the handheld vacuum, cleaning brush, crevice nozzle, charger, power heard, protecting cover and a manual

Why Are Cordless Stick Vacuums so Popular?

Cordless vacuum cleaners are popular than ever, and that is with good reason. Let’s explore

  • Weight: cordless vacuum cleaners tend to be lighter than the traditional vacuum cleaners in the market. For that reason, they are easy to move around with it and vacuum everything from the floor to the ceiling. If you do such extensive cleaning, then you’ll need something light and easy to carry around.
  • Convenience: You can move from room to room with ease with a cordless vacuum. You’re not held down by a cord and distances that you can reach. Also, a lot of these vacuums in the market can convert into a handheld. It means that you can take it with you and vacuum the car when you need to. Not just the car as well, if there is a mess on the couch or anywhere you can grab the handheld vacuum and get the place cleaned in a few minutes
  • Accessibility: A lot of the cordless vacuum cleaners in the market come with a wall mount. That makes it easier to store. You can find a corner where you can keep it out of the way, and when you need it, you need to grab and go.
  • Battery life: the industry is currently making moves to create sturdy and long-lasting vacuum cleaners. On average, they last about 20 minutes, and that is an excellent time to get everything cleaned up. There are those that even last as long as 60 minutes, depending on the mode you use it on.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Cordless Stick Vacuum

Let’s now look at the things you ought to know before getting a cordless stick vacuum.

Battery: Check how long the vacuum will last when fully charged. You want something that lasts long so that you don’t have to pause your cleaning, especially if you have a big home.

Charging time: Equally, it is essential to check the charging duration so that you’re not kept too long waiting.

Accessories: Not all models sold come with accessories, so you ought to consider gravitating toward those that come with more accessories. You want something that makes the cleaning job easier for you and anyone who uses the stick vacuum.

Handling: When you’re vacuuming, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Get something with an ergonomic handle for more convenient cleaning experience. You also want a reclining handle that gives you the chance to vacuum under sofas and hard to reach places. Better still, get a cordless stick vacuum that can transform into a handheld is the best.

Maintenance: There are two aspects of maintenance. The first one is from the vacuum itself. The ideal type to get is those with LCD screens that let you know when the vacuum is due for charging or a filter change. Look at the manual to help you see when you should do maintenance. The other aspect is getting a warranty. You want to be assured that in case anything goes wrong, you can reach out to the brand and get the vacuum repaired or replaced.