The Best Stick Vacuum

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Stick vacuums are fantastic, and we’ve been using one as our main cleaning tool since early 2018. Our 1,100 square foot home gets cleaned in just a few minutes, because there’s no cord that has to be plugged in and out when moving from one room to another. Simply start in one end of the house, and move your way through the rooms.

One more thing we love, is how compact and space saving it is. If you get one with a wall mount, you can store it in a closet while the batteries are getting recharged at the same time.

For this article we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best options, and based on our experience reviewed and picked the top vacuums on the market.

The top picks

Editor’s choice: Dyson V11 Torque Drive
Dyson is currently leading the race, and V11 Torque Drive is their most powerful stick vacuum to this date. If you want the best of the best, this is what you should get. And if you’re interested in saving a bit of money, the previous year’s model, V10, is also a great choice.

Best value: Tineco A11 Hero
Tineco has come a long way in a short period of time, and the A11 Hero is a great budget friendly option. It even comes with two replaceable batteries, so you can continue vacuuming for a longer period of time.

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The breakdown

How did we find the best stick vacuums?

At ConsumerJar we independently select the products we consider the best in each category. Besides reviewing the products ourselves, here’s a breakdown of the entire process:


Products reviewed

This is the total amount of products we’ve reviewed, before carefully selecting the ones featured in this guide. You can look into these products by scrolling to the “Honorable Mentions”-section further down.


Factors considered

When reviewing the best stick vacuums, we took these factors into consideration: Performance, ease of use, durability, and attachments.


Expert reviews analyzed

We’ve included a good number of expert reviews in our analysis of each product from reputable sources, such as Consumer Reports, Wirecutter, Techradar, Wired, and many, many more.


User ratings analyzed

We skim through thousands of user ratings, in order to assess the short-term user satisfaction of each product. This gives us an understanding of things we may not have been aware of during our own product reviews, and provides great insights to what people are looking for and focus on.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive – Best Stick Vacuum on the Market?

Dyson V11 Torque Drive stick vacuum

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What we like: There is much to like about Dyson’s. One of them is that it is considered the most powerful cleaner head ever. It has stiff nylon bristles that do drive deep into the carpet and thus can remove ground-in dirt. The other feature we like is that the carbon fiber filaments are soft and anti-static and therefore able to capture dust even from crevices and hard floors.

When it comes to vacuuming microscopic dust particles, the Dyson whole-machine filtration system is super impressive. It captures 99.97 percent of it, and that includes small particles that are as little as 0.3 microns. You’re also able to clean without having to worry that the end you start vacuuming from will be cleaner than where you finish. That is also thanks to the 60-minute fade-free floor cleaning.

If you’re worried about getting under low furniture, you’d be happy to know that you can transform the Dyson V11 Torque into a handheld. Once you’re done, there is the hygienic dirt ejector when it comes to getting rid of what you’ve collected. There’s also a convenient docking station. If you have a pet, you can use this vacuum to remove pet dirt and hair either from the upholstery and the carpet.

When your vacuum cleaner is due for service, you get maintenance alerts. That includes knowing when to clean filters so that you can have top performance. The other aspect that makes this vacuum friendly is that you’re informed in the event of a blockage and when to clean them.

All you need to know: With the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, you get twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum. There is also the high torque cleaner head that can intelligently adapt to the different floor types that you’ve moved to. Therefore, the vacuum will not use the same power it does on the carpet on the floor. You can do that thanks to the Auto Mode. There are the LCD screen displays do run the performance of the vacuum and the countdown too. Depending on what you want, you can easily switch between Boost, Auto, and Eco.

On the Dyson, there is a digital motor V11. What that means for you is you get 40 percent more suction power as compared to the Dyson V8 cord-free counterpart. Also, do note that the 60-minute fade time does matter based on the mode you’ve used. When you get the device, you have a torque driver head, a crevice tool, a mini motorized tool, a soft dusting brush, a dirt brush, a wand storage clip, a combination tool, a charger, and a docking station. The docking station also stores and charges the machine and also holds some additional attachments.


  • Three modes: Auto, Eco, and Boost
  • 60-minute fade-free floor cleaning
  • Transforms into a handheld and suitable to remove pet hair and dirt

Tineco A11 Hero Challenges More Expensive Models

Tineco A11 Hero stick vacuum

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What we like: One thing that immediately stands out with this vacuum stick is that it has the potential of running for 50 minutes when unplugged. That is possible thanks to the two detachable batteries that are thus able to provide you 20 percent longer runtime. You can get your house cleaned without having to stop for recharging. The appearance of the Tineco A11 Hero is also quite impressive. It has a sleek design made of a crystal that makes it stand out and also make it possible to see the components.

The stick vacuum has other uses. You can use the broad and soft brush provided for when you want to vacuum the upholstered furniture, the curtain, and other fabrics. There’s also the crevice tool that allows you to vacuum the corners and other hard to reach places such as picture frames, a mat, or a car seat.

All you need to know: The Tineco A11 Hero has extreme suction with a 450w digital motor that provides incredible suction when it is being used on MAX mode. If you want to do some deep cleaning on this mode, you’ll have to get it done under 24 minutes before you need to recharge the stick vacuum. When you’re done using the vacuum stick, you have a wall mount bracket that you can use to hold the vacuum and the three accessories it comes with. So you get a dual function; you’re able to store your stick vacuum out of the way and charge it at the same time.

The filtration system on the Tineco has four stages of fully-sealed filtration. Also, the bin that is on this gadget is 50 percent larger than other dustbins, and it is also easy-to-empty. There is also the power mode stitch lock, which is one of the features. There is equally an LED multi-tasker power brush, a cleaning tool for the pre-filter and additional pre-filter, and three accessories that you get with the stick vacuum. You also get a 2-year warranty.


  • 50 minute cordless run time
  • 50 percent larger dustbin
  • Two detachable batteries

MOOSOO XL-618A – Affordable Yet Efficient Stick Vacuum

MOOSOO XL-618A stick vacuum

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What we like: The MOOSOO stick vacuum has a super long-lasting battery and also powerful suction. You’re able to get about 20 to 35 minutes of cordless running time so that you can clean other areas where you don’t have access to a plug. Thanks to the upgraded 120-watt suction, you’re able to clean thoroughly. It picks up debris, dust, crumbs, and even pet hairs. The other good thing about this gadget is that it also performs well on various kinds of hard floors, carpet, windowsills, sofa, curtain, stairs, and even on desks.

This vacuum stick is also super lightweight, coming in at 3.3lb so anyone can use it. There is also the ergonomic handle that makes your vacuuming experience quite comfortable. You can hold the machine and pretty much vacuum wherever you want. The MOOSOO stick vacuum also comes with different attachments for your cleaning needs. The other thing that makes the product ideal is that it has an adjustable head angle, which allows movement in hard to reach areas and also corners.

In dark corners, you do have an advantage still because there is an LED light to help you find and vacuum the dust. That said there is also the cyclonic filtration system that can capture allergens, leaving you with an improved environment after the work is done. It, therefore, is ideal to use if you want to be in a clean and healthy environment.

All you need to know: When you choose to get a MOOSOO stick vacuum, do keep in mind that you should get it from MOOSOODirect because it will be backed up by a 45 day-money-back and also a 24-month warranty. The gadget has a high-efficient cyclone and a HEFA filtrations system that creates high-speed rotating airflow. As it does that, it removes particles from the air. Also, thanks to the HEFA filtration, you’re guaranteed that it will remove 99.97 percent of microscopic dust particles, including those that are as small as 0.3 microns. Therefore, you have purified air and thus making for ideal cleaning experience. The other thing to know is that the HEFA is washable so you can recycle it.

There are two modes that you can use, whether you’re using the cord or not. When you’re using the stick vacuum without the cable, you’re still able to get the same results and thus get a thorough cleaning. The charger holds 2300mAh, and it takes five hours for it to charge fully. Overall, when you get the stick vacuum, it comes with a dusting brush, an LED motorized floor brush, an AC power adapter, a light aluminum alloy tube, a mini cleaning brush, a wall bracket, and a user manual.


  • You get a 24-month warranty
  • Vacuums 99.97 percent of dust particles
  • Can vacuum for 20-35 minutes when unplugged

Tineco A10 Hero – Versatile and Affordable

Tineco A10 Hero stick vacuum

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What we like: Thanks to the 350w brushless motor that the vacuum stick has, you’re able to enjoy powerful ultra-quiet suction when you go about your cleaning. If you’re a night cleaner, then that’s a feature to be happy about. Also, you get to enjoy maximum suction four times that of an ordinary DC motor cordless stick vacuum. The other likable aspect of this model of Tineco is that it is lightweight, coming in at only 2.87lbs. You can also convert the stick into a handheld so that you can vacuum everything between the floor and the ceiling.

The company claims that this model of the Tineco A10 Hero can capture 99.99 percent of particles that get ejected while cleaning. It locks in the particles, so there are no leakages, and you’re left with non-allergenic fresh air all around you. It’s also a good thing because no one gets to know that you vacuumed the house a few minutes before their arrival.

All you need to know: This model of the Tineco stick vacuum does also have detachable batteries, but they only have a run time of 10-25 minutes depending on the mode that you’re using. An aspect that stands out with this model is that you’re able to get 80 percent deeper cleaning performance by the 2.5 times more power you’re getting from the when using the high torque power brush. That is better than other cordless models, and there have been tests to prove the validity of this claim.

Other aspects of the Tineco A10 Hero is the easy-to-empty bin, a mini power brush for cleaning upholstered furniture and mattress, a crevice tool, a 2-in-1 dusting brush for cleaning both hard surface and also curtains, an LED power brush for multiple purposes, and a storehouse. Finally, you also get a charger and a 2-year warranty


  • Detachable battery for easier cleaning
  • Captures 99.99 percent of dust ejected while cleaning
  • 10-25 minutes cleaning time depending on the mode that you’re using

Bissell Featherweight 2033 – Cheap Corded Stick Vacuum

Bissell Featherweight 2033 stick vacuum

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What we like: Here we have a corded stick vacuum that is powerful, convenient, and also easy to use. We like that you’re able to get a variety of needs met just from one vacuum. You can clean dirt right down to pet hair, and so you’re left with an ultra-clean home. When it comes to the battery lasting, you have a relatively short time to finish your cleaning before you have to charge it again. If you have a smaller home, then that is not quite an issue.

All you need to know: With the Bissell Featherweight 2033, you are getting three machines in one. There is the lightweight vacuum that you use to clean rugs, carpets, and hard floors. The other one is the hand vacuum where you can use the crevice tool to clean your sofa and other hard to reach places. Lastly, there is the stair vacuum, an area that can be challenging to clean. Here, you use a floor nozzle attachment for convenient cleaning. Bissell Featherweight 2033 equally uses easy-to-empty bag-free cleaning technology.

The Bissell Featherweight 2033 is considered a small vacuum cleaner, that is good for apartments.


  • Three-in-one stick vacuum
  • Has a stair vacuum
  • easy-to-empty bag-free cleaning technology

Dyson V7 Animal – “Last Year’s Model” Is Still a Great Buy

Dyson V7 Animal stick vacuum

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What we like: Here we have a stick vacuum that though not as advanced as others; it is still considered a great buy. The Dyson V7 Animal is cord-free, and thus hassle-free. It also has impressive suction. Overall, this stick vacuum is lightweight and also versatile, so cleaning your home will be easy. You can be assured that your surfaces are getting cleaned thoroughly thanks to the stiff nylon bristles that can capture the dirt that is often trapped deep down a carpet.

It’s not just the floor or carpet that gets a thorough cleaning. There is also a soft dusting brush for hard to reach surfaces and even on screens and keyboards. There is the mini motorized brush bar as well that tackles hair and dirty in tiny spaces. You can, therefore, use this vacuum to clean out your car.

All you need to know: When you’re using a non-motorized tool, you get 30 minutes run time. There is the instant release trigger, so you’re assured that the only time that the battery is getting used is when it is on and cleaning. Before you get started on your cleaning, charge the battery for about 3.5 hours before you get started. Also, when the Dyson V7 is on max mode, you’re able to get six minutes of fade-free power. This model comes with a docking station for tidy storage and recharging. So, the stick vacuum will always be ready for you to use.

The digital motor V7 is what is engineered to pick up dirt on the ground as well as the fine dust that is often found on hard floors and carpet. The V7 is also an improvement from the V6 because you’re able to get 75 percent more brush bar power. Some things are the same, such as the fully-sealed filtration system that traps 99.97 percent of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. There’s also a hygienic bin emptying process where there is no need for you to touch the dirt.


  • Transforms from a handheld vacuum to a stick vacuum on just one click
  • It has a run time of 30 minutes.
  • 75 percent more brush bar power than the V6 model

Hoover Linx BH50010 – Extremely Popular Stick Vacuum

Hoover Linx BH50010 stick vacuum

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What we like: You will find that on Amazon that the Hoover Linx BH50010 is extremely popular. That is because there is a lot to like about it. One of the aspects of it is that it is lightweight so you can move it from room to room as you’re cleaning. You can also use it on multiple floors, that is, from the hard floor and on carpets. You’re alerted when the battery is low, so you know when to recharge.

Some of the aspects are that it has an extreme recline handle that gives you the freedom to vacuum under furniture without having to move them. That said, thanks to the edge cleaning bristles, you’ll find that dust, dirt, and pet hairs get quickly even in hard to reach places. The edge cleaning-bristles mean that you’re able to clean closer to the walls and corners.

All you need to know: Thanks to the interchangeable lithium-ion batteries, you’re able to get fade-free cordless performance everywhere you clean. The wind tunnel technology on the Hoover Linx can remove surface debris, as well as those deeply imbedded, say, for example, on your carpet or rug. The bottom release dirt cup lets you dispose of the dust and dirt you’ve created without getting your hands dirty. The power controls on the vacuum are intuitive and conveniently positioned right at your fingertips for easy cleaning.


  • Comes with interchangeable batteries
  • Edge cleaning bristles to clean around corners and close to the wall
  • Has a battery indicator on the stick

Orfeld H20A – Lightweight 2-In-1 Stick Vacuum

Orfeld H20A stick vacuum

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What we like: With the Orfeld H20A, you’re offered a hassle-free 30-day trial guaranteed and also a 12-month warranty. Buyers also have 24/7 access to a customer care team either via email or chat for when you need to troubleshoot. As for the vacuum, it is quite light, so you’re able to take it everywhere around the house for easy ceiling to floor cleaning. This Orfeld model is 2-in-1 in that it can quickly transform between multipurpose tools. Thus, you can clean every corner and crevice where dust and dirt hide.

All you need to know: There are LED lights found on the electric brush that makes it possible to spot hidden debris anywhere in the house. There is additionally a super-strong brushless motor that is meant for deep cleaning. It provides up to kPa powerful suction that allows for the vacuum to pick up ground-in dirt and fine dust either in the home or in the car. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery that comes with this stick vacuum allows you to either charge it when it is on the vacuum or off the vacuum. There’s also the docking station that does the same and for holding the vacuum tidily.


  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 2-in-1 cleaning
  • Comes with a hassle-free 30-day trial guaranteed and also a 12-month warranty

Honorable Mentions

In the process of picking the best stick vacuums on the market, we’ve filtered out the ones we believe are the top picks for a variety of purposes. Below are all the candidates that we considered, but decided to not feature in this buying guide. They’re all great though, and worth considering if none of the options above work for you.

  • Shark ION P50
  • Shark ZS351 Rocket
  • Eureka NES215A Blaze
  • APOSEN H251
  • Shark Rocket HV302
  • Bissell PowerEdge Pet 81L2A
  • Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Cordless Stick Vacuums VS. Corded Stick Vacuums

The most significant difference between the cordless and the corded stick has to do with the freedom you have when cleaning the house. With a cordless vacuum, you’re able to go into whatever room you like to clean and not have to think about plugging in the socket. That is what the cordless stick vacuum has over the corded stick vacuum.

However, corded stick vacuums do have the upper hand when it comes to how long you can do your cleaning. If you have a socket in every room, you can take as much time as you need to clean the room. However, with a cordless, you have to work faster to cover more areas before the battery runs out. Also, there is the fact that you’ll have to wait for the vacuum to charge when it runs out mid-cleaning.

Why YOU Should Consider Buying a Stick Vacuum

Let’s look at a few reasons for you to purchase a stick vacuum.

  • They are lighter than the standard vacuums in the market
  • You don’t have a cord that limits which areas of the home you can clean
  • You can clean your vehicle outdoors
  • They are small and thus don’t take up a lot of storage space
  • Portable so you can quickly clean dirt and spills
  • In an upright vs. stick vacuum comparison, stick vacuums are often winning against the bigger and heavier upright models.

Which Brand Should You Pick?

Now that we’ve looked at the various brands of stick vacuums in the market, it is time to choose what you’ll go for.

As per what we’ve seen with these models, here are the brands we’ve picked from each price range.

Premium range: Dyson, LG, Sharp

Mid-range: Dyson (“last year’s” models) or Tineco

Budget range: MOOSOO, Deik, or Tineco