How to Dispose of Old Water Heaters

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Water heaters are household appliances you’ll never lack in many homes. These units help heat water for home use, especially during winter. However, due to challenging tasks,

they wear out, and you may need to dispose of them after an upgrade. Today I will share with you how to dispose of old water heaters.

When water heaters are filled, the elements heat the water, and later it’s released through faucets for use. With time, you may need to replace your water heater due to various reasons;

  • You need to upgrade to a different style or model.
  • You need to upgrade to a larger size.
  • Your heater tank is leaking.
  • The heater has reached its end of life.
  • Expensive electrical components repair costs.

On the other hand, some of these old heaters may pose dangers or other factors like;

  • Lack of enough storage space.
  • May cause corrosion bacteria, which are harmful.
  • Cause injuries to pets or kids if carelessly stored.
  • They may give your room an ugly look.

How to Dispose of Old Water Heaters

How to Dispose of Old Water Heaters
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Before disposing of your old water heater, it’s good to learn most countries have disposal rules and regulations. To ensure you don’t collide with the law, you should know what to do with an old water heater.

Let’s dive into the tips;

1. Donate to Charity

At times, you may have upgraded your heater just for the new taste. As such, your old water heater may be fully functional. You can donate it to charity organizations.

The heater may help to expand the organization’s capacity to hold hot water for use. Most organizations care for older people, orphaned children, disabled people, or refugees who may need hot water.

Secondly, they may sell the heater to get funds to run their activities.

2. Take to the Nearby Recycling Facility

Most facilities recycle large HVAC units. They take essential metals like copper and iron for repairs or recycle the whole units for resale.

How to Dispose of Old Water Heaters
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3. Take to a Landfill

Many landfills accept large appliances, and they may dispose of them for free. However, they may need to inspect it as some units may pose dangers by storing hazardous gases or injuring the workers.

Luckily, many landfills have recycling programs and may pick a wide range of these units.

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4. Take to a Nearby Scrap Metal Dealer

Scrap metal dealers may disassemble the unit and pick essential metals like copper, iron, and most wires. Depending on the dealer, you may earn some money after delivery or pick up.

5. Dispose of During Community Clean-up Days

The authorities set up regular community clean-up days in many towns and cities. During clean-up days, they allow residents to deliver any large unused equipment for disposal. However, you may need to contact and confirm if they would accept your old water heater.

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How to Dispose of Old Water Heaters
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6. Look for Bounty Programs

Bounty programs are carried out whereby utility companies buy back the appliances from the users. However, they have specifications on the standards the device should meet before buying back. Confirm with the company about their specifications and check if your water heater meets all before planning for pick up.

7. Dispose of in the Garbage

If your water heater isn’t functional, you may put it into the garbage. Usually, the garbage collectors may charge you an extra fee to haul it. The large units are rarely charged like the regular garbage because they require unique disposal methods.

8. Seek Junk Removal Services

In most countries, some companies offer junk removal services. All you do is contact them and agree on the day they should pick up your old water heater. Remember, hauling charges may vary depending on the company. It’s good to consult a number of them to determine who offers the best services at affordable costs.

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9. Sell Your Old Water Heater Online

After you’ve upgraded your heater, your old water heater may be fully functional. Instead of disposing, you can sell it online. Many homeowners may need hot water for home use at minimal costs.

Have all the relevant papers proving ownership and clean your heater for advertisement. Anyone in need will contact you.

10. Convert the Heater Tank to Planter Bed

You may weld the heater tank into two halves and make them planter’s beds. You can plant flowers or vegetables in the planter bed for home consumption.

11. Disassemble Yourself and Sell Parts

If you’re free to carry out the job, you may earn some cash. Disassemble the old water heater and get some essential parts to sell. These parts are;

  • Regulators in gas water heaters.
  • Pipes and fittings, usually made of iron, copper, or brass.
  • Heavy gauge copper wiring, usually found in electric water heaters.
  • Anode rod in electric heaters made of magnesium, copper, or aluminium.
  • Heater elements made of zinc-plated copper or steel metals

After picking all the essential parts, you can dispose of others into the garbage.

FAQs about Old Water Heaters

How Much Does a Water Heater Weigh?

Tank water heaters’ weights vary with different models. An average is 150 pounds when empty. On the other hand, tankless water heaters may be lighter, averaging around 27 pounds.

Do You Have to Transport a Water Heater Upright?

To avoid damaging the internal liner, you must keep the water heater upright. Damaging the internal liner will downgrade the whole unit functionality. It should be tightly secured into the right transport vehicle and transported carefully to avoid impacts.

How Hard is it to Relocate Water Heater?

Relocating your water heater, especially yourself, can be the most challenging task. It’s often a process that needs care to avoid damaging the unit. Due to plumbing and building codes obstructions, you may need a helper or a specialist to carry out the process.

Water heaters are beneficial in our homes, especially during cold seasons. Luckily, they have some more benefits even after their end of life. If you’re planning to dispose of old water heaters, first figure out the above-discussed tips. They may earn you some cash or save you vegetable expenses. 

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