Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench

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Used to tighten and remove bolts, fasteners, and screws, impact wrenches are some of the best power tools for commercial and DIY projects.

Impact wrenches need a constant supply of air to run, which means you should invest in the best air compressor for impact wrenches to get your projects completed with utmost precision.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best air compressors that you can use with impact wrenches. You’ll learn why our recommendations are good and what we think could have been better.

To be clear, an air compressor that works well with an impact wrench is one that features a low maintenance pump, an easy-to-read gauge, a decent tank capacity, and sufficient pressure delivery.

At the bare minimum, our recommendations can deliver pressure of 90 PSI with a decent airflow rate to power up impact wrenches.

Some air compressors can be rather too loud when in use. But some have a lower noise limit and therefore able to deliver a constant flow of air for longer without creating noise.

We recommend that you consider an option with the least noise level for better performance.

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know our quick recommendations of the top-rated air compressors that you can use to drive an impact wrench, check out the following: 

  • Ingersoll Rand Twin-Stack P1IU-A9
  • PORTER CABLE C2002 Air Compressor
  • Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor

Otherwise let’s get into more details below.  

Best Air Compressor for Impact Wrench Reviews

1. Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400 is one of the best air compressors to buy if you’re looking for a model that can work with impact wrenches.

It’s made of cast iron, which not only makes it durable but also ensures even distribution of heat especially when subjected to extended use. An additional layer of protection shields the unit against hard conditions.

Because this model has a higher tank capacity than other air compressors that we’ve seen in this guide, it’s the best option to consider if you want constant supply of air for small and large-scale projects.

And given its low AMP consumption, you can expect no instance of sticking witches on startup.

Makita MAC2400 features a powerful 2.5 HP motor that easily converts energy into compressed air and stores in the tank for use on demand.

The built-in motor lubricator ensures consistent lubing of the motor so it last longer. As such, you don’t have to worry about the motor wearing or tearing too soon.

There’s a lube oil pump in the Big Bore engine, which plays a huge role in ensuring the efficiency of the unit. Keep in mind that you will need to change the oil after every 300 hours of use although it’s also okay to do so after every three months. 

Makita MAC2400 is one of the easiest to maintain because the parts are easy to disassemble for cleaning and put back in place thereafter. The unit even includes a compartment that you can use to store accessories relevant for your work.

Impact wrench cordless


  • Delivers incredible power for your impact wrench albeit its size
  • Include industrial filters that increases the airflow of the compressor
  • Made of cast iron for strength and durability
  • Low RPM reduce noise and enhance the reliability of the pump


  • This air compressor is heavy
  • Too small for industrial use

2. PORTER CABLE C2002 Air Compressor

If you’re in the market for an electric air compressor that doesn’t such, one that works well with different models of impact wrenches, you should consider PORTER CABLE C200. It stores air in the pancake cylinder and delivers to the impact wrench at a decent flow rate.

To begin with, PORTER CABLE C200 is made of aluminum, a lightweight yet stronger material for durability and element resistance. This material doesn’t have the best heat distribution like cast iron do, but it still gives better performance.

Then there’s the pump. It’s made of a robust material that’s hard to break, so you can expect it to last longer. We love that the pump is oil-free, so PORTER CABLE C200 won’t demand a lot for maintenance.

PORTER CABLE C200 air compressor runs on the 120 volts standards. And it features a powerful motor that works optimally to supply continuous air to your impact wrench.

You’re getting a 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI. While that’s not great for running heavy-duty power tools, it’s sufficient for an impact wrench. Simply lower the PSI if you want more CFM.

One of the things we love about PORTER CABLE C2002 air compressor is that it includes a water valve that aids with the removal of water from the system, so the barrel is always clean.

If combined with the right water separator, you can be sure that no trace of moisture will ever get to your impact wrench, even in the days when you expect to work for long hours.

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  • An economical model that doesn’t use up so much electric power
  • Oil-free pump makes the compressor easy to maintain
  • Doesn’t heat up and can work efficiently for long hours


  • Might be hard to figure out in the beginning as it doesn’t come with a manual
  • Small tank

3. Ingersoll Rand Twin-Stack P1IU-A9

Ingersoll Rand has been in the power tools business for well over two and a half decades. And their Twin- Stack P1IU-A9 is no doubt one of the best air compressors that work well with impact wrenches.

It’s an oil-free model made of titanium and steel to stand up to any condition.

This air compressor features an ergonomic design, which makes it easy to handle during operation. The moving parts of the machine come pre-lubed, so the compressor works well right from the start.

Thanks to the built-in lubricating technology, this air compressor lubricates itself automatically to keep all the moving parts working together optimally.

Twin- Stack P1IU-A9 features a powerful Honda engine, which perhaps explains why it’s such a high-quality air compressor in terms of performance.

Twin- Stack P1IU-A9’s tank is only 4 gallons big. That may not be enough for heavy-duty industrial assignment, but it’s such a decent capacity for small DIY projects.

It weighs 82 pounds, about twice the weight of some air compressors with the same capacity. So you might need help to move it from place to place although you can do on your own with a little elbow grease.

Twin- Stack P1IU-A9 features a twin hammer technology and four power regulators, which allow you to adjust the torque with ease. It even includes a digital control system regulated by an electric compressor motor and microprocessor controller.

One of the areas where Ingersoll Rand fails with this air compressor is on temperature control. Pressure switches are missing.

And while it can work to temperatures of up to 115F, there’s just no way to monitor how hot it gets and it won’t shut down because of excess heat.

Just because it can’t shut down automatically due to excess heat doesn’t mean it’s that bad.

You will actually love it because it comes with an ultra-coolant, which makes it possible for the compressor to work for an extended period before it even starts to get hot. 

Best vertical air compressor


  • Powerful Honda engine for efficient performance
  • Supplies enough air to impact wrenches so you can work with great precision
  • Includes a built-in coolant, which ensures the compressor runs for a long time


  • Twin- Stack P1IU-A9 is heavy
  • Doesn’t shut off automatically when it heats up excessively
  • This air compressor has a small tank that makes it unsuitable for demanding, long-hour jobs

There it is; a list of the best air compressors that work well with impact wrenches. Whether you need a unit with a small tank capacity or one that can power your impact wrenches with constant air supply, you should find our recommendations quite useful. 

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