How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor

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If you are a paintball enthusiast, you must be readily prepared for the weekends, holidays, or off from workdays to storm the field.

And if you’re a potential player planning to join the great paintball game, you must be figuring out how you would fill the paintball tank with an air compressor.

This article will share with you all that you need to learn around how to fill paint ball tank with air compressor.

First, it’s vital to understand the paintball game and its history. Paintball is the fastest growing sport worldwide, according to a recent study. It originated from America in the early 1980s before being embraced in Europe.

In the paintball game, teams compete against each other by hitting their opponents with spherical paint-filled pellets to eliminate them.

The pellets are fired using a compressed gas-powered gun. It’s for this reason you’re learning how to fill the paintball gun tank with an air compressor.

You can play the game in either indoor fields or outdoor fields. There are natural terrains like trees, valleys, hills, or some artificial obstacles in the fields to make the challenge enjoyable.

As such, the game’s main aim is to attack, defend, or even capture the flag. With this understanding, you know why paintball tanks are filled with high pressure.

Where to Fill Paintball Tank with Air Compressor

How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor
Paint ball

As long as you ever filled a car tire, filling the paintball tank is close to that. However, note that tire inflators cannot fill the paintball tanks.

The reason is most tire inflators range to around 180 PSI (Pounds per square inch), while the paintball air compressors can have a minimum of 4000 PSI. It’s quite a huge difference. Truly, paintballs compressors are specialized.

As a paintball enthusiast, you can do any of these three to ensure your tank is filled;

  • Purchase a paintball tank refilling station.
  • Fill at the paintball game field.
  • Fill at paintball gun stores.

When purchasing a paintball gun tank, however, note there are three types you can choose;

 1. High pressure compressed air tank (HPA)

They are filled with oxygen, and most have a maximum of 5000 PSI. Due to this, they shoot with a higher power.

 2. Compressed carbon dioxide (CO2)

They are filled with carbon dioxide. What differentiates them from HPA is that when CO2 is compressed, it turns to a liquid state. When you shoot, it turns to gas after being released.

3. Nitrogen paintball tank

Nitrogen tanks are rarely used. For this reason, they are hard to use due to fewer refilling stations. This article will not cover much about nitrogen tanks.

The best option is the CO2 or HPA, but the compressed carbon tank has its undermining factors. CO2 is affected by temperatures. For instance, during hot weather, it expands and may cause damage to the tank.

On the other hand, during cold weather, it constricts hence reducing pressure. Due to this, you may face trouble playing using a CO2 tank during cold seasons.

However, CO2 tanks are still used due to the availability of refilling stations and are less expensive. But if you want better shooting, go for HPA tanks.

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How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor
Paint ball

How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor

After locating your refilling station, you can visit and carry out the following procedure. But wait! Note that CO2 and HPA compressors are different, and so are the tanks.

As such, a CO2 tank shouldn’t be filled with oxygen or vice versa. However, many refilling stations have both options.

Step 1:

Have protective gear, especially safety glasses and gloves.

Step 2:

Confirm the refilling area is well ventilated. Carbon dioxide may endanger human health if inhaled in large quantities.

Step 3:

Check your tank PSI indicator. You shouldn’t go beyond the indicated pressure.

Step 4:

For the CO2 tank, you’ll have to refrigerate it first to stabilize the inside temperature. On the other hand, ensure it’s fully drained before refilling it by using a weighing scale to confirm the indicated weight when empty.

Step 5:

Attach the fill nipple and ensure the circular ring is well integrated. It prevents the gas from escaping out. Pull back to the nipple base to confirm the pressure needle is protruding then, fix the nipple to the tank inlet.

Step 6:

Adjust the compressor lever to release the air slowly. Don’t push the lever continuously but push it slowly while observing.

Step 7:

Keenly observe the two gauges. One is located at the paintball gun, and the other is at the compressor. Ensure the two gauge pointers are moving up slowly and uniformly.

Step 8:

Be careful about Hot Fill. When you continuously push the pressure lever, and the large pressure volume enters the tank, it is called Hot Fill. If you overfill the tank, you may damage it.

Step 9:

After the tank is full, release the pressure. Use the release valve to expel the excessive pressure from the compressor. If not released, it can damage the fill nipple.

Step 10:

Detach the fill nipple and the hose from the compressor, and you are good to go.

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How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor
Paint ball

Simple Tips to Maintain the Paintball Tank

  • Ensure your tank is inspected every five years and the hydro date sticker is attached.
  • Do not allow the oil or grease to penetrate the fill nipple. They are flammable, and heat build-up during refilling may cause a fire. Another reason you shouldn’t use home compressors is because they contain oil and grease.
  • Keep the tank away from direct sunlight or hot car areas.
  • Carry the tank using a fabric bag or cover it using a tank cover.

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How to Fill Paint Ball Tank with Air Compressor
Paint ball

FAQs on Usages of an Air Compressor

Does Walmart Fill Paintball Tanks?

Walmart doesn’t do paintball tank refilling at their stores. The best step you can take is purchasing a home refilling station through their website.

How Much Does it Cost to Refill Paintball Tank?

The average filling price you can be charged in most US paintball gun stores is $5. However, the charges vary depending on your tank maximum PSI.

Do Paintball Tanks Expire?

Paintball tanks are inspected every five years to determine if they are serviceable. They can serve you for around fifteen years if you regularly service and maintain them.

If you are a paintball lover, it’s clear there are different paintball tank options for you to choose from. However, if you want to fill a paintball tank with an air compressor without much trouble and storm the field like a warrior, choose an HPA tank.

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