How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

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Baseboard heaters are an excellent way to heat our homes. As such, you would like to enjoy the warmth from your baseboard heater during the cold season. However, these devices can cause a fire if you don’t keenly adhere to safety precautions.

In this article, you’ll learn how to protect furniture from baseboard heaters.

Whether you’ve upgraded your furniture or moved to a new apartment, you’d want to set up your room in an appealing way. You have invested in your household furniture, and you would like your home safety to be a priority.

Heaters effectively work with good airflow. Secondly, enough spacing enhances safety. For this reason, you need to learn how to arrange furniture around baseboard heaters.

How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard Heaters Spacing Recommendations

Some baseboard heater models heat more than others. As that’s the case, it might be hard to do spacing without following each manufacturer’s recommendations. However, basic safety recommendations for baseboard heater setup or arranging furniture are provided. Take a look;

  • Spacing Between the Floor and the Baseboard Heaters

The baseboard heater should be installed along the wall and its base sitting on the floor surface. Note having its base lay on the floor will not affect the airflow. The device has guards to protect the air vents from the floor surface.

However, consider installing your baseboard heater at least 2 inches above if you have a floor carpet.

  • Baseboard Heater Installation Height

The manufacturers recommend no specific height. However, setting the baseboard heater along the floor increases its performance. The sunken cold air quickly gets into the device to be warmed.

  • Space in Front of the Baseboard Heater

You should place furniture or other objects at least 12 inches from the baseboard heater.

  • Baseboard Heater Side Clearance

All items on the side should be at least 6 inches from the baseboard heater.

  • Spacing Over the Baseboard Heater

All items placed over the baseboard heater should be at least 12 inches from the top of the device.

  • Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets should be on the side of the baseboard heaters. If installed above the heater, the power cables may hang over it, posing a fire risk.

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How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

To enhance good baseboard heater performance and avoid damages to your high-value furniture, here are safety tips to learn;

1. Invest in Baseboard Heater Cover

Baseboard heater covers will prevent hot air from moving directly to the leather seats or destroying chair varnish. Secondly, the cover can protect the furniture in hydronic baseboard heaters if hot water leaks. At times, they may emit steam which is risky to paints and fabric sofas.

On the other hand, you may paint the baseboard heater cover to match your room paint color for a better look.

2. Carry out Routine Maintenance on Baseboard Heaters

A well-maintained baseboard heater will efficiently work without posing any risk. Regularly clean dust and debris from the baseboard heater, which may cause overheating.

Secondly, inspect the metal fins and straighten them if bent. The exercise will enhance maximum heat transfer to the surrounding air. If you use hydronic baseboard heaters, regularly drain them to remove dirt or rust.

If there are flammable substances in the house, keep them safe from the baseboard heater.

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How to Protect Furniture from Baseboard Heaters

3. Properly Arrange Your Furniture

For the safety of your household furniture and baseboard heater efficiency, follow the above-discussed rules to arrange your rooms. Note different rooms may require different arrangements. This article will share all the necessary guidelines. Let’s dive in;

  • The Living Room

The living room is a special place for every homeowner. It’s where we receive guests and carry out most activities. Here is how to arrange your furniture;

  • Front of the Baseboard Heater

You should arrange your coffee tables and sofas at the centre of the room. The ideas will enhance sufficient air circulation within the room. Secondly, the furniture will be at a safe distance from the heater.

Usually, chairs are arranged near the windows. In this case, consider arranging them on the opposite side of the baseboard heater. But if the baseboard heater window is the only option, remember to place them at least 12 inches from the heater.

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  • Over the Baseboard Heater

Over the baseboard heater is where you can install your bookshelf and the wooden framed artwork. The artwork may not be a more significant issue since they are rarely assessed once hanged. For the shelf, ensure it’s at least 12 inches from the top of the baseboard heater.

  • On the Baseboard Heater Sides

On the sides is where you may have your electric outlets. As such, it’s the area you would place your electronics, including a TV and water dispenser. Don’t place the TV stand in front of the baseboard heater to avoid electrical cable dangers.

  • The Bedroom

A bedroom is the riskiest area to use a baseboard heater because you’ll be inactive during the night. To remain safe, arrange your furniture as follows;

  • The Bed

Place your bed near the wall opposite the baseboard heater. If you need more warmth during winter, you can move the bed next to the baseboard heater. In this case, consider a safe distance because beddings are made of cotton materials which are a fire risk.

Secondly, scorching air may cause suffocation. For this reason, it’s not advisable to move your bed too close to the baseboard heater.

  • Arm Chairs and Love Seats

Keep armchairs and love seats at the centre of the bedroom to allow adequate space for air circulation. Additionally, it’s a safe distance in case the baseboard heater overheats.

FAQs on Baseboard Heaters

Can Curtains Hang Over Baseboard Heaters?

Keep curtains at least 12 inches over the baseboard heater. Additionally, you can use light texture curtains for better air circulation.

Do Baseboard Heater Covers Block Heat?

The baseboard heater covers direct warm air for easy circulation and protects the furniture from hot air. Steel covers are the best because steel metal is a good heat conductor. If the unit shuts off, they’ll retain the heat.

Are Wooden Baseboard Covers Safe?

Wooden baseboard covers are good. The only disadvantage is that they don’t retain heat like the steel covers, but they can block scorching air from burning household items. Luckily, wooden covers are the best option to protect furniture from baseboard heaters if they regularly overheat. 

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