How to Store Clothes Without a Dresser

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I remember back in the days when I just moved into my own apartment, I didn’t even have a dresser to store my clothes in. So I had to come up with alternative solutions, that were both budget-friendly and space saving.

What I did back then, was searching for ideas online. It lead me to a great amount of storage ideas suitable for small spaces that suited my budget, but not all of them were great though.

So, in order to narrow down my options, I started researching what other people did to store their clothes without a dresser at hand. Below I’ll list the options that I strongly believe are the best ones if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to store your clothes while saving money at the same time.

What’s not to like?

Storage Option 1: Put Your Clothes In a Vacuum Bag

Plastic vacuum bags for clothes

One of the best ways to store clothes on a long-term basis, is to use vacuum storage bags. That way you can save a lot of space, while being able to store clothes properly.

Our top product for this pick is the AirBaker Vacuum Storage Bags

With vacuum storage bags you can store things like winter clothes so they don’t take up a lot of space during the summer, or it could be clothes made for different purposes that you aren’t using very often.

Here’s how to use the vacuum bags properly:

Step 1. Fold your clothes

Neatly fold each piece of clothing. Each piece can be placed in individual bags and then sealed, making the bag thin and compressed slightly. Make sure that your clothes is folded quite well for the space to be filled out perfectly.

Step 2. Create the vacuum

Seal the actual bag entirely, with the use of the vacuum tool, the air left inside is compressed and bag size reduced. After packing, sealing and vacuuming, voila! Your done! Now you can store them up under your bed, inside empty cases or just anywhere you feel it may be safely placed.

Storage Option 2: Foldable Storage Bags

Foldable storage bags

Foldable storage bags is a great option, if you want to organize everything while still minimizing the weight and space used for the storage unit itself.

The HomeMaximize Foldable Storage Bags Organizer is the best option for this.

These storage bags works great if you don’t have access to a dresser, and they can be opened from the top if you want to take something out of the bags.

They are also great storage options for a car or RV.

Step 1. Pile and organize

Place your clothing in each bag. You are ensured that it will be safe and well packed as it is zipped and covered coherently inside each bag.

One tip, if you have shirts, short pants, underwear, handkerchiefs and other small piece of clothing, you may roll them individually and align them side by side to get better organization while freeing up space for as much clothing as possible.

Step 2. Stack them all up

When you’re done packing each bag, you may now stack them all up and place them anywhere you want. If you want to retrieve the insides of one bag, you may place them directly underneath another one and place the current one on top! With these, you get to optimize and efficiently save up space!

Bonus step:

If you want to efficiently use this kind of method, you may organize your clothing according to kind, size, or day of use. By labelling each bag, you’ll get an easy way of accessing each one without having to find where you placed a particular piece.

This option will certainly clear up a lot of space inside your home, while at the same time granting you plenty of storage space.

Option 3: Stackable Cube Storage Shelf

Stackable modular cube storage shelf

With this type of shelf you’ll have multiple cubicles for storage, allowing for properly organized storage like you know it from a dresser.

At the same time the shelf is modular, so you can design it just the way you want it. So, if you want to place it underneath a staircase, build it to fit there. If you want to place it in your bedroom, you can either build it tall or wide.

The TomCare Cube Storage Closet Organizer is the shelf recommended for this purpose.

While this option does require a bit of assembly, it’s still nothing compared to a dresser. The best thing is that you can disassemble it just as easily, so if you’re moving a lot you can just take it down and build it up wherever you need it to be.

Step 1. Assemble

Follow each step and make sure to prepare the parts needed. There are 12 cubes included in the package. The best part here is that you can be creative in assembling, because each cube can be placed the way you want. You can either assemble them horizontally, vertically or even diagonally (given you have a fit area to place it).

Step 2. Organize

Organize your clothing by kind, size or day of usage. With the given 12 cubes you can have limitless sequence of storing. Label each side with the items you’d like to place there to maintain a great overview.

Tip: You can use a whole column or row for the same kind, or you can group them by day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…) Remember, you use it for the benefit of your liking. Don’t get caught up by having to fill each box correctly, follow your instinct by arranging them unto your liking so you won’t have to reassemble them again and again.

If you want it to look less messy, you can hang a thin curtain in front of it. They way you can keep your clothes out of sight, while still having it ready and available for use whenever you need it.

Organizing Is Awesome

With each process given it’s still up to you to make your space neat and tidy! Always create a better space for you to unwind and relax, and the only way to achieve it is by having an organized environment. Having a clever way of organizing your stuff inside the bedroom is easy and can ultimately be achieved if you use the right materials and organizers.

Feel free to modify and change the simple steps mentioned above by searching for the better one you want to use. Continue making your rooms bright and spacious, who knows, maybe you’ll feel inspired to rearrange your entire house!