Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

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As much as we love those big, luxurious bathrooms that we can spend hours drooling over on Pinterest, we have to make do with what you have. If you live in a small apartment or flat or dorm room, chances are, your bathroom isn’t that big.

What are you going to do with the items that you need to keep inside your bathroom? Of course, we want things within easy reach as much as possible, but is that doable in such a tiny bathroom space?

The good news is yes! There are several great storage options for small bathrooms that will make your place look great and tidy all at once and can also let you unleash your inner creative, stylish side. They aren’t that hard to do and are made up of pretty common items that you can either order online or buy from the store nearest to you.

Here are some ways for creative storage solutions for small bathrooms:

Towel Rack

When it comes to storing towels in your bathroom, a towel rack is one of the most efficient and functional of your options. Not only does it free up space in your cabinet or linen closet, but fixed in such a way, your towel rack can add some charm to your bathroom.

Vintage metal towel rack
Over the door towel racks are great for small bathroom storage.

There are many different kinds of towel racks available that will allow you to arrange your towels in any way you want. Some towel racks allow you to hang them, while others are better suited for towels that folded or rolled.

You can opt to attach more rods to your shower curtain rod (parallel to the one holding up your curtain) so that they are easy to grab after you take a shower. You can also place a towel rack behind your shower or bathroom door. You can also opt to hang one above your toilet bowl or any other vacant wall space. Another option would be to get a towel rack that also has a shelf for additional storage space.

One other unique towel rack idea is utilizing a ladder. A single ladder can be leaned against the wall of your bathroom and the towels can be placed on the rungs. It doesn’t take much space and can also provide a rustic, boho accent especially if you’re going for that look in your bathroom.

Dual-Purpose Mirror

Bathroom mirror with a cabinet
Dual-Purpose mirrors are great for small bathrooms because they provide ample storage space for various items.

One of the best places to store items would be a dual-purpose mirror and medicine cabinet. You can put medicines, toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, soaps, lotions, toilet paper, and a whole lot more other things inside a small medicine cabinet that is mounted over your bathroom sink, or a floor-length one beside it.

The good thing about a dual-purpose mirror and medicine cabinet is that it serves as both a functional piece and a storage item. Instead of finding ways to squeeze both a mirror and a cabinet in your small bathroom separately, having one as a cover for the other, maximizes space immediately.

You can search for different bathroom cabinets with a mirror here.

Basket Shelves and Wall Files

Wooden basket shelf
A rustique magazine holder can be used for many purposes, and adds a nice touch to all bathrooms.

If you think bathrooms and office supplies don’t mix, think again! Unleash your creativity through these unique and inventive small bathroom storage solutions.

  • Wall-Mounted File Holders – they’re not just for your home office, but they can be for your bathrooms too! Mount file-holders to your empty bathroom wall and use it as an organizer for magazines, books, soaps, towels, and more. If your bathroom is rustic-themed, there are many file holders that have a distressed look and add an accent to the style of your bathroom.
  • Basket Shelves – you can also opt to purchase wicker storage baskets and then mount them on the wall. They can store towels, soaps, and other decorative pieces that you might want to add to your bathroom.
  • Makeshift Crates – another great decor idea is to purchase wooden crates and mount them sideways on the wall. It’s a great place to hold decorative accessories like a potted plant and some books and maybe a scented candle or two, but it can also hold towels, hand soap, tissue paper, and the like.

You could also go with a wooden storage shelf to spice things up and get rid of the sometimes sterile look and feel of a bathroom.

Vertical Storage Ideas

Time to think vertically! One great space-saving idea is to stack things up on top of each other. That way, you’ll be able to accommodate more items without using too much space.

There are different kinds of storage ideas that allow for this:

  • Tiered Countertop Storage – let’s say you’re looking for a place to put some make-up and nail polish and maybe a couple of those tiny scented candles, but your countertop is too full already. One solution to that problem is to get a tiered countertop storage. They may be more often used for fruits and other kitchen items, and perhaps even for office supplies, but you’ll find that they are quite helpful and useful when it comes to organizing and storing your bathroom countertop items.
  • Cart with Wheels – when looking for storage ideas for a small bathroom, why not try getting a utility cart with wheels? They come in one or two tiers and you can out just about anything on them. Since it’s also easy to move around, you can position it in any part of your bathroom until you are able to find where it best maximizes your small space.
  • Ladder shelves – ladders provide great storage because they are structured to hold a good number of items without taking so much floor space. Depending on the number of items you plan to store there, you can opt to pick a ladder with three, four, or more tiers.

High Shelves and Cubbies

Wall-mounted wood and metal shelves
Wall-mounted storage shelves are perfect for small bathrooms.

When planning out storage for your small bathroom, it’s important to utilize as much space as possible. Most people forget that they can mount high shelves and cubbies above their sink or their toilet bowl, or even above the bathtub.

Wall-mounted shelves are usually open and can vary in terms of height as it is up to you to determine the space between each shelf. You will have a lot more flexibility when you mount a shelf on your bathroom wall, and you can even adjust it to accommodate the maximum height of your items.

A cubby, on the other hand, is a more boxed type of storage space with not much flexibility, but its restrictions will naturally help you become neater as you tuck away your items on the shelves.

Shower Organizers

Metal shower organizer
There’s a ton of options for shower head storage, so you can easily store your soaps and shampoos inside your shower.

Unless you’ve got a built-in shelf space in your shower, one of the best ways to organize shower items is through a shower caddy. Here, you can place your shampoo bottles, soaps, scrubs, and whatever else you would like. They can hang nicely on your shower head or you can get one that can be mounted on the corner of your shower area.

This is very helpful as you don’t need to keep having to step out when you need items while you are showering and you certainly don’t need to put them on the floor or the shower step if there is one.

Adhesive Hooks and Magnetic Strips

When planning out how to organize your bathroom space, hooks and other devices that will help hang things up are an absolute must. You’ll certainly want to be able to hang up your hair dryers, towels, other hair accessories, and more. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Adhesive hooks – these come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be mounted on the wall through screws, strong adhesive tape, or suction cups that will allow you to mount them on your bathroom walls.
  • Magnetic strips – while these are more often used for knives and other kitchenware, magnetic strips allow you to tidy up bobby pins, nail cutters, nail files, hair clips, tweezers, and more. You can opt to stick it to the inside of a cabinet or the side of a counter so it will help keep your tinier accessories in order.

If you live in a small space that comes with an equally small bathroom don’t despair! Let your creativity run loose and make your space both organized and functional through the various tips suggested above. You can always try one or two of them, and if they don’t work, you can experiment with others until you find the perfect decor and storage solution for your bathroom space. Happy decorating!