The Best Miniature Painting Tutorials Online

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Starting the hobby of miniature painting may seem like a daunting task. Well, you’re right. Getting into miniature painting isn’t as easy as just buying a painting set. But don’t worry! We got you.

Miniature painting is an interesting hobby, but it can also a bit technical. Your mind may probably go on overdrive and wonder about things like what materials and tools you’ll need, what type of paint, and how much it would cost. When you finally have the chance to paint, you’ll sit there and wonder, “What now?” or “how should I start?”

To answer those questions, research is the best way to go. Although your experience and mistakes will teach you a lot, it will save you so much more cost, time, and frustrations when you also learn from those who have more experience in the field. 

There are a lot of articles and good resources that you can find on the web. However, with that amount of information, it can become a bit overwhelming. So we made it a bit easier for you by compiling articles and websites that we believe have well summarized the points and would help you with your first few steps in miniature painting.

The best miniature painting tutorials (and useful tips)

Our team has picked a total of five different sites that you can check out yourself. We also included six different articles from the sites that are really helpful for beginners in miniature painting. Without further ado, here they are:

Age of Miniatures

The Age of Miniatures is a company that is composed of various hobbyists themselves. The content on the site is written by those who have experience in miniatures and other hobbies so you know that they speak from experience.

We highly recommend reading their article on Miniature Painting for Beginners first. “Why?” you ask. Well, simply because it has answers to questions that most beginners, such as you, have. Not only does it answer basic technical questions, like whether you’ll need to use primers, or what color choices do you have; but it also answers other helpful questions like, where do you get your inspiration, how do you stay motivated and the likes.

Another article to check out under the Age of Miniature site is the 10 Miniature Painting Tips. Here Peter Thuborg shares some of the things he has learned the hard way in his years of painting experience. Unlike the first article, you’ll be able to find more practical and helpful tips and pointers in this one. It will definitely help you start off your journey of miniature painting.


After reading the two articles above, you probably now have an idea of what you need and why you need them. Excited, you sit down, prepare you set and you realize, “what should I do first?” What are the steps and the process?

Well, Instructables has your back. Their article on Painting Miniatures is very brief and concise that it will be easy to follow. In the article, you’ll be following the author as he/she paints miniatures. It includes a step-by-step process from picking your brushes and paint to adding the details on your miniatures. It gives you a great overview of the process of painting your minis.

Geek and Sundry         

Now that you have an overview of the general structure of the painting process, you’d think your ready to swish your brush around. But not just yet! There are a few fundamental details that you have to include in your painting process that will definitely make a difference.

Geek and Sundry’s article on 5 Things Beginner Miniature Painters Need to Know has simplified and summarized well the fundamental details that I was talking about. This article is also a short one but would make a difference when you start your painting process.

The Crafting Jones

Crafting Jones is a blog that is being run by Sally who has been crafting here and there, after a major accident. Of course, one of the hobbies she has tried is miniature painting and table-top gaming giving her a good background on starting a hobby without skills and natural talent to it.

Just like her, if you feel that you don’t have the basic skills or talent to start miniature painting then her article will make you realize that you’ll be able to do it. Tips and Tricks for Miniature Painting Noobs is a very fun and informative article to look into which. It may be a long article as it is incredibly detailed but at the very end of it, you’ll be thankful you got to read it.

One of the things we love about this article is how it is focused on the perspective of a beginner and how she has squeezed everything in one article. She has well explained well what equipment you will need, what to get, and what to avoid and the why’s behind it. It doesn’t stop there. She also goes with you step by step on the miniature painting process just like having an instructor by your side.

Creative Twilight

Once you have started painting miniatures, well, that’s basically just the beginning of your journey. The next thing you’ll want is to improve your painting techniques or your style. Whichever it is, you will yearn to learn more.

Here’s where we think the article, 23 Miniature Painting Tips to Become a Better Painter, from Creative Twilight comes in. Although it is for improving your skills and your outlook on miniature painting and your art, most of it is very useful if you are aware of it at a very early stage. It is an easy read and a straightforward article that you’ll be able to finish this one in a couple of few minutes. The article also has that cheerleader feel to it that makes you want to improve yourself, your skills, and your art. 


By the end of all this, and after reading most, if not all of the articles, that we have included in this list, you’ll probably be feeling more overwhelmed. But at the very least, you won’t be walking into this without information, but with some tips and tricks from experts. You take what knowledge you can and try it out yourself; find what works best for you.

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With that, we hope your miniature painting experience is a good one!