The 10 Best Teepee Play Tents for Kids

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Kids love playing and having fun, but sometimes they also appreciate quiet moments of relaxation and contemplation. A teepee play tent offers just that, and it’s a great way for your kids to get some much needed alone-time in a world that’s constantly shifting. Combine it with a baby play mat for the youngest ones, and they’ll have a cozy little play area for themselves. You can even put it on a large baby play mat, if you want to create a zone inside your house just for kids.

A teepee play tent can be decorated in many different ways, and some put fairy lights on it to create a cozy atmosphere. Fill it up with soft blankets and pillows, and your kids have a perfect retreat from the “real” world.

Some teepee tents have a waterproof base included as well, making it a perfect hiding place in a garden or on a picnic.

Being parents ourselves, we really love teepee play tents for many reasons. During recent years we’ve researched and reviewed a large amount of these, and in this buying guide you’ll find our top 10 picks.

Teepee Tent in Raw White Canvas

Cute Tiny Land teepee tent in a pink-white kids' room
Editor’s choice

Tiny Land Kids Teepee Tent

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Square design
  • 64 inches tall

What we like: This neat teepee play tent is perfect for those seeking a natural bright look, that fits most kids rooms and outside areas as well.

It comes with all the accessories you need for your kids to have hours of fun, including wooden poles with a smooth finish to avoid splinters, a washable base, storage pocket on the interior part of the canvas, and a little window.

It is of course possible to close the front of the teepee tent if your kids want some alone-time, and it’s spacious enough to decorate with some blankets, pillows, and other sorts of things that make it even more cozy than it already is.

This is definitely one of the best choices out there, and therefore it earns our Editor’s Choice award.


  • Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 64 inches
  • Shape: Square

Cool Teepee Play Tent with a Grey Chevron Pattern

Tiny Land Chevron teepee tent in a blue kids' room

Tiny Land Gray Chevron Play Tent

  • Very cool pattern
  • Square design
  • Thick non-slip mat included

What we like: Wow, did you say chevron pattern? Yes! This teepee tent comes with a cool grey chevron pattern all over the canvas, making it a bit more unique and decorative than plain white.

It’s a fairly spacious and tall teepee play tent as well, and your kids will definitely love it. Of course it’s still made from cotton, and the wooden poles ensures a stable design that withstands a breeze if it’s placed outdoors.

Your kids will get a spacious 47 by 47 inches to have fun on, and since it’s 63 inches tall, most kids will have no problems standing up inside the teepee tent.

There’s also a really nice and soft base mat included with this teepee tent, and it has a non-slip surface on one side so your kids won’t slip if they move around on the mat.


  • Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 63 inches
  • Shape: Square

Teepee Tent with Fairy Lights and Waterproof Base

TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent with flags and fairy lights

TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent

  • Waterproof base
  • Great for picnics
  • Feathers and lights included

What we like: This epic teepee tent comes with everything you need to set it up indoors and outdoors. From fairy lights to feathers to a waterproof base mat, you’ll get it all if you choose this teepee play tent from TazzToys.

Like other teepee tents it is easily disassembled and packed into a compact size, which fits a carry bag for easy storage and moving around. Since it has a waterproof base, it would be a great choice to bring along for beach trips and picnics, in order to give your kids a nice and comfortable place to relax and unwind.

We are in love with how decorative this teepee tent actually is, and you also get storage pockets on the inside, and windows that you can open and close.

It is 47 inches wide and 68 inches tall, which gives your kids enough room to have fun and relax on.


  • Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 68 inches
  • Shape: Square

Teepee Play Tent with Pennant Flags and Lights

Anpro decorated kids' teepee tent with fairy lights and flags

Anpro Teepee Tent for Toddlers

  • Large decoration pack
  • Practical square design
  • 61 inches tall

What we like: This is a nicely decorated teepee play tent for kids of all ages, and suitable for boys and girls. It has a plain white canvas which can be decorated the way you like it, and on the inside you’ll find practical storage pockets for books and other things your kids like to have within reach when they’re taking a little break from the world outside.

You’ll get lots of decorative accessories with this teepee play tent, such as ball lights, a dream catcher, flags, a carry bag and some magic stickers. There’s no base included though, but it’s not too expensive to buy on the side, and you get to decide whether you want to go for a waterproof tarp or a soft blanket.

The Anpro teepee tent has a square deisgn and measures 47 by 47 inches, and it’s 61 inches tall.


  • Dimensions: 47 x 47 x 61 inches
  • Shape: Square

Cute Ethereal Lace Teepee Tent

Ethereal lace teepee tent in a kids' room with white walls

Little Dove Floral Classic Teepee Tent

  • Beautiful entrance
  • Great for princess theme
  • Suitable for small spaces

What we like: Wow. This beautiful teepee tent is a perfect choice for a princess or prince. The elegant ethereal lace style design adds uniqueness to the teepee, and it really stands out as something extra.

The teepee tent measures 43.3 by 43.3 inches width and depth, and it’s 70.9 inches tall. It has a semi-transparent front due to the lace fabric, which gives your kids the ability to close the front and still be able to see you for added comfort.

Like other teepee tents, this play tent easily folds and disassembles into a compact size, and you can store it in a small bag when it’s not being used.


  • Dimensions: 43.3 x 43.3 x 70.9 inches
  • Shape: Square

Black and White Teepee Tent with Wooden Poles

Black and white teepee play tent on a black floor inside a living room

Tiny Land Black/White Teepee Tent

  • Black/white stripes
  • Has one window
  • Carry case included

What we like: This lovely black and white themes teepee tent fits modern interior design perfectly, and adds a bit of contrast as well. It’s a beautiful teepee tent for boys and girls, standing 60 inches tall and taking up a space of 47.2 by 47.2 inches.

The teepee tent adds a bit more shade than plain white tents do, and therefore they are great choices for a sunny spot in the garden or on the beach. It has a window too, which gives the tent a bit of ventilation on a hot day.

The cotton canvas is attached to 4 natural wooden poles, and it easily disassembles for storage between uses.


  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 47.2 x 60 inches
  • Shape: Square

Camouflage Teepee Tent with Sleeping Bag

Camo teepee tent and sleeping bag for kids

Delta Children Green Camo Teepee Tent

  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Sleeping bag included
  • Easy assembly

What we like: Now this is the ultimate dream teepee tent for those who want to go fully invisible! Place it outside, and you’ll never find your kids again. Just kidding, but this teepee tend is actually a perfect solution if you want your kids to spend more time outside. Set it up near the camp fire, bring out the marshmallows, chocolate and biscuits, and you’re ready for a perfect evening outside.

The teepee tent also provides great shade on a sunny day, so your kids can relax and unwind during a beach trip or picnic, and the sleeping bag adds to the experience by giving your kid a comfortable opportunity to lie down and get some rest.

The Delta Children teepee tent comes with plastic support poles for a durable yet flexible frame, and the cover is made from polyester to keep it as lightweight as possible. There’s a base included too, so your kids won’t have to be directly on the ground.


  • Dimensions: 47.25 x 47.25 x 66 inches
  • Shape: Square

Customizable White Teepee Tent (Paint Your Own Pattern)

Three kids playing inside a wooden framed teepee tent with mom standing by the side

Kids Smile Store 5-Pole Teepee Tent

  • Paint your own motifs
  • 70 inches tall
  • Very spacious

What we like: If you and your kids want to customize the teepee tent on your own, this teepee tent is the perfect choice. You get a pentagonal frame with a plain white canvas, which makes for a great surface for painting.

Have your kids paint their favorite motives on the canvas on the outside, and teach them how much fun it is to add a personal touch to those things you treasure the most. Afterwards the kids (and parents!) can crawl into the teepee and relax, while hiding from the world outside.

The teepee tent comes with windows for added ventilation, a wide opening and a few nice details here and there. It is a bit larger than your average teepee, measuring 70 inches in diameter and 70 inches in height as well.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 inches
  • Shape: Pentagonal

Large Teepee Play Tent (85 Inches High)

Large white teepee play tent in a pink kids' room

CO-Z Foldable Teepee Tent

  • 49″ x 49″ pentagon-shaped base
  • 85 inches tall
  • Perfect for outdoor use

What we like: This is one very tall teepee tent, and therefore perfect for bigger kids who still wants to have a hiding place in their room. It is also a great option for adults who like to have smaller spaces in their living room, where they can sit and relax with a book and a cup of coffee.

The CO-Z teepee tent measures 49 by 49 inches, and it’s 85 inches tall. That’s taller than most adults (6′ 1″), and therefore you’re most likely able to stand up inside this teepee play tent.

Although most suitable for kids, you can definitely join them for a moment of relaxation, reading and hiding from the real world.

The CO-Z teepee tent comes with a pair of decorative balls, flags, a plain white canvas, wood poles and connectors. Basically all you need, besides a base which you get to choose on your own.


  • Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 85 inches
  • Shape: Square

Elegant Semi-Transparent Ethereal Lace Teepee

Tiny Land luxury teepee play tent with floral decoration placed inside a kids' room

Tiny Land Huge Luxury Lace Teepee Tent

  • Very decorative
  • 90 inches tall
  • Spacious

What we like: This beautiful luxury lace teepee is the perfect choice for those who want the aesthetics of a teepee tent without having it completely covering you. It provides just a little bit of shade, but all sides are semi-transparent and therefore makes for a wonderful setting indoors as well as outdoors.

Set it up in the garden along with some pillows and soft blankets, and you’ll have a perfect setting for a night out. Or set it up in your living room, if you want to create a peaceful little space for you to unwind and read a book.

This large teepee is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it even comes with a carry bag so you can store it anywhere when you’re not using it.


  • Dimensions: 75 x 67 x 86 inches
  • Shape: Pentagonal