The Best Base for an Inflatable Hot Tub

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I remember when I was a kid, my parents had an inflatable hot tub in their garden year-round. We loved splashing around in the warm water, especially during the winter months, there was just something magical about being able to walk through the snow and then enter a steaming hot tub of bubbling water.

Unfortunately the joy lived shortly, because the inflatable hot tub started leaking within its first year. My parents realized they should’ve put a proper base underneath it, because apparantly something sharp has cut its way through the bottom.

Placing your inflatable hot tub on a base is a great idea for multiple reasons. Besides acting as a protective layer between the surface and your hot tub, it stabilizes the pump and other equipment used to filter the water and keep it warm during use. It gives the entire hot tub-area an aesthetically pleasing look as well, and you can even build an entire patio and have the inflatable hot tub sitting in one corner – or why not build the inflatable hot tub into the ground, and have the base function as a patio with chairs, tables, etc.?

There’s a lot of possibilities, and for that reason we’ve done extensive research to find the best bases for inflatable hot tubs – so make sure you read on, and get multiple options for your garden.

Base Made of Teak Wood Gives Your Garden a Natural Look

Nordic Style Natural Teak Tile (10 pcs.)

Nordic Style Natural Teak Tile (10 pcs.)

  • Real teak wood
  • Oiled finish for better durability
  • Plastic bottom elevated the wood from the surface

Although the inflatable hot tub doesn’t really provide a natural look to your garden, there’s no reason why you can’t have a natural base underneath it. The Nordic Style Natural Teak tiles are not only beautiful, they are also made of teak wood, one of the densest and most durable types of wood in the world.

Teak is commonly known for its ability to last a very long time with little to no care, as time goes it will just get a greyish patina, which looks great in most gardens anyway.

So if you’re seeking a base for your inflatable hot tub but don’t want to settle with a plastic base, these teak tiles are worth considering.

You’ll get a pack of 10 pieces that can be put together as you like, and you can buy more if needed. You can either place them directly onto your lawn, or on practically any flat surface, as long as they won’t sink into the ground. Most people would probably place them on top of a concrete deck, which is a great idea in order to make it stand out and look more decorative.

Each tile measures 12 x 12 x 1.1 inches.

Modular Deck Tiles Are Durable and Suitable for Inflatable Hot Tubs

DuraGrid Modular Interlocking Deck Tiles (24 pcs.)

DuraGrid Modular Interlocking Deck Tiles (24 pcs.)

  • Long lasting with no maintenance required
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Anti-slip surface

If you want a durable base for your inflatable hot tub, that doesn’t require any form of maintenance, these DuraGrid tiles are a great choice. They come in many different package sizes, and you can choose from different colors to make them suit your garden and/or patio properly.

They are modular and interlock with each other perfectly, so you can build them as you like. They provide a great protective base for your hot tub and other equipment, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the bottom of the hot tub nor the surface underneath the hot tub.

Furthermore, the DuraGrid tiles are made in the USA, and they are very easy to keep clean with regular water. You don’t have to do anything besides washing them down once in a while, because plastic won’t deteriorate and/or rot like some types of wood do.

Each tile measures 12 x 12 inches.

Choose a Proper Base for Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Choosing the best base for your hot tub is important, if you want to protect the bottom of the hot tub from tearing and leaking. But it’s just as important to place it on a proper surface, because the base won’t do much if the ground it sits on is soft and/or moist. The base will just start sinking down to the ground, and then it won’t have any effect.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • If you want to place your inflatable hot tub on a base that sits directly on the lawn/ground, you should make sure it doesn’t sink into the ground as time goes. Check regularly if it’s the case or not.
  • Consider stabilizing the ground with gravel, and make sure it’s properly compacted in order to provide a stable surface for your base. This is also how tiled patios are made, and the compacted gravel also makes sure the water runs off.
  • The best placement is directly onto a concrete deck or tiled patio. This surface works great with your base, and the hot tub can then be placed on top of the base in order to have proper protection against any rough/coarse surface.