Machine to pick up rocks in yard

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Rocks in the yard have their uses including bringing extra aesthetic value to the landscape. 

But too many rocks and stones on your land could be an impediment to proper plant growth (they ‘eat’ up plants growing space) and gardening activities such as mowing (hitting a rock could dent or bend your mowing machine).

And that’s where a machine to pick up rocks in yard comes in.

Of course, you’ll get the job done quicker and professionally than when picking them by hand or using a shovel scoop to remove the rocks from the yard.

Question is, which is the best machine to pick up rocks in yard?

Below we reveal some of the best machines you can use to clear the unsightly rocks from your property.

Machine to pick up rocks in yard: Your options

You don’t have to sweet-talk your neighbor to come for the rocks they promised to pick up eons ago.

Instead, try these machines:

·        Rake attachments

If you want to evict the annoying rocks from the soil in the least possible time, go for a rock attachment.

They come in a variety of styles/sizes and feature numerous curved tines and are mostly pulled behind a tractor to have them smoke out the rocks.

What I love most about them is that they trap pretty much everything in the tines –roots, branches, sticks, vines, and other debris- for a completely pristine finish.

Now, I have been scouring the markets looking for quality options and I’m glad I stumbled on three great ones.

Here they are:

1.     Agri-Fab 45-0366 Rock Rake Ground Engaging rock removal attachment for tractor

Whether you’re preparing to plant crops, grass, or flowers, this model will complete the job in no time.

It’s quite well built and even rotates 180 degrees for a handy reverse raking action.

Besides, you can angle it 24 degrees (left or right) to allow you make windrows.

It comes with heat-treated steel tangs (1/4-inch) and offers adequate coverage to handle larger yards thanks to the 48-inch working width.

Note that you’ll need a sleeve hitch to mount it to your tractor.

2.     Black Boar Landscape Rake ATV/UTV attachment for removal of Rock

Another machine to remove rocks from soil is this landscaping rake.

It attaches to an ATV/UTV and will bring rocks stuck in the soil to the ground in one pass and will surely speed up the work.

One thing that sets it apart from competing models is that you can remove each tine to adjust the coarseness depending on the condition of your yard.

Fewer tines work best for dense rocks and all the tines ideal for lighter rocks concentration.

The other thing we loved about this machine is that the rocks won’t collect in the center or even spill out the sides since the design makes use of its entire length.

3.     Kolpin Landscape Rake 60-Inch Tractor attachment

You can also go for this rather than turn your garden soil manually with a shovel looking for the rocks.

You have 5 different angles so you can chuck out rocks hidden in the hard to reach spots.

The 60-inches width makes it excellent for expansive yards.

You again get hardened tines (21 in total) so it will never give up on you when confronted by harder rocks and pebbles.

Overall, the Kolpin landscape rake should pay for itself within a very short time!

Remember to order a 3-point hitch system when buying.

·        Equipment to gather large rocks

There are implements designed to dislodge oversized boulders, even those buried in dirt.

Below we look at these professional-grade rock removal machines.

1.     Box Blade

A box blade is an amazing machine to pick up rocks in yard if you own a tractor.

The scarifier teeth will dig up those stones and bring them to the ground, ready to be hauled away.

But perhaps what makes it extremely effective is the incredible pushing power which sees it make short work of the largest boulders.

You can rent one from your favorite equipment rental source if you’re not flush with money.

But if you’re interested in owning one, the Titan Box Blade (4′ – 7′) Tractor Attachment can make a superb choice.

It’s seamless to operate yet wonderfully powerful.

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2.     Bobcat (skit steer loader) landscape rake

While underlying rocks (baseball size and above) are definitely a challenge for standard machines such as rock rake tow-behind attachment, a Bobcat landscape rake revels in stubborn rocks and could be your best bet.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better machine than a Bobcat landscape rake if you’re tackling relatively hard ground littered with tons of dogged rocks.

And you’ll appreciate that you can easily dump the collected debris making your job even easier.

My hunt for an ideal landscape rake compatible with a Bobcat tractor led me to the 72″ Grapple Rake rock Attachment.

Its universal skid steer hook-up means it attaches to nearly all brands of Bobcat haulers.

Importantly, it picks the rocks like a champ.

Like with box blades, these are also available for hire from various rental companies.

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Machine to pick up rocks in yard: other alternatives

There are a couple of other machines you can employ to fetch the problem rocks from the yard.

These include:

  • Backhoes
  • Rock pickers
  • Rock Diggers

Here is a rundown of these awesome garden machinery.

  1. Backhoe- a backhoe impressively excavates large stones and might be the most efficient tool for the job if you’re handling an acre (or two) of yard infested with sizeable rocks.
  2. Rock pickers- these garden accessories are built to quickly pick up stones without collecting much soil. Their paddle makes contact with the surface, then lifts and spins those stones onto the built-in grill to separate the rocks from the soil.
  3. Rock Digger- This is yet another versatile machine that works miracles when it comes to rock removal. Not only do it scoop out submerged rocks but will also transport the boulders to your designated destination.

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Safety tips

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener, safety should be a top priority when working with any machine to pick up rocks.

The following tips will help you stay safe during the operation:

  1. Follow instructions- the machine’s owner’s manual has specific instructions and applicable warning labels. Observe them to the latter.
  2. Check the engine’s capacity– be sure to confirm that your tractor/UTV’s machine is powerful enough to push the weight of amassed rocks safely.
  3. Ensure the equipment is setup properly- you don’t want the attachment to disconnect when struggling with a mammoth rock. Hook it up correctly and firmly before starting the job. 
  4. Put on your safety clothing– wear essentials such as eye protection if you’ll be breaking up the bigger rocks.
  5. Regularly inspect the machine– check your machine regularly to ensure it remains in tiptop working condition.

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The best machine to pick up rocks in yard is determined by the size and amount of rocks as well as the dimensions of the area you’re clearing.

The above list contains some of the most effective instruments for the job and should be a good start.

Pick your favorite and shave off hours of your manual labor.

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