Zero turn mowers with steering wheels

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Lap-bar style ZTRs have had their time in the sun and now it seems more people are leaning towards zero turn mowers with steering wheels.

And whether you’re purchasing a zero turn for the first time or an experienced homeowner looking to upgrade, you’re likely to find these z-turns an easier experience, particularly when cutting on dangerous slopes.

We have reviewed the best on the market for you in this article.

Plus, we have added a guide to help you sort through the competing options so you can decide the best brand and model for your needs.

Here are the zero turn mowers with steering wheels we feel confident you’re going to love just as much as we do!

Zero turn mowers with steering wheels reviews

These 2 steering wheel control equipped wonders will get you fanatically enthused by their beautiful cutting and the fun they bring to your summer hobby:

1. Cub Cadet XZ2  i ZERO TURN 117 46″ DECK

The Cub Cadet XZ2 is an interesting choice that we just couldn’t leave off of our list.

First off, the 46 inches (117 cm) cutting deck trims massive areas in no time.

And the dependable and tremendously powerful 679cc OHV engine gives it an edge when it comes to cutting the thickest patches of turf, making it a real pleasure to work with.

Next up is the genuinely advanced cutting system – there’s optimal airflow, perfect blade overlap along with a floating deck.

The results? A consistently faultless, high-quality cut.

Above all, its steering wheel control is more intuitive to use and super easy to drive around diverse grounds compared to the competition.


  • Minimal turf damage.
  • A greater range of finishes available- cutting heights are between 38 and 100 mm.
  • Made to last.


  • Bagging a bit wanting.

2. Toro TimeCutter SW4200

Toro is another well-known name in the zero turn with steering wheels mowers world and the TimeCutter SW4200 (42 inch cutting width) is an exemplary reason why.

Awesome on hills, it keeps up with the Cub Cadet XZ2 in many ways including in the quality of cut and operator comfort.

The SW4200 feature solid construction that brings together a 10-gauge steel frame, caster forks, engine guard, and cast iron/steel axles for utmost durability while mowing.

Add the hefty 708cc Toro V-twin ZX engine (24.5 HP) and you see why it tears through tough conditions and overgrown grass faster than most of the rivals. 

I must say that the 7 different cutting heights are wonderful if you’re obsessed with professional cuts.

Worried about maintenance?

Fear not- a quick oil drain hose plus a double barrel carb simplifies the task.

This truly stands out from the crowd…

It even comes with an adjustable steering column to maximize your comfort when mowing for hours.


  • Translucent fuel tank (3 gallon).
  • Comes with a standard hitch to help you tow dethatchers and other attachments.
  • Holds steep hills well even when it’s pouring.


  • Only available from a few websites (check

Traditional Lap Bar style zero turns Vs Zero turn mowers with steering wheels reviews

The move to a steering wheel zero-turn lawn mower can be an exciting one if you look at what they bring to your mowing chore.

Take a look:

Unmatched stability when mowing much steeper slopes and uneven terrain.

If you’re cutting a lot on uneven, sloppy terrain, then your safest bet could be a steering wheel zero turn.

But why is this, you ask…

Well, most provide improved control and stability compared to traditional zero turns with front caster wheels.

In fact, the old fashioned zero turn has a tendency to want to drive downwards on hilly terrain, something that makes them extremely dangerous.

What’s more, most of the latest steering wheel models come with foot brakes to give you even more control when mowing sections that stand at an uncomfortable angle.

Zero learning curve

Have you seen how folks struggle to wrap their heads around the workings of a lap bar controlled z-turn?

This has, of course, been the biggest turn off for some owners when it comes to conventional zero turn lawn tractors.

You know, mastering how to drive a mower with two levers isn’t exactly fun for some of us (you can’t blame anyone, it’s just that learning new stuff doesn’t make our hearts leap!).

Enter the fantastic zero turn mowers with steering wheel and everything is suddenly so easy.


The mower is pretty much like your car and you’ll be racing off the starting blocks.

No more clumsy levers to worry about.

Zero turn mowers with steering wheels: buying guide

This zero-turn buying guide will help you choose the best steering wheel zero turn mower based on your personal situation and yard needs.

Before you shop, consider the following:

What’s the best deck size for my yard?

The following guidelines offer you a good look at each deck size and the yard sizes it’s generally suitable for.

Deck size (inches) Recommended yard size
Below 42″ Smaller yards (maximum of 1 acre)
42 to 46″ About 1-acre 
48 to 50″ Between 1 to 3 acres
52 to 54″ Mostly 1 to 3 acres where the slope is more challenging for 48 – 50″ decks
Over 54″ Over 5 acres
best deck size for my yard

Tip: Each company specifies the recommended acreage for their brands and it’s best to follow each unit’s individual recommendation.

Quality of construction

It’s important to realize that the build quality is a big issue in light of the money you’re investing in these things.

The best way to tell who’s leading the quality and durability race is by reading the reviews.

Design quality

Should I really tell you this?

Okay, since we’re here, allow me to remind you that you’re better off with a machine that performs flawlessly including turning nicely when cutting uphill on a side slope.

Plus, you obviously want perfectly placed, easy-to-use controls.

After all, we all dream of having the ultimate mowing experience.

Your budget matters too

The units we have featured sell for around $3500 to $5500, and we’ve seen some going for as much as $14000 (commercial grade). 

And finally?

  • The brands

Some brands are more trusted when it comes to Z turn mowers and it could be wise to stick to them rather than go for the new, less expensive names.

Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Kubota all have decent units.  

Zero turn mowers with steering wheels: frequently asked questions [FAQs]

What is the best zero turn mower with steering wheel?

Admittedly, that’s a tough one to crack because we don’t understand what you’re looking for precisely.u003cbru003eTo make the right decision, consider your yard size, budget, and the comfort features you need for the best overall mowing experience.

Does John Deere make a zero turn mower with a steering wheel?

Unfortunately, not any more (they had one a couple of years back).u003cbru003eYou can only purchase brands such as Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy Bilt, and the others I mentioned previously.  

Concluding remarks

If you’re yet to, consider stepping up your current machine to a zero turn with a steering wheel.

Not only are they phenomenal for hilly areas but they’re also a real deal in flat grounds and pretty much any other terrain you can think off.

If you decide to make the move, be sure to check out the two innovative zero-turns we have reviewed in this article.

Trust us: nothing beats the experience of using a steering wheel on a z-turn!

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