11 Best Ceiling Fans With Lights

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Ceiling fans with lights increase the circulation of air in any room while lighting it up at the same time. Though being notorious for their not so charming looks, they do offer a great set of advantages for any home. When it’s hot and humid outside the ceiling fans help maintain a fresh breeze of air throughout the house, and when it’s cold outside they help distribute the hot air and keep you warm.

If you’re shopping for the best ceiling fans with lights, there’s an overwhelming number of great options to choose from. We’ve done the research for you and curated a list of the best products in each category.

Best overall: Hunter Builder Deluxe 52″ Ceiling Fan With LED Light

Our top pick is a great choice for most people. It’s a popular ceiling fan with lights, reasonably priced, and it has a good range of features. If you’re undecided and don’t want to spend too much time looking for different options, our “best overall” ceiling fan is a solid choice.

Hunter Builder Deluxe Indoor Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Pull Chain Control, 52", Wooden Blades
Editor’s choice

Hunter Builder Deluxe 52″ Ceiling Fan With LED Light

  • Great style and value
  • Easy to install with 2″ and 3″ downrods included for height adjustment
  • Quiet with a proper air flow for rooms up to 400 sq.ft.

Pros: Looks great, directions on how to install are easy to understand and follow, blades are generally well balanced and fan come with a balancing kit, comfortable lighting, quiet with proper air flow.

Cons: Lights might not be bright enough to be the only light in a room, assembly requires a bit of work and includes lots of small parts, lowest setting is too low to provide any air circulation.

Hunter has been a reliable brand for decades, and they still seem to be the most popular brand for ceiling fans with lights.

The Builder Deluxe indoor fan measures 52 inches in diameter which, according to Energy Star, is suitable for rooms between 225 and 400 square feet.

The LED lights provide a pleasant light for your living room, without being overly bright. The blades and mount are available in multiple colors, so make sure you click the link to see all options.

A similar mode is also considered the top pick by The Spruce and loved by thousands of buyers on Amazon and other online stores, confirming that this is a great purchase overall.

Best on a budget: Prominence Home Alvina LED Globe Light 42″ Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans with lights don’t have to be expensive, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly model this is a great option. Popular among the majority of users and suitable for most small to medium sized rooms, this is a perfect choice.

Prominence Home 80029-01 Alvina Led Globe Light Hugger/Low Profile Ceiling Fan, 42 inches, Satin Nickel With White Light and Wooden Blades
Best value

Prominence Home Alvina LED Globe Light 42″ Ceiling Fan

  • Great value
  • Perfect size for rooms up to 225 sq.ft.
  • Quiet motor and operation
  • Multiple finishes to choose from

Pros: Easy assembly and installation, quiet, great value, energy efficient LED light, compact design works well in rooms up to 225 sq.ft., low profile, great range of finishes to choose from.

Cons: Light consists of a single LED which isn’t very bright, parts might seem a bit cheap, pull chains are in a slightly awkward position.

This affordable ceiling fan has an LED globe light, which provides a pleasant light in a small room. According to the Energy Star recommendations a 42-inch fan is a great choice for rooms up to 225 square feet, making it a good choice for the office or a small bedroom.

For those looking to replace multiple ceiling fans around the house at a limited budget, the Prominent Home Alvina ceiling fan is a great choice. It is installed flush against the ceiling, making it suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

Best hugger: Hunter Dempsey Low Profile 52″ Ceiling Fan

With a flush mount ceiling fan you’re looking at the perfect solution for rooms with low ceilings. Although the hugger ceiling fan has a low profile it still features a dimmable light, making it a great choice for any room.

HUNTER 59242 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote Control, 52", White

Hunter Dempsey Low Profile 52″ Ceiling Fan

  • Low profile: 12.27 inches
  • Bright white finish suits any room
  • Quiet operation

Pros: Low profile measuring just 12.27 inches, easy to install, bright white finish makes it less intrusive for rooms with low ceilings, quiet, energy efficient LED light.

Cons: No battery included for the remote although it’s just a regular CR2032 lithium battery, some buyers felt a little disappointed by the speed.

When it comes to rooms with low ceilings, the last thing you’d probably want is a big and bulky fan with lights. The Hunter Dempsey Low Profile 52″ Ceiling Fan is the exact opposite with a height of just 12.27 inches, including the LED light.

Furthermore we appreciate the white finish, because it blends in perfectly with most ceilings and make the fan seem less intrusive. There are no hanging pull chains either, since it’s fully remote controlled.

Best for large rooms: Honeywell Xerxes 62″ Ceiling Fan

Living rooms are usually the biggest room of the house, making it a challenge to find a ceiling fan big enough to function efficiently. Fortunately you’re not completely out of luck, and with a little digging we managed to find a great ceiling fan with lights fit for a large room.

Honeywell 50608-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, 62” Blades, Brushed Nickel With Eight Large Blades

Honeywell Xerxes 62″ Ceiling Fan

  • Good choice for rooms bigger than 400 sq.ft.
  • Easy installation on different types of ceilings
  • Nice contemporary design

Pros: Suitable for rooms larger than 400 sq.ft., tri-mount allows for easy mounting on different types of ceilings, powerful with 8 large blades, contemporary design, quiet operation.

Cons: Lights might not be bright enough to illuminate an entire room on their own, slightly disappointed with build quality.

The Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan comes with a remote control and an energy saving LED light, providing great value at a reasonable cost. The fan is big enough to circulate the air in rooms bigger than 400 square feet, and it’s relatively quiet as well.

As most buyers also mentioned, this ceiling fan is easy to install. It is a bit heavy though, weighing a bit over 30 pounds it takes at least two people to safely install it on the ceiling.

We truly love the modern/contemporary style, and the Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan is a great choice for a new home.

Best for high ceilings: Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60″ Ceiling Fan

High ceilings or vaulted ceilings pose a challenge for any ceiling fan, as the recommended height from floor to blades is between 8 and 9 feet for optimal efficiency (according to Energy Star). However, some ceiling fans can be extended with a downrod to adjust the distance between your floor and blades, making them perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

Westinghouse Lighting Oil Rubbed Bronze, Remote Control Included 7207800 Cayuga 60-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan, Dimmable LED Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass and Six Blades

Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60″ Ceiling Fan

  • Compatible with downrods up to 48 inches
  • Circulates a large amount of air
  • Interchangeable light source allows for freedom

Pros: Can be used with downrods up to 48 inches, very quiet, circulates air very well in both directions, lights are interchangeable and bright enough to properly illuminate a large room, conveniently operated with the included remote control.

Cons: Dimming the lights included is a bit complicated, few buyers complain about a humming noise when on its lowest setting, can only be operated by the hand remote.

The Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60″ Ceiling Fan is compatible with downrods up to 48 inches, and therefore suitable for high ceilings. It has a very nice contemporary design and would look great in any new home.

Though buyers found it a bit cumbersome, the LED lights are indeed dimmable but require you to hold down the light button on the remote to do so. We would rather want buttons that could be pressed for dimming the lights up or down, but if you’re planning on changing the lights to Philips HUE or similar smart bulbs this isn’t an issue whatsoever.

Make sure you click the links above to see the different color options for this ceiling fan. Besides the one shown on the image, it’s also available with a brushed nickel finish.

Best for bedrooms: Reiga 52″ Ceiling Fan With 3 Color Temperature Switch

Due to the nature and use of bedrooms you want a reliable ceiling fan with dimmable lights and a quiet motor. An added plus is the timer feature, making the ceiling fan turn off automatically after a designated period of time. This means that you can circulate the air while going to sleep, knowing that it turns itself off automatically while you sleep.

reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit Remote Control Modern Blades Noiseless Reversible Motor, 6-speed, 3 color Temperature Switch and Silver Finish

Reiga 52″ Ceiling Fan With 3 Color Temperature Switch

  • Very useful sleep timer (1, 2, 4, or 8 hours)
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Very quiet

Pros: Modern futuristic look, very efficient – the large blades move a lot of air, very quiet, dimmable lights are useful in a bedroom, reverse button on the remote, 1-2-4-8 hour sleep timer.

Cons: Some buyers felt the light was too bright for them, ceiling fan beeps when turned on and you press any remote button.

While 3-bladed ceiling fans are generally a bit more noisy than other fans, we found the Reiga 52″ Ceiling Fan to be very quiet. You wouldn’t want to run it on its highest speed setting at night anyways, but instead have it on a lower setting to maintain a pleasant breeze.

What really struck us as a great feature in this particular fan is the sleep timer. With a push of a button you can adjust it to automatically turn off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. This means that you can run it for a couple of hours at night before shutting off automatically, and for most people this is more than enough to get them comfortably through the night.

It’s worth mentioning that although it has a dimmable LED light, many people found it very bright. It is possible to replace the light source, but you’ll have to reach out to customer service first. At a lower setting the light is great though, but in a bedroom you’re likely not going to use it unless you’re cleaning or organizing the room – and for that purpose we actually found the lights very useful.

Best quiet: Westinghouse Lighting Alloy 52″ LED Ceiling Fan

One of the most annoying aspects of ceilings fans is that they can be quite noisy. If you’re working from home or want a quiet ceiling fan with lights for your living room, this is your best option. Rattling sounds and motor buzzing are at a bare minimum with this ceiling fan, making it the perfect choice for those who like their ceiling fans to be whisper quiet.

Westinghouse Lighting 7205300 Alloy 52-inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan, LED Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass, 52 Inch

Westinghouse Lighting Alloy 52″ LED Ceiling Fan

  • Surprisingly quiet
  • Stylish gun metal finish
  • Replaceable G16 bulbs can be upgraded with Philips Hue or similar smart bulbs

Pros: Moves a lot of air on even the lowest setting, whisper quiet, stylish gun metal finish (also available in other color variations), lightweight and easy to install, pull chains have little metal handles with symbols that allow you to distinguish between light and fan.

Cons: Doesn’t come with a remote (but a remote control kit can be purchased as an add-on), light isn’t too bright but could be upgraded with brighter G16 bulbs if needed.

The Westinghouse Lighting Alloy 52″ LED Ceiling Fan is one of our top choices for a quiet ceiling fan with light. At the time of writing, only a handful of buyers out of more than 2,000 found it noisy, and we suspect some of them simply installed it wrong since a few of them mentioned it was rattling and/or wobbling as well.

We found this ceiling fan to be extremely quiet, yet it didn’t fail to move a lot of air even on its lowest setting.

Being an affordable option you won’t get a lot of features either, but it gets the job done without causing too much noise. If you want a bit of extra convenience, there’s a remote control kit available that you can purchase at an affordable price. Since the light source is a pair of standard G16 bulbs you can replace them with an LED light source of your choice – or even add Philips HUE bulbs if you want more control of the lighting.

Best outdoor: Honeywell Belmar 52″ Waterproof Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

There’s nothing better than a refreshing breeze while spending time outside, and with an outdoor ceiling fan with lights you don’t have to set up additional lighting fixtures after it gets dark. Simply turn on the lights and leave the fan running as long as it’s hot and humid outside, to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in a covered patio.

Honeywell Belmar Outdoor LED Ceiling Fan with LED Light, Waterproof, Damp-Rated, 52" Dark Gray

Honeywell Belmar 52″ Waterproof Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan

  • Damp-rated for use on a covered patio
  • Capable of circulating the air in an area up to 18 x 18 feet
  • Lights are replaceable

Pros: Very efficient fan for outdoor use, damp-rated for use on a covered patio, works great on patios up to 18 x 18 feet, replaceable bulbs allow for customization to your needs, great for any hot and humid location.

Cons: Color description is a little off as it’s more matte black than dark bronze, included light bulbs are a bit dim, no remote included (can be purchased as an add-on).

During a hot summer day there’s nothing better than a breeze of fresh air. However, nature doesn’t always provide such a breeze or your patio is covered by screens to maintain a bit of privacy. In such case, the Honeywell Belmar 52″ Waterproof Damp-Rated Ceiling Fan is a great addition to your covered patio. It comes with lights that will illuminate the patio at night, and it moves a lot of air from patios measuring up to 18 x 18 feet.

We found that the lights weren’t as bright as we wanted them to be, and for a covered patio you might want your lights to be dimmable as well. Fortunately you can easily fix this by replacing the light bulbs with smart LED bulbs to create the perfect atmosphere at any given time of the day.

Best with bright lights: Prominence Home 42″ Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

Some rooms require a bright light, and some ceiling fans provide exactly that. Whether it’s your at-home workshop or the kitchen, a ceiling fan with bright lights offer a strong light while circulating the air and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.

Prominence Home 51015 Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan, 42", Bronze With Bright Light

Prominence Home 42″ Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

  • Very bright lights (2 x E26/B11 bulbs included)
  • Dimmable from 20% and up
  • Quiet 3-speed motor

Pros: Very bright light, compact size works great for an office or small kitchen, easy to install with the directions included, B11 bulbs are included and replaceable if needed, lights are dimmable.

Cons: Some parts have a slightly cheap look and feel, doesn’t have a remote control, few buyers thought it was a bit noisy in its highest setting.

The stylish Prominence Home 42″ Reston Farmhouse Ceiling Fan has a bright light, and it works very well as a primary source of light in a small room. As such it’s a great purchase for any small bedroom, home office, work space, kitchenette, the mudroom, or similar.

Since it has no remote included, you have to pull the chains to turn lights on/off and adjust the fan. We really like the little detail with symbols indicating whether the chain is for the lights or the fan.

Because it’s only available in a 30-inch or 42-inch version, it works best in a small room up to 144 square feet.

Best remote controlled: Minka-Aire Sleek 60″ Smart Ceiling Fan With Light Kit

A large number of ceiling fans with lights are controlled via a small remote control, but the smartest models can be synced with an app and pair with Google Home, Alexa, Nest, and other smart home tech systems. By allowing you to connect through apps you can easily adjust the lights and fan speeds all over the house for perfect air circulation and ease of use. No more running around the house to switch off fixtures before going to sleep.

Minka Aire F868L-ORB Sleek - 60 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan with Light Kit, Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish with Seasoned Wood Blade Finish

Minka-Aire Sleek 60″ Smart Ceiling Fan With Light Kit

  • Rated “Most Efficient” by Energy Star
  • Smart ceiling fan with remote control and app connectivity
  • Sleek modern look suits most new homes
  • Easily adjustable through the app

Pros: Pairs with your favorite smart home hubs (Google Home, Alexa, Next, Ecobee and more), regular remote control included, sleek modern look, lots of adjustments available in the app, provides a pleasant light for a living room.

Cons: Light isn’t as bright as other fans, takes a bit of time and technical knowledge to connect with Google Home/Alexa and get familiar with the app, remote control doesn’t do much.

The Minka-Aire Sleek 60″ Smart Ceiling Fan With Light Kit is a great choice for a room bigger than 400 square feet, and with the remote control you’re able to control it from any location. For additional convenience it connects to your WiFi and pairs with the most popular smart home systems, including Google Home and Alexa.

We love the sleek and modern look and feel of this ceiling fan, and the light is properly diffused to provide a comfortable lighting in any living room. It isn’t too bright, but in a large room you’d most likely need additional lighting anyway. Besides the oil rubbed bronze finish with a wood blade finish you can also get this ceiling fan in a white finish as well as a brass/white finish.

Best modern look: Honeywell Kaliza 56″ Ceiling Fan

If you’re shopping for a modern or contemporary ceiling fan with built-in lights, we recommend opting for this model. It goes perfectly well with any modern or contemporary interior design, and fits any colors whether dark or bright.

Honeywell Kaliza Modern Ceiling Fan with Remote Control, 56 inches, espresso finish

Honeywell Kaliza 56″ Ceiling Fan

  • Remote control with lots of different settings
  • Stylish modern design
  • Great choice for rooms bigger than 400 sq.ft.

Pros: Great remote control with lots of settings, nice modern design, large enough for rooms over 400 square feet, bright lights with adjustable temperature and dimmable, base available in black or nickel finish, very easy to install, nice build quality.

Cons: LED lights aren’t easily replaceable, fan can only be controlled with the remote, some buyers thought the LED lights had a yellow tint when adjusted to the “warm” setting.

The Honeywell Kaliza 56″ Ceiling Fan gives out the right modern vibes with a warm espresso finish and black base. It comes with a great remote that adjusts the fan speed, lights, temperature of lights, and it even allows you to change the direction of the fans as well.

Measuring 56 inches this is a great choice for rooms bigger than 400 square feet, and it seems well built with a nice look and feel.

Although the LED lights are adjustable, they’re not a common fixture and therefore can’t be replaced with other light bulbs of your choice. This could be problematic if you’re running your lights in a smart home setup, but otherwise we don’t see any problems with this.

How to buy the best ceiling fans with lights

Picking the right ceiling fan with lights seem like a difficult task since there are thousands of models to choose from. However, knowing what to look for is a great start, and there’s a lot of things that are important to consider before buying your new ceiling fan.

Below is a general buying guide that will help you select the best ceiling fan with lights for your needs.

Energy efficiency

Most ceiling fans are actually surprisingly energy efficient, but there are a few things to look out for if energy use is a major concern of yours:

  • Look for a ceiling fan with a direct current (DC) motor as they use up to 70 percent less electricity according to The Spruce.
  • Opt for LED lighting as it uses up to 75 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer than old fashioned light sources, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Some ceiling fans are Energy Star certified as well, and you can look up what models that are currently holding the Energy Star certification on their official website.

Fan size

Bigger fans cover bigger areas, of course. Choose a fan size suitable for the room you’re in, and install it in with a distance of 8 to 9 feet from the floor for best performance.

According to Energy Star, the most popular ceiling fan size is the 52-inch model. However, bigger models would work better in a large room – or you could install more than one ceiling fan to circulate more air across the room.

This table shows what fan size is suggested to different room dimensions:

Room sizeFan size
Up to 75 sq.ft.29 – 36″
76 – 144 sq.ft.36 – 42″
145 – 225 sq.ft.44 – 50″
226 – 400 sq.ft.50 – 54″
>400 sq.ft.>54″ (or consider getting more fans)
Source: Energy Star

Lighting type

Most ceiling fans have LED lights with the option to replace them with bulbs that suit your needs. LED lights are gaining popularity because they last longer than for example halogen lights, and they’re more energy efficient as well.

The biggest disadvantage of LED lights is that they don’t provide a warm light as old fashioned incandescent bulbs do, but instead you get to choose between a white/cold light or a slightly yellow light. Most people are okay with this, but some people dislike it.

If you want to use Philips Hue light bulbs or similar smart bulbs, you need to make sure the ceiling fan is compatible with common light bulbs. Check the product description closely to make sure it fits the type of light bulb you want to use.

Motor type

Ceiling fans either have a direct current (DC) or an alternating current (AC) motor, with DC motors being the best choice for energy efficiency and noise level. They often have more speed options as well as reverse control directly on the remote, and it’s usually lighter than AC.

However, it’s no secret that DC motors are generally more expensive than AC motors, so if you’re looking for a ceiling fan that won’t cost much upfront, an AC motor is your best choice. AC fans still use very little energy, so the difference between DC and AC motors isn’t significant. If you look at the Energy Guide label, which is available at any ceiling fan you look up on Amazon and other online stores, you’re looking at running costs of $10-15 USD per year for normal use, excluding the lights.

If you live in an area where summers are hot and winters cold, you’d want a ceiling fan that allows you to easily change the direction of the motor.

Ease of use

There are different ways to control a ceiling fan with lights. Most affordable models are equipped with pull chains that are simply pulled to turn the fan on/off and adjust the speed, whereas more expensive models are equipped with a remote control.

These are usually the choices you have:

  • Controlled by pull chains for fan and lights
  • Controlled by remote
  • Controlled by app/smart home system

If you value ease of use over price, we recommend that you opt for a remote controlled ceiling fan. If you want more features, we recommend that you opt for a smart ceiling fan with WiFi connectivity that allows you to pair it with your smart home system. That way you can control all functions directly through your smartphone, and you can even set timers and have the fans run automatically the way you want them to.

Noise level

There are different elements in a ceiling fan that generate noise:

  • Motor noises
  • Rattling sounds caused by imbalanced blades/blade holders
  • Air flow

Different people perceive noise differently, and it’s worth noting that new noises often takes a few weeks getting fully used to.

With most ceiling fans being very quiet, especially at their low settings, noise isn’t usually an issue unless it wasn’t balanced or mounted properly on the ceiling.

If you want a quiet ceiling fan, we recommend that you pick one with as many blades as possible. Fans with more blades generally make less noise, although it’s not always the case. As an extra precaution we always recommend that you browse through user reviews, especially ones with video clips showing the fan in function, to assert whether it is in fact quiet or not.

Mounting system

Ceiling fans are generally available in two versions:

  1. Flush mount (also called ‘low profile’ or ‘hugger’ ceiling fan)
  2. Downrod mount (downrods are usually available in different sizes)

If you have low ceilings, we recommend a ceiling fan with a low profile that mounts flush to your ceilings. They may not move as much air as downrod mounted fans, but they aren’t as big and bulky either.

For regular ceilings with a height of at least 8-9 feet, we recommend opting for the regular downrod mounted ceiling fans. This mounting system allows for optimal air flow, and you can get different downrod lengths for high ceilings as well.


Style is always a matter of personal taste, but for most people we recommend opting for a ceiling fan with a bright finish. It is worth noting, however, that ceiling fans with a white finish tend to look dusty/dirty faster than fans with a darker finish, but for most people this isn’t an issue as they would normally clean their fans before dust even manages to pile up.

If you for one reason or another aren’t able to reach the ceiling fans and clean them as often as you’d like to, we recommend opting for a slightly darker finish as they’ll look nicer for a longer time without the need of frequent cleaning.

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