The Best Desk Lamp for Studying

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Have you ever tried your best in studying, yet finding yourself losing your focus every now and then? There are a lot of factors that add up to the loss of your focus, and one of those is probably that the lighting is not enough for your eyes to keep up. In fact, having good lighting greatly impacts the success of your studying, as Michael Borgers mentioned in an article featured on Improve Study Habits (we’ll get to that article later).

The best lighting to use for optimal studying is natural light. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a well-lit room with good natural lighting (add me to that list!). Fortunately there’s an easy fix for this: A desk lamp. You wouldn’t just want to go get the cheapest one though, you have to make sure it works for studying.

In this article I will give you some of the best options of desk lamps, that would greatly help boost your efficiency when studying. And don’t worry; if the price or the options given don’t suit your taste, I included an itemized list of things that you should consider when you are looking for the best desk lamp. So read on, and you’ll get all the insights you need to make the right choice.

Top 4 Lamps for Studying at Your Desk

Looking for the best desk lamp isn’t easy. Personally, I have gone through a lot of trial-and-error before I landed with the desk lamp that I am in love with. With so many options and misleads, how can it be easy? So, in this list of top picks, I have included four different desk lamps that would help your eyes relax while studying, but are unique from each other in terms of function, hopefully catering your preference and the space on your desk.  

The Best Desk Lamp for Studying
Editor’s choice

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

  • Nice and sleek design
  • Comes in black or white
  • 5 color temperatures to choose from
  • 7 brightness levels

The first on our list is the TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp. I find it, by far, the best lamp for studying. It has a cool and sleek design that will for sure suit any desk. You can choose from two different colors, which are between black and white, and there’s one with a wooden finish too.

The feature that makes it great for studying is that you can choose from five color temperatures. This option is great as you can adjust the temperature according to the needs of your eyes. You can choose a warmer tone for late-night studying or if you have been using your laptop for far too long, and have a white light for early mornings where you need a boost to wake up. It also has seven brightness levels perfect in creating the right ambiance that you need, whether it’s for studying, reading, work, or just for relaxation.

If you think that’s all the TaoTronics has to offer, then you are wrong. It also has a functional USB charging port, which is great if you have a limited number of outlet available at your desk. Now you can charge your phone within your reach. Added to that, this lamp also has an adjustable design, meaning you can easily tilt and swivel the head and base according to your needs. You’ll surely create the spotlight that you need you to study needs. It also uses LED panels and helps save your electricity bills up to 75%. Isn’t that great?

The Best Desk Lamp for Studying

JUKSTG Desk Lamp

  • Nice slim design
  • 4 lighting modes
  • 7 brightness levels
  • 1-hour automatic timer

If you are looking for a relatively cheaper alternative to TaoTronics but don’t want to sacrifice quality, then the JUKSTG Desk Lamp is just for you. It only comes in one style, but it’s very sleek and versatile that it won’t look out of place on your desk.

It has four lighting modes, which can easily match your need when you are studying or reading, and even when you just want to sleep and relax. These modes are actually controls of the color temperature the light gives. It also includes seven brightness levels, that are easily controllable with the use of sensitive touch.

Adding to this item’s awesomeness is its eye-friendly LED that is flicker-free for additional protection of your eyes from fatigue. The thing that I like the most about this product is that there are three points, the head, the arm, and the base, where you can adjust the lamp. They call it a multi-angle adjustment which is really great for versatility and flexibility. Who says that you need a lamp to stand in one direction only? I certainly don’t. Don’t be bothered though if it suddenly turns off on you. It’s not damaged, it just has an optional one-hour auto-time off to help save on your electric bill. It may be a signal to take a break too.

The Best Desk Lamp for Studying
Best value

Globe Electric Swing Arm Multi-Joint Lamp

  • Designed to save space on your desk
  • Suits all desks with a tabletop thickness of up to 2″
  • Adjustable spring loaded arm

Some desks are just too small to fit a proper desk lamp, and mine is one of them. For desks like these, any space-saving item is a bare necessity, but maybe in particular the desk lamp. Good thing is that more and more lamps are being manufactured to save space. One of which is the desk lamp from Globe Electric.

Instead of having a stand, this desk lamp has a clamp that is easily installed on the side of your study desk without taking as much space as a stand would. Plus, it is made with a glossy black finish that will easily go well with any study space aesthetic that you want it to go with. It also goes with an adjustable arm for it to easily direct the light wherever you need the spotlight to be.

In contrary to most LED desk lamps, the light source is sold separately. But to me, this is more advantageous because you would have control over the color temperature and the type of bulb that you would like to install in it, as long as the bulb fits the socket (which in this case is an E26 Medium Base, suitable for bulbs up to 60 Watts).

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to use this lamp for miniature painting and other creative tasks, because you can choose the light bulb that fits your needs.

The Best Desk Lamp for Studying

AFROG Multifuntional LED Desk Lamp

  • Built-in wireless charger
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Foldable design saves space when not in use

If you don’t mind splurging a bit more for a sleek and techy desk lamp, you might consider buying the multifunctional LED Desk Lamp from AFROG. It is similar to that of the TaoTronics and the JUKSTG desk lamp, except that it has an added fast wireless charger. Simply put your phone onto the base of your plugged-in lamp and voila! Your phone is already charging.

There are five lighting modes to choose from, which means five different color temperatures that you can easily change according to the needs of your eyes. There are also five brightness levels per lighting mode that is controlled using sensitive touch control. In addition to the wireless charger, there is also a USB charging port at the back of the base for additional charging option.

What’s more to love about this item? Well, the head and the base of the lamp are adjustable which is great if you need to adjust the area of that you need more light on. Its thin design makes it easy to carry around, which is great if you move your study location often. It also doubles as a night lamp, with its low brightness setting and its 30/60 minute auto-off timer. Feel free to leave it on as you drift to sleep without worrying about too much electricity consumption.

Things to Consider When Buying a Desk Lamp for Studying (and Reading)

Female student studying at a desk
Picking the right desk lamp for your studying environment is essential. Below is a list of things to consider when buying a new desk lamp.

There is no joke about how many options there are when it comes to picking a desk lamp. But you must take note that not all desk lamps are meant to help you increase your concentration and help your eyes when studying. So to help you pick, here is some pointer you need to remember when looking for the desk lamp that would meet your desk and study needs.

1. Size of the Lamp and Desk

When looking for a lamp, the first thing that you have to consider is its dimensions and the size of your desk. It has to be proportional, meaning that if you have a bigger desk the lamp should be efficient enough to light up the space you’re actually utilizing. In the same way, if your desk is small your lamp should also be small enough to not decrease your study area, but not too small because it may not be able to properly light up your work area. For small spaces, it is highly suggested to buy a lamp with clamps instead of those with stands.

2. Color Temperature

The color temperature actually greatly affects your eyes. White lights tend to stress out your eyes while warm lights relax it. For a person who uses electronics more often, it is recommended to opt for warm lights to ease your eye to the effects of blue lights from the gadgets. Warm light also eases your mood as it is related to the natural color of sunrise and sunset. But if you are the type of person who likes to study right after a good sleep, then white light is the best to use to give you a boost and wake you up. For those who are a bit of a night owl and also love to study after a good sleep, then a lamp with a different light mode, such as the lamps from TaoTronics, JUKSTG, and AFROG, would be best for you.

3. Adjustability

Adjustability is an essential component that must be looked into when you are planning to purchase a desk lamp with studying in mind. I’m not only talking about different color temperatures but also the brightness level and movable joints, like the head and the base, should be added to the list.

Brightness level helps your eyes adjust to the light your eyes need and want for focus. Having an adjustable brightness also doubles your desk light as a night light if you are on a tight budget.

The other item to be looked into, in terms of adjustability is the joints. It is best to buy a desk lamp where you can move the head and the base around, and if there is an additional joint in the arm, then it would be perfect. It is important to make sure that you have illuminated well the area you are focusing on. Somewhat like a spotlight.

4. Additional Features

It’s good that you have a desk lamp as it is. But why settle when you can have more than just a desk lamp? So, if you off to do your shopping, you might want to include in looking into features such as an additional charger or pen organizer attached to your desk lamp.

5. Choose LED lights

Let us face it; LED lights are taking over the market. A lot of desk lamps are using LED than other lighting counterparts and it is best if you choose these types of desk lamps.

Why, you ask? For one, it is energy efficient. Only around 5% of energy is wasted in LED and the rest is converted into light. It means that it has better quality in terms of light distribution and focus. It also does not contain any toxic elements like mercury, which is usually found in fluorescent lights. It is easy to say that LED is more environment-friendly than the rest of the alternatives. Plus, did you know that LED bulbs last six times longer, at most? No? Well, now you do.  

Additional Tips on Setting Up Your Desk Lamp

Before I end this article, I’d like to share with you the things that I have learned from the articles of Michael Borgers that I try to practice as well. It will be quick, I promise. I have summarized it into four, and these are the essential things you can do to optimize your study environment. Gain focus, study better, and be the best in your field.

1. Avoid Shadows

According to Borgers, the light should not come from one direction and create shadows. That is why a good and even lighting is important. It also the reason why I recommend that desk lamps should preferably have an adjustable and movable head and base so you can adjust it in a way that it won’t create many shadows.

2. Ambient Light Helps

Additional lights around the room are important when you are studying. Your desk lamp should not be the only light source you should have when you are studying. This was proven through a study done by Lund University and London City University. If you want to read more about it, you can read it in this article.  

3. Choose Where You Place Your Desk Wisely

It may not have crossed your mind but where you place your desk have an impact on the success of your study. There are three key things to remember. The first one is to never sit with you back to the door. Although there is no superstition behind it, having your back to the door may cause you to be pulled out from your flow when someone sneaks up behind you. It may be hard to get back into it when it happens. The next thing to remember is to avoid facing the wall as it may feel very depressing, especially if the wall is just empty and plane. Lastly, it is to avoid sitting in front of the window. Although natural light comes in through your window, it may also be a source of your distraction. That’s not something you look forward to when you’re studying. There is a whole article about how to improve your study environment that you can check out, where it is better explained in detail on how to better set up the study desk in your room.

4. Do Not Study in Bed

It is even better if you keep out your obligations out of your bedroom, but it isn’t true for people like me who live in a studio type apartment or dorm. So keeping your studies out of your bed should do. Your bed should be a place to rest and not a place where you wonder what is next on your to-do list. For you to be able to study effectively, sleep is also essential. It is best to keep your obligations on the desk and your rest on the bed.

Final Note

Each one of us has different ways to keep ourselves focused on the task given to us beforehand.

What may work for me may not work for you and the tips that I have listed in this article may not be your type.

These are just guidelines for you should you want to explore. One thing is important, and that is for you to find the desk lamp that you need for when you study.