Best Hybrid Table Saw for the Money

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The number of hybrid table saws on the market is nothing short of overwhelming. Of course, there are benefits of having a wide variety to choose from, but it can also leave you with more confusion.

Each has its own advantages, features and specifications, and you cannot go through all of them. Fortunately, we did the leg work for you, and we discuss below the 3 best hybrid table saw for the money.

Best Hybrid Table Saw for the Money Reviews

1. Shop Fox W1819

If you are after a hybrid table saw with top-grade safety features and functionality, then you cannot go wrong with Shop Fox W1819. But which of these safety features are we talking about?


  • Ripping capacity of 29-½.”
  • Polycarbonate shield and blade guard
  • A 4-inch dust collection port

The hybrid table saw comes with a magnetic switch and a riving knife. Others include the anti-kickback pawls for safety when working and an effective blade guard.

It also comes with heavy cast hand wheels for efficiency and durability. Talking of durability, the whole machine is sturdy cast iron construction. It is a table saw that works effectively so that you can produce the best woodworking results.

The 4-inch dust collection port is quite sufficient and does not leave a lot of mess in the workshop or where you are working.


  • Durable and robust cast iron construction
  • A riving knife and heavy cast hand wheels
  • It is quite useful on woodworking
  • Easy to use
  • Quick-release mechanism for the blade


  • The table is a bit expensive
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2. RIDGID R4512

The heavy-duty cast iron table saw is one of the great options for people that are a bit tight on the budget.


  • Cast iron construction
  • Tool-free Riving Knife
  • 13 amp induction motor that spins at 3450 RPM
  • T-slot Miter Gauge

We might as well say that it is a perfect machine for beginners, not only because of the price point but also its ease-of-use.

The hybrid table saw is highly portable and does not take a lot of space in your workshop or garage. It has a 13 amp induction motor that spins at 3450 RPM. The 10-inch carbide-tipped blade can go through any type of wood without any difficulty.

Well, it may be the perfect choice for people that do not have the budget and space, but not for heavy woodworking use.


  • Budget-friendly hybrid table saw
  • Great for beginners
  • Portable and does not take a lot of space
  • An easy-to-operate pedal lift mechanism


  • May not be the best for non-stop projects
  • The electrical cord is short
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The hybrid table saw does not require special wiring and does not take a lot of your space.

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  • 3/4 HP Motor
  • Cut Capacity of 3-1/4″ 90º
  • 10″ Blade Diameter

In other words, it is one of the most suitable table saws that you can acquire. The built-in wheel system makes it easy to move from one location to the other.

With trunnions on the frame and quick change riving knife, the table saw is more stable and more comfortable to use. In particular, the trunnions make it easy to change the angle according to preference. You will notice that the blade, fence and mitre gauge are in perfect alignment for effectiveness when cutting wood.


  • Does not require rewiring
  • The table saw does not take a lot of space
  • Quite portable with in-built wheel system
  • More stable and comfortable to use
  • Boasts excellent accuracy


  • Installation may not be straightforward
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Features to Consider when Picking the Best Hybrid Table Saw

A table saw is a crucial tool In woodworking, construction and DIY projects. It is even better if you can get your hands on a hybrid table saw, as a light user or DIYer. Typically, it is a blend of a contractor saw, and a cabinet saw. The hybrid table saw is a double benefit at an affordable price.

But how do you pick the best hybrid table saw for the money? Here are features to point you in the right direction.


The rip capacity and horsepower of the hybrid table saw should match the project for which you are using it. Of course, you cannot get a less powerful table saw to use it on demanding tasks. It would be a waste of funds and time because it cannot work effectively or last that long.


The best hybrid saw will always have a good quality fence – they go hand-in-hand. To prevent power loss and slippage problems, a high-quality belt system is necessary. Make sure that your ideal model has the best belt system.

To figure out if a particular model has a good belt system and fence, read the reviews. The previous buyers will always give you useful clues as to the type of machine that you are getting.

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Dust Collection System

Lower-quality hybrid saws and contractor saws usually have a problem with the dust collection system. Ideally, a 4-inch dust port should be one of the essential features that a particular table saw should have. Well, a proper collection system saves you from the cleanup trouble and reduces the associated health risks.

Safety Features

Table saws are as dangerous as they are helpful. The idea is always to be safe, no matter the tool you are using. Tools and machines are there to make your work easier, not risk your life.

As much as a powerful table saw is desirable, make sure that it has various safety features such as a riving knife. Kickbacks are quite common with table saws, and the riving knife can protect you from them. Other safety characteristics that you may find in some other models include blade guards.


The size of the hybrid table saw is an essential factor to consider, and especially so if you have limited working space. You cannot go for something big and powerful that you will only be using occasionally on DIY projects. It will not make any sense given the space it consumes.


Assembly problems are a recipe to an unsafe situation. A wrongly assembled hybrid table saw can cause significant problems and place you at high risk of injury.

Make sure that the table saw is easy to assemble, and the instructions are easy to follow. If you feel that you cannot pull it off by yourself, you can always hire the services of a handyman. It is better to spend extra to ensure proper assembly than shooting in the dark hoping to pull it off.

Don’t skip the reviews written by regular users as opposed to experts. Remember that you are a newbie and some technical stuff can be troublesome.


A full-size cabinet saw requires a significant investment. Of course, you are looking into hybrid table saws because they are a lot cheaper, but don’t go for the most affordable.

Make sure that you get the best quality hybrid table saw for durability and safety, among others.

Final Word

Purchasing the wrong type of hybrid table saw is one of the fastest ways to injury, frustration and bad results on projects.

The best hybrid table saw for the money like the above is excellent value for money, and you can be sure of your safety. We highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you make a choice. Happy working!

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