Best feather board for table saw

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As a woodworker, you may be good at what you do, but your working will not be that smooth without the right tools. Having the necessary tools not only makes your work easier but also allows you to work faster and even enjoy working.

A table saw is one of the tools every woodworker uses. If you are not new to it, you probably know that you can only achieve the best with the saw if you have the best feather board for table saw.

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The featherboard is another essential woodworking tool that serves to hold a workpiece against the surface as you work on it using the table saw. With a good model, the workpiece remains in position for a smooth sawing, and you are also safe from a potential kickback.

Best feather board for table saw reviews

Technological advancements have seen major improvements in woodworking, and the traditional feather board is not comparable to what is currently in the market.

One of the significant developments in modern woodworking tools is that they take concern about user safety and security. The manufacturers employ innovative ways to minimize kickbacks and chattering, taking woodworking to a whole new level.

We reviewed a couple of the high-ranking featherboards in the market to present you with our top three picks.

1.  Best Overall- Magswitch Feather board (Universal Model)

Kickbacks are the most common sources of accidents while using table saws.

Magswitch - 8110015 Table Featherboard Universal Model, Yellow


  • Double-sided low profile featherboard
  • Strong and durable construction of ABS material
  • Two magswitches for on and off
  • Works for both left and right feeds, and in and out feeds
  • Facilitates cutting from both blade sides
  • 1.15 pounds in weight

With Magswitch feather board universal model, you bid goodbye to such problems and know nothing short of smooth operation. The board is magnetic and uses the magnet to hold down the work piece to the table or fence.

The tool features two magnetic on and off switches for easy operation, and for the user to tighten them on the surface and ensure precision on the cutting measurements. Each switch can deliver a maximum pressure of up to 95 pounds. It does not have a miter slot limitation, and this is the feature that makes it a universal feather board.

You can use it for infeed and outfeed applications to achieve better cutting results.

Router sign making kit


  • Improves precision and cutting results
  • Can be used for both in and outfeed applications
  • Works through a strong magnetic system
  • Easy operation with two switches
  • It’s the most versatile
  • It is universal


  • Only works on magnetic surfaces

Why We Liked It: Magswitch universal featherboard has all the excellent features for a woodworker in the 21st century. We specifically loved its universal nature and guarantee of safety.

2.      Magswitch STARTER KIT Reversible Featherboard

The featherboard is another excellent piece from Magswitch.

The reversible board features two MagJig 150s and universal mounting base. The equipment can work for right or left feeds, and lets you enjoy a fast set up, accurate tensioning, and instant on and off grip.

It is a low profile tool and can work on a table or fence that is magnetic, providing a firm grip and eliminates the potential of kickbacks.

The user is free to add attachments if feeling its necessary and the feather-board is not limited to the single miter slot.


  • Can be used on bench or fence
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Entirely reversible
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Safeguards user against kickback
  • Excellent magnetic system
  • Universal mounting base


  • Quite large
  • Only works best on magnetic surfaces

Why We Liked It: We loved how everything about the featherboard is easy. It is lightweight, and you will not struggle to set it up, and can be used for left and right feed.

3.      Milescraft 1406 Featherboard for Routers and Table Saws

Milescraft featherboard is a deserving tool for use in any table sawing tasks.

Milescraft 1406 FeatherBoard for Router Tables, Table Saws and Fences Medium


  • High-quality plastic build
  • Compatible miter slots with ¾ inch and 5/8 inch bar
  • T-slot bolts
  • Split rail construction
  • Dual slide motion
  • Exceptional pre-load design

The versatile featherboad features an innovative design that helps to reduce kickback by applying consistent pressure on the piecework against the surface.

It has both miter slots and T-slots for bolts that ensure maximum grip. It comes fixed to two miter bars of 5/8 inch and ¾ inch, and the bars can be used with any kind of miter slots. Further, users can set the board fast and with ease, thanks to the feather-board’s dual slide design.

The featherboard can be used for any kind of application.


  • Delivers firm grip
  • Features an innovative design
  • Can be used for any application
  • The bar is compatible with multiple miter slots


  • Can be time-consuming to set
  • May not feel right on a small table

Why We Liked It: We loved the holding power the tool delivers from its split rail design and the fact that it can be used for any kind of application.

Best Featherboard for Table Saw Buying Guide

Aware of the significant impact a featherboard makes in woodworking, it is necessary to approach its purchase with caution. You are now conversant with the best bets in the market, although there are still other crucial things to do before taking any featherboard home.

Check out the expert tips we recommend below.

Think About the Tool’s Durability

You most probably do not need the featherboard for a single day’s use. If you run a workshop, it is an important tool that you ought to have at all times. As such, the durability of the board matters.

Check the featherboard’s build to determine if it can last. Strong construction will guarantee a long life, but a cheap build could collapse even sooner than you expect.

Check the Weight

Due to the difference in the build used and the size of the featherboard, they are bound to have different weights, although most do not go beyond 2 pounds. In any case, beware that a heavy board could be more difficult to use.

Think About Compatibility

The featherboard you get should be compatible with your table size and the saw. Some will not be suitable to use on small-sized tables, while others may not be compatible with the table type.

For instance, Magswitch featherboards will only work well on magnetic surfaces.

Read Reviews

The purchase could be confusing, but reading reviews or talking to professionals one on one could help you shed some light. However, make sure to get details from a reliable and neutral party.


Manufacturer’s marketing efforts can be confusing, given that they will always show the positive side of their product. However, with a review from a neutral party, you have a sure way to find the best featherboard for table saw.

The product features and specifications say it all, and you do not have to buy so many opinions. Magswitch carried the day in our tests with its universal featherboard. The tool incorporates all the best features, and it is inarguably the best featherboard for table saw that any woodworker could have in 2020.

Having been branded and accepted as a universal feather board model, it will definitely serve the purpose just right.

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