Best Leveling Feet for Workbench

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If you have an ongoing project you are working on from the top of your bench, you know how important it is to have the working surface at an appropriate level. You will not only enjoy working at a comfortable height but also avoid problems with your back and arms.

However, there is more to look at than just the height when determining the best leveling feet for workbench to have in your workshop.

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Most of the models currently in the market are adjustable, and so the height is one of the concerns over which you will worry less.

Best Leveling Feet for Workbench Product Review

People may have different requirements, but then the best leveling feet will definitely suit all situations. The bottom line for every buyer is that the equipment purchased delivers a perfect performance for the best results from your working.

While this is the desire of many, we are certain that not every professional manages to identify the ideal feet, partly due to the numerous brands and models out there that make selection somewhat confusing.

We took it to ourselves to bring to an end this problem by reviewing the top leveling feet for workbench in 2020 to present you the best three.

1. Anwenk Leveling Feet Heavy Duty

Anwenk leveling feet are heavy-duty plated steel feet that work perfectly on workbenches, cabinets, shelving units, tables, among others.

Anwenk Leveling Feet Heavy Duty Furniture Levelers Adjustable Table Leg Leveler w/Lock Nuts for Furniture,Table, Cabinets, Workbench,Shelving Units and More


  • Hex wrench to allow easy adjustment
  • L-shaped mounting bracket
  • Threaded legs
  • 1320 lbs. weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty leveling feet
  • 1.39 pounds in weight

The legs are adjustable, allowing you to fix your workbench at an appropriate level. The leveling feet feature 3/8-16-inch 10mm diameter shaft, capable of adjusting from a zero-inch height to a 2-1/2-inch height.

Its foot design spins freely to allow for compensation on the uneven surfaces. You do not have to worry about the feet damaging your floor, thanks to the fitted polyethylene caps that also protect the feet from moisture.

Anwenk feet are high capacity workbench legs, with the ability to support up to 1320 lbs. They have an L-shaped mounting bracket that makes sure the leveler supports the load and not the screws.

Each leg leveler features a 7/16-inch wide ledger for mounting the bracelet hooks on to the bottom edge for more stability.

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  • Allows micro-adjustments on individual legs
  • Can support a massive load
  • Provides great support and stability
  • The package comes full with wrench and screws
  • Free spinning feet allow the feet to work perfectly on irregular floor
  • Strong and durable plated steel build


  • The screws are quite short

Why We Liked It: We loved Anwenk leveling feet from their ability to work perfectly, even on uneven and wet floors. Also, they support a great deal of weight.

2. POWERTEC, 71136 Heavy-Duty Kit Leveler

With just 1.6 pounds of weight, the heavy-duty package includes four leveler legs with lock nuts 5mm hex wrench, and 16 screws.

POWERTEC Leveling Feet 4PK, Heavy Duty Adjustable Furniture Leg Levelers with Non-Marring Pads, Screws and Lock Nuts for Work Bench/Cabinets/Tables/Shelves (71136)


  • 1.6 pounds in weight
  • L-shape with integrated ledge
  • Four leveler legs, 5mm hex wrench, and 16 10*3/4 screws
  • Rubber coated floor stops

It is a perfect leveling solution not only for workbenches but also cabinets, tables, and shelving units. The levelers are durable due to their superior quality build of precision-machined rugged aluminum with the capacity to support heavy weights and provide great stability.

The lock nuts for each foot are ideal for eliminating vibrations and are perfect for use in woodworking projects and garages.

The feet come with an L-shape and integrated ledger that ensures the weight falls on the levelers and not on the screws.


  • Works with no vibrations
  • Rubber coated feet ensure no movements or slipping
  • Superior design with ledger
  • Durable build
  • Simple installation
  • Perfect for uneven floors


  • They have no specified weight limit

Why We Liked It: The levelers have a heavy-duty construction that supports large weights, making it suitable for both home and industrial applications.

3. Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System

If you are looking for workbench feet that will not require you to undertake some installation procedure involving screws, then this is the piece for you.

Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System,White


  • High load capacity of 4000 lbs.
  • Measures 32-Inch H by 56-Inch W by 28-Inch D
  • Recessed braces
  • Hardware has a powder-coated paint
  • Comes with hardware, leg, braces, and adjustable feet

Shop Fox D2910 measures 32-inch height by 56-inch width by 28-inch length. The package comes with braces, legs, and hardware coated with powdered paint. The wide and rubberized feet are adjustable and help to provide more stability and reduce vibration. Each leg has a load capacity of up to 1000 lbs.


  • High load capacity
  • Does not require screws for installation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rubberized for stability and vibration dampening
  • Load distributed evenly on each leg
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Quite large and heavy weighing 32 pounds

Why We Liked It: We specifically loved this leveler’s high load capacity of 4000 lbs.

Best Leveling Feet for Workbench Buying Guide

You agree with us that it can be confusing to know what to take home now that the market is flooded with multiple brands. There is only one way to go and be sure you narrowed down to the best there is. Know the right features that suit your requirements.

Here is a guide to help you through your next leveling feet for workbench purchase.

Know the Weight Capacity

Most manufacturers indicate the maximum load that their product can support. As such, you need to assess the load you intend to place on the workbench and see if the feet can support it. Otherwise, you could collapse the leveling system with an overload.

A weight guide can help you in case the manufacturer did not indicate the load capacity.


The durability of the leveling feel depends on its build, and how you are going to use it. Of course, an overload will mean a short lifespan even if the construction is right. Feet made from aluminum and steel are the most durable.

The Adjustment

The feet adjust to different lengths, so you need to check whether the potential leveling system can help you achieve the height you want. Also, check whether it can deliver appropriate leveling even with irregular surfaces.

Ascertain Its Stability

While four legs deliver great stability for your workbench, there are additional features that will ensure the feet deliver extra stability.

Rubberized pads will help to boost stability, reduce vibrations, and also protect your floor from potential damage. Check the floor feet design and see how accommodative it is of these requirements.

Think About the Installation

If you are DIY person, you probably need a leveling feet system that is easy to install and you can fix it yourself without struggle.

Look for a leveling feet system that meets all other essential aspects such as weight and stability, and are also simple to install.


Trying out all the feet available in the stores may not be practical, and so we took the initiative to elaborate on the essential considerations that will see you take home the best leveling feet for workbench.

Our in depth research narrowed down to the three models we listed above, and we found Anwenk Leveling Feet worth the best rating. We even recommend potential buyers to try out this amazing set of leveling feet.

It does not have a high load capacity compared to Shop Fox D2910, but will deliver the best experience when used with the appropriate load.

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