Universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster

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Because it’s compatible with many mowing machines, a universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster is an option when replacing this part on your machine.

These adjusters install easily on nearly all common mowers including craftsman, MTD, Briggs and Stratton, Honda, and Husqvarna, and will work as well as the proprietary adjusters from various brands. 

I will be introducing to you some of the leading universal lawn mower wheel height adjusters in the market and also what to look out for when buying these lawn mower wheel adjustment accessories.

Let’s go.

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Why a universal wheel height adjuster?

While manufacturers are quick to point out that you should only replace this part with proprietary accessories, you’ll not always find their endorsed pieces easily- not at the dealer or online.

Yet, your mower won’t cut the grass effectively if the height of the cutting blade is not set properly because of the mower deck being too high/low.

A universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster can be your savior in such a situation and they’re sometimes cheaper the machine’s manufacturer substitute.

Importantly, you barely notice a difference when moving your lawn mower wheel up/down to bring the deck to your desired cutting height with these replacements.

Buying guide universal wheel height adjuster

Unfortunately, like it so often happens with many accessories, you can occasionally stumble on height adjusters that aren’t really up to the task.

You don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash so check for the following essentials:

·         Metal used

Keep off universal wheel height adjusters made of metals that will rust (because of exposure to wet grass), wear out, or bend easily (pliable metals are especially susceptible here).

For this reason, target heavier-duty height adjusters exclusively.

·         Ease of installation

Another category you want to avoid is an adjuster that won’t mount easily (unless you modify it).

Some of these will keep slipping/ moving in the course of height adjustment and are quite frustrating to work with.

The best ones come with an elaborate manual with easy-to-follow instructions and should be a breeze to install.

·         Smooth functioning

Above all, you want an adjuster that works right off the bat- ask for referrals or read the reviews left by other buyers on the website to get an idea of how well your choice works.

Where to buy

Admittedly, not many dealers stock these crucial parts so you might struggle to buy locally, depending on where you live.

But as far as online market places go, a good number will stock them.

These include Amazon, e-Bay (refurbished), and Sears.

Universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster reviews

Here now are some of the top universal wheel height adjusters in the market today.

1. Stens Deluxe universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster

This works perfectly and helps you quickly adjust the blade height accordingly in your walk-behind, self-propelled, or other mower types.

It offers nine positions and is quite straightforward to operate.

A positive locking mechanism prevents it from becoming loose from mower vibrations while the metal feels quite sturdy.

The other thing I love here is the pricing- the price is unbelievable considering the excellent quality and that they pack a set of 4.

The plates adjust nicely to the mower housings and will come with all the mounting bolts.


  • Feels quite sturdy
  • Fantastic pricing.
  • Quite easy to use.


  • Might need a couple of modifications to work in some mowers.

Mr Mower Lawn Mower Wheel Height Adjuster

This is intended for various Mr.Mower brands but it’s, in reality, a universal wheel height adjuster.

You see, it fits most of the best known Snapper mowers (including 51814, 7054246, 54246, 7054246YP), and many other models as well.

It’s has been selling fast since it works wonderfully in all models.

In most cases, you install it using the mower’s factory mounting holes making it a better alternative to adjusters that need you to drill first.

It’s again very strong.


  • Fit superbly in most mowing machines.
  • Stays in place when mowing.
  • Durable part.


  • Costlier than Stens Deluxe adjuster.

Installing your wheel height adjuster

The best way to crack the mounting process is by following the procedure outlined in your copy of the owner’s manual.

The steps are, of course, not uniform and you don’t want to mess your newly acquired adjuster or your mower because of mounting incorrectly.

Having said that, you might need to enlarge or drill fresh mounting holes to fix some designs. 

Simply use a regular drill bit to quickly do this as per your mower’s make and the adjuster you have selected.

In addition, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Always install while the mower stands on a flat surface like your driveway (here you’ll find small parts like nuts easily than when working in a grassy zone).
  • Remove the spark plug and engage the parking brake for your safety.
  • Have all the support tools – drill bit (if necessary), wrench, screwdriver, and the rest ready (for a seamless operation).
  • Wear personal protective equipment including work gloves to shield your hands from suffering inadvertent cuts/scrapes.

How to adjust brush hog height

What is the proper height setting to adjust to?

To get a well-gloomed lawn, you have to set the mower to cut at the optimum height

This requires that you determine this height before anything else.

A few factors will come into play here:

To begin with, each grass variety has recommended heights. For example, the optimal height for cool-season grasses is generally is approximately 2 1/2 inches.

Next, you must provide for the current grass height when calculating how far to raise or lower the wheels to obtain the height you wish.

Remember also that a lower height may be desirable during the spring to allow sunlight to reach fresh grass/ seeds.

The opposite is more ideal in summer- a higher cutting height helps control weed since taller grass blocks the sun resulting in slower growth.

Don’t forget to check what your manufacturer says about elevating/lowering the mower’s height even as you do your math.

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Universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster: Frequently asked questions

A few more questions now and our advice:

Q: When should I replace the wheel height adjuster?

Recurring height adjustment problems could be enough warning that the original part is faulty.

Common troubles include the height adjuster getting stuck, floppy, or coming apart completely.

You can try to solve some of these issues before going ahead to do a replacement.

I have, for instance, seen friends easily sort the problem of the adjuster getting stuck without help.

Q: Is a mower deck supposed to be level?

If you notice issues like an uneven cut and you’re unsure about the proper difference between the front and back deck levels, refer to your owner’s operation manual for your manufacturer’s suggestion. 

But a good rule of thumb is to allow a variation of not more than 1/8 – 1/2 inch between the front and the rear mower deck levels.

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A universal lawn mower wheel height adjuster can save your mower (and lawn) if you’re struggling to find the recommended OEM replacement part.

And like we have seen, they fit and work brilliantly in dozens of mower models.

I have explained what to look for when purchasing these accessories, where to go shopping and even the best-selling models.

The decision is now yours.

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