Best Space Heater for Large Drafty Room

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Are you tired of feeling cold in your own home? A space heater may be the perfect solution for you. But with so many different models on the market, how do you choose the best one for your needs?

This blog post will help you decide which is the best space heater for a large drafty room. We’ll outline the pros and cons of each type of space heater and help you find the model that’s right for you. So read on to learn more.

Top 3 Best Space Heater for Large Drafty Room

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1. Best Overall: Amazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater

If you’re looking for the best space heater for a large drafty room, the AmazonBasics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater is a great option.

This heater is made with eco-friendly materials, and it has four infrared heating elements that provide up to 1,500 watts of heat.

It also has an adjustable thermostat and an easy-to-read LED display. And if safety is a concern, don’t worry – this heater comes with an overheat sensor.

Thanks to its ECO-Smart setting, the Amazon Basics Portable Eco-Smart Space Heater is also very energy efficient. You can even control it from anywhere in your home with the included remote control.

Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to move to wherever you need it, no matter the occasion—a great choice for any family room or large living area. 

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  • Provides up to 1,500 watts of heat
  • ECO-Smart setting for energy savings
  • Comes with an overheat sensor for safety
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Not good for smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings
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2. Best Oil Filled: PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater 

The PELONIS Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater is an efficient and safe space heater to warm up any room.

This oil-filled radiator features 3 heating options (900w, 1500w, and mode) and 5 temperature settings (65F, 70F, 75F, 80F, and 85F) to achieve customized temperature settings with maximized efficiency and warmth.

Enjoy user-friendly features, including the LCD screen, programmable thermostat, remote control, and 10-hour Timer. The 4- swivel casters provide easy mobility for this energy-efficient heater.

The Pelonis Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater is a safe, quiet way to keep your room warm and cozy. With a power indicator light, over-heat protection, and tip-over safety switch, this heater is perfect for any room in your home.

The digital LCD makes it easy to set your desired temperature, and the oil-filled radiator offers lasting warmth without the annoying sounds of other heaters. 

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  • Offers lasting warmth without the sounds of other heaters
  • Digital LCD for easy settings
  • Easy to move with four swivel casters


  • Takes longer to get hot

3. Best Propane Heater: Mr. Heater F274830 MH18BRV Propane Heater

The best propane heater for a large drafty room is the Mr. Heater Propane Heater. This heater can be set to heat up to 450 square feet, has three heat settings, and comes with a swivel regulator for easy use.

It also features an automatic low oxygen shut-off system and accidental tip-over safety shut-off for peace of mind.

It delivers 4,000, 9,000, or 18,000 BTUs per hour to heat up to 450 sq. ft. The single control start knob makes it easy to use and has hi-med-low heat settings.

The swivel regulators make connecting to two 1 lb. cylinders or a 20 lb. cylinder with the optional hose.

The fan operates on 4 – D batteries or the AC adapter (both sold separately), and the distinctive Red Mr. Heater Buddy exterior will stand out in any room. 

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  • Heats up to 450 square feet
  • Easy single control start knob
  • Hi-med-low heat settings
  • Swivel regulators for easy hook-ups
  • Fan operates on 4 – D batteries or AC adapter


  • No Accessory hose & regulator included

Buying Guide for Space Heaters for Large Drafty Rooms

When it comes to purchasing the best space heater for large drafty rooms, you need to consider a few things:

Size of the Room

When looking for a space heater for a large drafty room, you’ll want to make sure to get a model that is powerful enough to heat up the space. Heaters rated for larger areas, like the ones mentioned in this article, will usually be more powerful than those designed for smaller spaces.


When looking for a space heater, you also need to consider how durable the model is. If you want a durable heater that won’t easily break or fall apart, you will need to get a model made from high-quality materials. In terms of portability, you’ll want to get a heater that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Safety Features

Another important thing to consider when buying a space heater is safety features. Since you’ll be using it in a drafty room, you will want to make sure the model is designed to shut off when it gets tipped over.

Since you’ll be using the heater in a drafty room, you’ll also want to consider purchasing an electric heater that has an automatic shut-off feature built-in.


Noise is another important factor to consider when buying a space heater. Generally, the larger the heater, the noisier it will be. If you don’t want a heater that’s too loud, you’ll need to get one that has an insulated exterior and runs at a lower wattage.

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Frequently Asked Questions Space Heater

How Do You Heat a Drafty Room?

There are a few ways to heat a drafty room. One way is to purchase a space heater designed for large areas. Another way is to install insulation in the walls and/or windowpanes of the room. You can also add coverings to your windows or use heavy curtains to help keep the warmth in. Finally, you can try using a portable radiator or oil-filled radiator to heat up the room.

What Are the Best Choices for Heating a Large Drafty Room?

The best choices for heating up a large drafty room are electric space heaters. These heaters are designed to be powerful, and they will easily warm up a large area. Since these heaters operate by using electricity, you’ll need to ensure the room has at least one electrical outlet.

What Are Some Safety Tips for Using a Space Heater in a Drafty Room?

The best safety tip for using a space heater in a drafty room is to keep the unit away from anything that can catch fire. This means you should never place the heater near curtains, furniture, or bedding. You’ll also want to make sure that nothing is covering the heater and that the heater is placed on a flat, stable surface.

So, what is the best space heater for a large drafty room? The answer, as with most things in life, is it depends. If you are looking for an energy-efficient option that can quickly heat up a large area, then a PELONIS Electric Heater is probably your best bet.

However, suppose you need something that can be moved from room to room easily or like the idea of being able to control your heating environment through the remote. In that case, the Amazon Basics Portable may be the better choice for you.

Whichever route you decide to go, just make sure to research and find the product that fits your needs and your budget.

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