Best Zero Turn Mower With Suspension

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We can all agree that there is no better way to spend your day off work than by mowing your compound. Apart from beautifying your compound, mowing happens to be a form of fitness exercise, to say the least.

It is human nature to stay in a clean environment, so doing a couple of mowing at given intervals is a sure way to achieve a neat compound.

With that being said, it is essential to have the most suitable to turn mower apart from having a pretty good mastery of mowing techniques to achieve the results you want.

In this post, we will look at the best zero-turn mower with suspension– having the best mower for your job puts you one step ahead in ensuring you attain the best mowing experience.

Perhaps you want to make the best buying decision, so I would suggest that you continue reading to discover our top three picks best zero turn mower with suspension.

Best Zero Turn Mower with Suspension– best picks in the market

You want to get the best value for your money, so it would be better if you considered every buying aspect to avoid unnecessary pitfalls that most buyers make when buying a zero-turn mower.

To put into perspective, your primary focus is to buy a zero-turn mower that will help do your work most effortlessly, a z-turn that mows pretty conveniently and can maneuver around the bumpy ground with much ease. Besides all these, you want a weel suspended  mower to help you attain the best mowing standards

After a careful analysis of several brands of the market, we chose the best three zero-turn mowers with suspension. Note that the market is flooded with all sorts of mower brands and all of them have varied features and different price tags. Have a look! 

#1 Ferris Suspension Zero Turn Mowers

Top on our list of the best zero-turn mowers with suspension is the Ferris Suspension Zero Turn Mowers; this machine is suitable for use by both professional mowers and home-based mowing activities. Note that this is a reliable brand known for its top-notch machines in the market. The models built by this brand are amongst the top-rated, so you can be sure of the quality machines produced by this brand.

Getting to decide on the best mower with suspension is not a walk in the park,  fortunately, we have crafted this post to help you to decide properly when buying a mower the next time you visit your dealer. The Ferris Suspension Zero Turn Mowers prides itself on many desirable features to give your yard a professional cut.

You can count this model to work seamlessly without having to worry about the effects of fatigue that are brought about by the bumpy nature of the ground and vibrations from the mower deck. What is more, the suspension system of this model is designed to act as a shock absorber to give you optimum comfort and to lengthen the life of the body of your mower.

So, what are some of the pros and cons of this model? Read on to find out.


  • The suspension system of this model  works to minimize the effects of fatigue brought about by vibrations and a bumpy ground
  • Each wheel is designed to move in even motions to enable you to achieve a level ground
  • The suspension system minimizes the impact of shock waves on the body of the mower which in turn lengthens the life of your machine.


  • It is highly-priced

#2 Toro MyRide Suspension Zero Turn Mowers

Toro brand comes second on our list of the best zero-turn mower with suspension. This brand has been in operation for quite some time and it produces some of the top-rated machines in the market. You can count on machines produced by this company for both your professional as well as personal mowing needs.

This model has crafted one of the best suspension systems amongst its peers in the market, if you have this model, you can be sure that the effect of sideways movements will be suppressed to minimum levels.

This model is preferred by many people because the suspension is built for challenging mowing activities. With this type of model, you are assured of quality coupled with a long-lasting effect of pure strength. The model consists of three constituents namely:

  • Timecutter MX and HD Series
  • Titan HD 2000 Series
  • Z Master 3000, 5000, and 6000 Series


  • The suspension system of this model reduces the effect of sideways movements
  • You can adjust the rear suspension to suit your needs
  • There is a significant reduction in shock as a result of an  uneven  ground
  • The effect of fatigue is greatly reduced by a well-designed suspension system


  • It is pretty expensive

#3  Exmark Suspension Zero Turn Mowers

Last but not least is the Exmark brand which is also dominating the market when it comes to the best zero turn mower with suspension. The two constituent models of this brand include:

  • The Radius Suspension Zero Turn Models
  • The Lazer Z Suspension Zero Turn Models

Now, if you are looking for a mower with a strong suspension system, then this should top your list. It is made of a strong coil which minimizes the impact of the shack greatly. You can work much longer without having to worry about exhaustion thanks to the professionally designed suspension system in this model.

Below are some of the pros and cons of this model, please go through them to understand more about this model:


  • The suspension system involves a strong coil of wire to keep the impact of shock at bay
  • It has seat that comes with a suspension system to ease fatigue and reduce backache
  • The suspension system is adjustable to suit your weight needs


  • It requires regular maintenance which might be a little costly

Best Zero Turn Mower With Suspension – factors to consider when buying

Getting to buy the best zero-turn mower is not an easy task, additionally, the cost of the best zero turn mower is pretty expensive, so before you part with your hard-earned money, it is crucial to be sure that you know what you are looking for if you want to avoid future regrets. It would be a good idea to learn all there is to learn about zero-turn mowers to help you to make the best purchase.

Having said that, Let’s highlight some of the key considerations you must take into account to help you to make the best selection when deciding on the best zero-turn mower with a suspension to buy.

Engine Power

Engine power tops our list of features to look for in the best zero-turn mower with suspension. Of course, a more powerful engine implies that your machine will work more efficiently. Note that most of the mowing machines have pretty big mowing decks which also require more engine power.

As the deck rotates, it draws a lot of power to be able to cut the grass properly. We suggest that you consider buying a model that has a significant amount of horsepower preferably 25-hp or more to achieve desired results.

Mower Deck

We have looked at the role played by engine power in moving the mower deck. To attain the best results with your mowing project, it would be better to strike a balance between engine power and the mower deck. Be sure to go for the right side of the mower deck to avoid putting a lot of strain on engine power.

Again, the size of your mower deck will be influenced by factors such as the size of your yard amongst other factors. If you are a professional mower, you might consider using a larger mower deck for best results.

The cutting deck can range from about 42 inches to 52 inches, so when deciding the most suitable cutting to use on your machine, it would be best to understand the extent of your yard.


When we talk of a gearbox, what we are trying to essentially say is the nature of transmission of your machine. The models we have reviewed in this article are based on a hydrostatic mode of transmission; this implies that transmission is based on a  fluid medium to shift in between gears.

Models based on fluid transmission tend to be much stronger compared to their counterparts and this explains why a majority of professional mowers buy mowers with this type of transmission.

Fuel Consumed

The amount of fuel your preferred mower will consume is dependent on the tank capacity. None of us want to keep refueling the mower after a short duration of mowing the yard. With that being said, it would be better to consider the aspect of tank holding capacity before you buy your preferred machine.

Some of the crucial factors to keep in mind regarding tank capacity would be the vastness of your yard; You will need a large tank capacity if your yard is pretty big and vice versa.

We cannot overemphasize their need to keep the tank of your mower ins shape to give it a longer life. You might want to drain the fuel from the tank if you think you will not be engaging in mowing activities for a couple of days to avoid damaging the various components of your machine.

Another reason to drain your fuel tank could be because fuel may expire after a few days if left in the tank and this might have far-reaching consequences on some parts of your mower. Engine power is essential to ensure that the various components of your mowing machine are properly maintained.

The weight of the mower

Some mowers are considerably heavy, so it would be a good idea to consider buying a machine that weighs much less for proper handling. You need to access the underside of your machine easily for repair and maintenance of the mower deck, so a light machine will do you the trick.

Seat Type

The nature of the seat that is mounted on a particular mower will your working duration. Most mowing activities take a lot of time which implies that you will spend a lot of time seated. You might want to go for models that have well-designed seats to cater to your needs. You dont want to get off your mower feeling worked out.

Ease of Operation

When buying your preferred mower, it would be better to understand the operation procedures involved right from powering it on to steering functions. I suggest that you buy models that have pretty straightforward operation instructions. You want to use a minimal amount of effort to operate your zero-turn mower.

Dashboard  Displays

It would be better to buy models that have a well-designed dashboard display of various functions to enable you to diagnose any mechanical failure without having to dismantle the whole unit. The displays will also help you to adjust to the different settings for enhanced machine performance.


If you think that tires have little significance when buying the best zero-turn mower, you are wrong, you need to pay particular attention to the nature of tires that come with your preferred mower for best rests. You might want to go for a mower with tires with proper traction to counter the slipperiness of wet grass

Safety Aspects

Safety is a key factor to consider when buying your preferred mower. Be sure to examine the safety details on your zero turn mower such as the killer switches to protect yourself from unforeseen accidents while operating your machine.

Basic maintenance of your zero turn mower

Just as you would other machines, it is essential to maintain your zero-turn mower if you want to make it more durable. Let’s look at some basic maintenance exercises you need to know:

Fuel units

  • Be sure to change the oil regularly.
  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Examine the air filter to ensure it is working normally(you dont want inefficiency with your engine) 

Wiring system

  • Ensure the battery terminals are always clean.
  • Check whether the battery is damaged before using it
  • Be on the lookout for a faulty ventilation system to ensure motor cooling is smooth.

Best Zero Turn Mower With Suspension – frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use a zero-turn mower in your home?

Yes. However, before you decide whether you need a zero-turn mower in your compound, you need to consider a few things like the size of your compound. You won’t need a zero-turn mower if your compound is small as this will amount to wastage. You might want to use the pushed mower instead of a zero-turn mower if your compound is small.

What is the best way to steer a zero-turn mower?

To operate any type of machine, you need to learn all the necessary procedures involved from powering to steering your machines. Not only is this a way of avoiding any injuries associated with poor operation skills, but also a way to ensure that you achieve the best results with your machine. Be sure to read all the available instructions to master the steering process.

Final thoughts

We picked the three zero-turn mowers we have described in this post after a careful analysis of different brands and models in the market, so you can be sure that the investment you are going to make will be worthwhile. The models offer you a wide range of benefits such as; comfort, durability, and enhanced productivity. 

Note that the manufactures of the three brands have earned themselves a competitive edge in the market by producing quality machines. We hope that you will follow the details of this guide to help you make an informed buying decision. Enjoy your mowing!

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