Top rated weedeater holders for trailers

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Weedeater holders for trailers help you haul your weed eaters without risking damage on the trailer.

And, of course, it’s a nice way of keeping your tools organized (and secure) on your lawn care business trailer as you move from one job to the next.

To help you shop for an ideal one, we’ve rounded up the best 3 weedeater holders for trailers in the market currently.

Plus, we have added a few buying tips to help you make an informed choice.

To begin with, here are our reviews of the top 3 weed eater holders for trailers that have been making waves out there.

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Best weed eater holders for trailers: Product review

These handy lawn care accessories for trailer will help you make your landscaping operation a bit easier.

1.     Pack’em Lockable 3-Place locking Trimmer Rack (for Open Trailers)

Transporting your weed eater will be easy with this trimmer tool rack for open utility trailers.

It’s one of the easiest to install to the rails of your trailer- no welding required (bolts to the upper and lower side rails).

Importantly, it’s quite sturdy and secure once mounted- it comes with a 3 lbs. trim line holder along with memory foam pads (on the hooks) to prevent rotation.

It’s one of the easiest to use too- simply place your weed eater in the hooks horizontally, fold the hasps, and put the lock in place.

Durability is not an issue here either thanks to the steel construction and the grey/black hammer paint finishing.

It fits nearly all straight shafted trimmers.


  • Excellent quality control throughout.
  • It works like a charm.
  • Easy weedeater access.


  • Not much to fault the tool about.
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2.     Buyers 3-Trimmer Landscape LT12 Truck and Trailer Enclosed Rack

This product is packed full of standout design features but perhaps the number one most superb element about it has to be its user-friendliness.

It slots right onto your enclosed trailer – the instructions are extremely easy to follow and you hardly need to undertake any modifications (mounting hardware included).

Specifically, the equipment installs to the inside walls of trailers to ensure your trailer bed remains clear and your weedeaters easy to reach.

There’ll be no more rubbing/banging while traveling as the weedeaters are held away from the walls (holds up to 3 trimmers).

The construction is of sturdy stainless steel and it’s coated with rust-inhibiting black powder for a longer lifespan.

The hooks are themselves vinyl-coated meaning your weedeaters won’t suffer scratches while the trailer is moving.

What’s more, this accommodates pretty much every weedeater model you own.


  • Works with dozens of weedeater brands.
  • Easy to get weedeater in/out.
  • Durable construction.


  • Some assembly required.
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3.     Trailer Racks 4-Position -Trimmer Rack, for open and enclosed trailers

The biggest appeal in this model is that it works for both open and closed-style trailers.

Crucially, it functions wonderfully in both cases.

In fact, this solves many of the issues that arise when transporting weedeaters on trailers including rolling thanks to the unique design.

The other highlight is its combination-based one lock system.

You see, because of this feature, you’ll quickly lock/unlock all your weedeaters simultaneously (all positions unlock/locks together)!

According to the manufacturer, this is the most advanced unit in the market and we’re tempted to agree.

Everything is excellently made and well-engineered including the useful engine support kit – made from extruded aircraft aluminum to avoid it breaking during mounting.

Plus, there’s galvanized rust protection all around the rack.

In short, this is worth every penny.

The 4-position holder comes with the aforementioned engine support kits, its mounts, lock, and the mounting hardware.


  • Versatile- works on all trailer makes and models.
  • Maximum security for your weedeaters.
  • It truly eliminates rolling.


  • The instructions are a bit lacking. 

PS: Watch this video to see how it works

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Weedeater holders for trailers: Buying guide

Here are some of the basic considerations to have in mind when selecting a weedeater holder for your trailer.

·         Installation

This is pretty straightforward- and we are all happy to have a weedeater holder that installs easily and quickly, whether you’re putting it on the front or the sides of the trailer.

·         Security and stability

Needless to say, you want a model that never sways or wobbles once fixed on your trailer.

It should also hold your stuff tight.

·         Your needs

How many trimmers do you want to store?

Weedeater holders for trailers come in a variety of options- select one offering effortless storage for 2, 3, 4, or more trimmers depending on your requirements.

·         Trailer style

Furthermore, some of the holders suit open utility trailers and others enclosed style trailers.

Others function well in both types.

Read the product’s description and choose appropriately.

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Look out for features that help the accessory resists corrosion and maintain the product’s strength for many seasons.

·         Ease of use

 Ideally, it shouldn’t interfere with the proper functioning of any other part of the trailer.

For example, some are known to hinder the opening of the rear door once installed. Steer clear of such.

On the same token, pick something that is designed to allow you to remove your weedeaters from the rack with minimum hassle. 

·         A word on the Brand names

In the list of the best-known brands are names such as Equipment Defender, Buyers Products, and Trailer Racks.

But as we often keep saying, it would be unwise to concentrate on the brand name only…

You could end up choosing wrongly if you overlook fundamental variables like longevity and smooth functioning.

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Installation Tips

Proper installation is, by all means, essential if you don’t want any problems later when using it.

The following tips should help you get it right the first time.

  1. Location: Determine where best on your trailer rails you want to mount the holders. In some cases, the owner’s manual will give guidelines while others manufacturers give you the freedom of choice. Be sure to space the towers as suggested or at least reasonably.
  2. Welding: For the most part, you’ll be required to drill holes in the rails for mounting. You risk voiding the warranty if you opt to weld the unit to your trailer unless expressly stated.
  3. Direction: You must face the holder toward the direction of the trailer specified in the paperwork for easier access to your weedeaters. This is important because it will leave the bed open for equipment like lawn mowers and others.
  4. Mounting hardware: Purchase the recommended hardware -if not included- for easier mounting.
  5. Supports: Where necessary, add supports (you can invent some if missing in the package) for more definite stability.

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That’s just about it from our end and it’s now your turn to implement what you’ve learned.

Bear in mind that it’s important to demonstrate to your workers (if you’ve any) about how to use your chosen model.

You don’t want them to continue endangering your weedeaters even after investing in such a thoughtful trailer accessory.

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