10 Beautiful Floating Wood Shelves

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Maintain a clutter-free environment by simply shifting the focus from your counters, and cabinets to walls. Apart from creating more space, these shelves allow you to keep frequently used items close by in an organized manner. How you use the available space can make or break the overall look and feel. The shelves in this list are sure to compliment and positively contrast to create beautiful spaces. The products in this list are excellent for storing items while saving on space.

Items that complement your existing décor, and meeting some functional purposes are hard to come by. Floating wood shelves do this affordably. This article focuses on leading models of floating wood shelves in the market. We’ve considered the varying styles and brands. The different stylistic options enhance the décor in your home in various ways. Some offer a traditional and classic look, and others have a modern feel. Regardless of the style, these contemporary designs will evoke excitement to the viewer.

When looking at wood products, or any for that matter, its important to chose one that has a good reputation. Ensure the brand promises durability in what you’re looking for, as we have. There’s a large assortment of floating shelves, therefore its not easy to choose one that ticks the right boxes. Always aim to get your money’s worth. We’ve thus narrowed down the list with the best ten floating wood shelves that are functional, sturdy and look beautiful. Stay organized in style.

Are you in the market for the best floating wood shelves? Want to spice things up in your room or at the office? Our choices of floating wood shelves are elegant, high-quality and easy to mount.

Rustic Floating Wood Shelves with Different Color Choices

Barnwood USA rectangular wooden floating shelves

Barnwoodusa Rustic Shelves

  • Recycled wood
  • Different wood color choices
  • Sturdy material

What we like: There are many reasons as to why these floating wood shelves are the best you can buy. These eco-friendly shelves add patterns, style and class while making the most of the space available. They come in three sets of different dimensions, for you to create unique concepts for display and storage. There are at least three shades of wood color, from which you can pick one that blends with your home or office design. There are so many ways you can upgrade the looks of your surroundings thanks to these shelves.

Each wood comes with the hardware needed to mount on your wall. Therefore, you can securely display treasures. It holds up very well, considering there’s a small hook for a single nail. The setup process is intuitive, and all you have to do is hammer the nail into the wall, and hang the shelf on it like a picture. Each plank is made from recycled weathered wood, for a rustic look. 


  • Item weight- 5.34 lbs
  • Dimensions – 18” * 10.5”, 3.3 inch.

2-Tier Floating Wood Shelves with Easy Installation

2-tier wooden floating shelves

Sriwatana Floating Wall Shelves

  • Excellent space management
  • Easy installation
  • Multipurpose use

What we like: These 2 tier floating shelves give a genuine rustic wood feel. The natural wood with beautiful grain offers carbonized black and weather grey color options, unique and perfect for your home. Easily spruce up your kitchen, office, bedroom, living room or bathroom. The Sriwatana shelves redefine your space. You can spice things up by displaying and storing awards, pot plants and much more. It will hold as much as 50 lbs. There’s 10.3 inches vertical spacing between the two planks, providing enough space.

Friends are sure to appreciate the Sriwatana as a gift, and they also provide gift wrapping. An instructional manual is also included for quick and easy installation. Each order has a 30-day refund policy, which only goes to highlight the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. Thanks to the versatility in use, you’ll love the aesthetic value these shelves provide.


  • Item weight- 3.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 23.5 * 5.8 * 15.6 inches.

Eco-Friendly Floating Wood Shelve with Ergonomic Curves

Dark wooden floating corner shelf

Welland Phoenix Corner Shelf

  • Eco-friendly wood
  • Three wood color designs
  • Ergonomic and defined curves

 What we like: These sizeable corner shelves come in unique color variants of white, black ore espresso to pick from. The finishing you choose will complement any décor style. What makes it stand out is its compatibility to many situations. You can store your game console, DVD players, routers, TV accessories, and much more. The laminated wood Is waterproofed, making them highly durable. The composite lumber offers excellent aesthetic value. This shelf is just what you need to lighten things up on a dull corner space in your home or office.

The dimensions it has are perfect and won’t deface your apartment or cause an obstruction. It comes with a complete instructional manual, and all the mounting hardware necessary, making it easy to install the shelf on any corner. It appears to literally float, seemingly attached to an unknown force, attaching it firmly to the wall. It’s strong enough to hold up to 30 lbs comfortably. The sturdy MDF construction guarantees are reliable and enjoyable space for years.


  • Item weight- 6.6 lbs
  • Dimensions – 17.5 * 17.5 * 1.8 inches.

Easy To Mount Floating Wood Shelves with a Rustic Appeal

Ballucci mail holder floating shelf in black finish

Ballucci Mail Holder

  • Handmade by experts
  • Serves multiple functions
  • Easy to mount

What we like: These shelves offer the best option for managing your entryway. It easy to organize your key and mail thanks to it. This unique shelf is what you want when stepping in or out of your apartment. It even has an additional flat display surface for books, flower vase, cosmetics and such. For these reasons, this single piece of furniture adds aesthetics and helps manage space efficiently.

This floating wood shelves are light enough to fit tight spaces, and not be a burden themselves. It’s a one spot, for storing personal effects. The wood used is MDF, forged by Balluchi’s expert craftsmen, meaning it’s durable. It comes pre-installed, so no need to assemble it. All you need to do is follow the instructional guide and mount in on the wall using screws provided.


  • Item weight- 15 lbs
  • Dimensions – 24” * 24”, 6 inches.

Stylish Floating Wood Shelve with Elegant White Finish

White wooden floating shelf

Adorn Home Essentials

  • Lots of storage
  • Ideal for dull corners
  • Elegant white finish

What we like: These wall shelves provide ample storage and aesthetic value in a unique design. It uses unique eco-friendly furniture to help create value out of a dull space in your home or office. They are sturdy and durable thanks to the use of high-quality laminated MDF. There a 3 tier and 5 tier option, which gives you the room to store and display multiple gadgets. You can use it in any place of your home or office, and be able to pull off a neat and functional space.

The rounded wood ensures no sharp edges, improving your safety. Its also very easy to install these shelves, since all you need to do so is provided in the purchase. These shelves create a seamless look, sure to enhance any room in your house.


  • Item weight- 5.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 9.6” * 9.6” * 8.1” inches.

Multi-Purpose Floating Wood Shelve with a Set of Two

Multi-purpose wooden floating shelves with a metal frame

Soduku Wall Mount Floating Shelves

  • Available in two colors
  • Multi-use
  • Damp-proof

What we like: These well thought out shelves give you a chance to improve your space creatively. It has two brilliant wood colors of brown and carbonized black rustic. A sleek metal band ensures items do not slip out of it. Each panel can comfortably hold up to 30 lbs. It comes with a warranty and refund policy, for the unlikely event something goes haywire. It’s hard to see anything going wrong since the wood used is high quality, heat resistant, and damp proof.

You can use these floating wood shelves in many situations. The detachable, yet sturdy towel holder mount almost anything comprehensible. All installation hardware is included in the purchase.


  • Item weight- 4 lbs
  • Dimensions – 16.1” * 5.5 * 3.1 inches.

White Floating Wood Shelve with a Drawer

Wooden floating shelf with a hidden drawer

Festnight Floating Wall Display Shelves

  • Matte finish
  • Sturdy materials
  • Adaptable design

What we like: This is an item of storage furniture as well as a decorative piece. It has a minimalist, simplistic and ergonomic design, which adds value to your living space. You can store some important items in the single shelf drawer. The shelf will light up any dull room and help clear out any clutter.

You can add aesthetic value to your home, by fronting items like porcelain, pot plants, awards or a clock. The matte finish gives a modern touch to your home. The MDF material is sturdy and durable. It is well designed; even the screws are out of sight. Its sleek design makes it convenient for minimalists and is adaptable for different uses.


  • Item weight- 5.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 19” * 9.8”, 3.1 inches.

High-Quality Floating Wood Shelve with A/V Components

White wooden floating shelf with two drawers at front

Welland Wall Mount Floating Shelves

  • Two drawers
  • Brilliant white finish
  • Installation hardware included

What we like: Welland has a reputation for making high-quality products, and these shelves are not an exception to that fact. These shelves offer great aesthetic value for tiny spaces in your home or office. It has two drawers which you can call upon to store items like books and documents. The open space allows you to display your favorite artwork, awards, or relics. For these reasons, you can stay organized and trendy at the same time.

The ample space lets you neatly tuck away your valuables, or showcase your décor. The high-quality MDF material used in making them guarantees it is there to stay. Installation takes around 15 minutes, and there are no visible screws, tracks or connectors. It is also available in two sizes.


  • Item weight- 5.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 24.5” * 6”, 4.75 inches.

Easy To Hang Floating Wood Shelve with Exciting Black Finish

Dark wooden floating shelves in a rectangular design

Melannco Floating Wall Mount Shelves

  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Three different sizes
  • Exciting black finish

What we like: These square cube shelves are sure to turn heads. The three compartments have different sizes. You can display each of them separately or link them in creative ways. You can use them in various locations of your house strategically. It provides ample space to play around with. Display items like porcelain pots, books, collectibles, etc. The black finish complements any design, whether in your home or office. These shelves are made of high-quality MDF wood, that’s also easy to clean. They are easy to hang, and all necessary hardware is included.


  • Item weight- 5.75 lbs
  • Dimensions – 9” * 9”, 7” * 7”, and 5” * 5”, 3.5 inches deep.

Rugged Floating Wood Shelve with Five Size Options

Rustic wooden floating shelves in a dark finish

Dakoda Love Rug

  • All mounting hardware included
  • Good to the environment
  • Five size options

What we like: The rugged beat-up appearance and clear coat finishing add to any decor. A lot goes into achieving the refined demeanour, and you’d be proud to showcase these shelves in your home or office. The manufacturer takes no shortcut in producing these unique, handcrafted, and quality floating shelves, made of fry kilned pinewood. The shelves are cut, planed, routed, sanded and jointed in house. Routed edges and bright coat finish give off a refined and smooth appearance. The finishing also adds a protective layer to ensure these products serve your need for many years. Their designs are consistent and durable. The wood used is of high quality and has premium strength. They can hold up to 100 lbs comfortably.

For each unit Dakoda sells, they donate some profit to plant more trees all over the one. Get one to help your environment. The clean edge sits flush against your wall, with hundreds of countersunk hidden brackets. You can get one from five different sizes, in three colors. These shelves are crafted with experienced hands, for the perfect finish. You can place these shelves in any room, can be your living room, office, kitchen, washroom, bedroom, or garage. You would want to flaunt your walls thanks to these products.


  • Item weight- 10.1 lbs
  • Dimensions – 24.7” * 6.3”, 4.8 inches thick.