How to find an air leak in a pool pump

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A pool pump controls water circulation in your pool and you’ll experience circulation issues if it suffers an air leak.

In general, the pump loses full prime triggering further complications.

You don’t want that to happen so it’s vital that you hunt down the source of the leak and seal it.

How to find an air leak in a pool pump

This guide will teach you how to find an air leak in a pool pump and possible remedies.

Now, your first step is to look at all the places that you suspect could be leaking air.

The final stage is fixing the leakage.

Let’s first look at how to track down the origin of the annoying leak.

How to find an air leak in a pool pump: step-by-step guide

Note that the clearest sign that your pool pump is letting in the air at the wrong places is the presence of air bubbles in the water being pumped out.

Here are the spots to focus on for a start when searching for the potentially destructive air leak.

·        Plumbing/ fittings

Problematic plumbing might be triggering the air leak- check all the pipes (ask for help if necessary).

You can start by disconnecting the pump and carefully inspect the various pipes. The damaged area is likely to have air bubbles/spurts.

Also, remember to inspect the valves – a light air leak could over time evolve and hamper pump priming.

·        Pool skimmers

Skimmer lines are as well susceptible to leaks as air often gets pulled in particularly when the water levels fall in the pool.

The arrival of more air into the system might contribute to your pool pump losing prime.

What’s more, debris like leaves will occasionally clog the lines and open a window for air to pass.

If no luck, proceed to check the skimmer for possible cracking- they are not rocks and may crack due to age.

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·        Loose lid

A loose lid is sometimes the culprit – it’s going to permit air to get in if it’s not on properly-you may have forgotten to fit it well.

If all looks alright, examine the lids for cracks or a split.

Now go over to the o-ring- air could be finding its way in if it’s overstretched.

Take your time and see if you’ll trace the cause of the air leak to any of the above factors.

·        Survey the pump

Another area you could target is the zone between the pump and the skinner- air will easily get a way in via any cracked lines here.

The tests and required repairs are, however, better left to a professional here so I suggest that it be the very last consideration.

The next step after learning how to find air leak in a pool pump is to educate you on how to resolve the probable causes.

How to fix the leak

Below we cover several possible solutions to help you get rid of the leak.

1.     Faulty plumbing

I’m not sure you can do this without involving a professional but the surest way out is to rectify the plumbing.

Among other tasks, he/she will swap wrongly installed pipes (leaving openings) and replace washed out adhesive in the joints.

You can obviously attempt to see if the leak will stop by ensuring that all the pipes and valves fit tightly before seeking a helping hand.

2.     Issues touching on the pump lid

I don’t really need to remind you this- Tighten the lid if the trouble is ensuing due to it being loose.

Otherwise, if your lid is worn out, there is no way to save your pump- simply order a fresh lid.

Lastly, replace the o-ring if your detective skills point to it as the genesis of the air leak.

Hopefully, you will see your stressful leakage vanish with these measures.

3.     Skimmer problems

Next, clear any rubbish choking your skimmers and re-assemble.

A hose may do the job quicker when it comes to removing waste matter blocking the skimmer suction line.

For your safety, turn off the pump before commencing.

At the same time, replace the skimmer if ruptured or patch it up (search for and use quality epoxy)- here you may need assistance.

The other fix is simple: add water if the air is gulping in because of low water levels.

To make this issue a thing of the past, consider adding an automatic water leveler to your swimming pool- it will keep the water high enough.

How to find an air leak in a pool pump and correct what’s causing it: Bonus tips

  • If you have chosen to disassemble the pool pump because of the nature of the necessary remedy, it will be important to have a go-kit with you- it comes in very handy as it comes with all the parts required when replacing old seals and o-rings.
  • For testing, use shaving cream. Spray it on the relevant spot- it will be drawn by the leak leaving a dimple. Soapy water can also be helpful.
  • Always do your math- Sometimes it’s cheaper to replace faulty/old parts (than fixing them).

To wrap it up

Of course, your pump is supposed to remain airtight at all times to work properly and let you have some fun in the pool during the summer.

You now understand how to find an air leak in a pool pump and even the applicable hacks.

It’s clear that some of the tests (and renovations) will need a bit of expertise and I recommend that you involve a qualified technician to be on the safe side.

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