How to Get Rid of Broken Lawn Mower

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How to Get Rid of Broken Lawn Mower 

Regardless of whether it’s a push or a riding lawn mower, these machines require replacement at some point. While they may have served you reliably, they tend to get outdated and become prone to wear and tear over time. Well, these tools are large, which can take up precious space in your yard when unused. 

So, let’s learn on how to get rid of a broken lawnmower.

Well, you have many options; including donating it, recycle it, and more. 

Choosing the right option is not easy, since you have to take a few factors into consideration. We take a look at some way of getting rid of a lawnmower and more.

Things to Consider

There are various ways you can use to get rid of a broken lawnmower. Before we go to the primary factors, let us take a few critical factors into perspective:

  • Is the lawnmower functional or damaged completely? Is there another option or alternative you can use to fix it? Or do you get tired of the maintenance procedures associated with its use? If yes, then consider disposing of it in return for a fee.
  • Are some sections of the mower still functional? If some parts are still in good condition, remove them from the machine. You can release these parts for money as scrap.
  • If you plan to dispose of the mower, remember empty components such as the fuel tank and oil. The oil is likely to cause damage to places such as the soil in your yard. 
  • Your mower’s weight and material construction will play a significant role in the compensation you will receive from scrapyards. Usually, such service providers look into the given machine’s material quality, especially the material parts.

How to dispose of a lawn mower

You have many options when it comes to getting rid of such a powerful tool from your regimen. A few of the common ones include 

1. Sell the Lawnmower

Consider selling the lawnmower to a reputable service provider. Many people will buy broken or old lawnmowers. Usually, it’s people looking to refurbish the tool or fix and use it on their gardens. If you are looking to get the best value out of the mower, consider a yard sale. Then, clean it up, and perform a few DIY maintenance procedures to make it appealing to buyers.

Plus, you have various other online options you can consider. You can use many great apps include Facebook Marketplace, Carousell, eBay, and Letgo. Remember to provide sufficient information on the functionality of the mower before releasing it for sale. Doing so will help make things transparent to possible buyers.

2. Donate it to Someone

Giving the lawnmower to anyone who needs it is an eco-friendly measure than just leaving it to rot away in your store. Find a friend, a donation service, or any other party likely to need its functionalities. 

If it’s a friend, at least make sure to have some knowledge on mowers, or they may end up blaming you for the purchase. However, you have to consider is that you may have to haul the lawnmower to the donation center physically. They often don’t have the resources to pick the lawnmowers from individual owners.

3. Consider Recycling Options

There are many options when it comes to recycling your lawnmower. A recycling company will break down the mower and use it to make new items. It’s an excellent measure, considering the increased concerns about the environment worldwide. The best place to start would be at a local junkyard or scrapyard service in your area. 

They often have suitable machines to help you get rid of such power tools. Plus, you may also receive some compensation from a scrap yard, especially if you have the motorized lawn mower type. 

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4. Remember a Lawnmower Pick-up and Disposal Services

Various services have come up online that can help you get rid of your lawnmower. You can look for one that is closest to your location through a simple Google search. Ensure you choose a reputable company, perhaps by researching further on their portfolio. They are an excellent option as they can get rid of the mower or find ways to restore its functionality. 

If the lawnmower is still functional, they will likely repair it and sell it as a refurbished item. Plus, you may have to wait for the service to perform a lawnmower valuation first before receiving compensation.


Does Home Depot Take Old Lawnmowers?

Unfortunately, no. The company might have an enormous scope of services, but they don’t have a trade-in promotion. They only have a department that can help with repairs and any related activities.

How Much Can You Get for Scrapping a Lawnmower?

It depends on various factors, such as your location, the chosen service, the type and condition of the lawnmower. On average, expect to get anything between 20 – 60$ for any lawnmower.

Who Will Pick Up an Old Riding Lawn Mower?

The best option in this category would be lawnmower removal and disposal service. These are companies that specialize in picking up old lawnmowers for a fee. However, the lawn pick-up services depend on specific valuations.

Can You Scrap a Lawn Mower for Money?

Scrap metal buyers are an excellent option if you want to sell an old mower. So, yes, they are a perfect and eco-friendly option for getting rid of lawnmowers compared to leaving them out in the yard.

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You don’t have to leave your lawnmower to rot out in the shed or even outdoor in the garden. There are many practical ways on how to get rid of a broken lawnmower. Choosing the right solution depends on various factors discussed above. 

Some of the critical factors include the tool’s condition, type, material construction, and more. You may have to do more research to ensure you get the right service for your needs. If the machine is still functional, consider restoring it first to help you get the most value out of the sale.

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