How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat

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Using electric baseboard heaters is the most common home heating method. During cold seasons, it may turn freezing. As such, you would keep heating day and night, and in the end, you end up paying huge energy bills.

Because the high cost of heating affects most families, today I’ll share tips on how to save money with electric baseboard heat.

Although your device would keep heating to save you from harsh winter weather, it’s possible to cut the heating bills.

What Are Electric Baseboard Heaters?

How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat
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Electric baseboard heaters are home or office heating devices powered by electricity. They allow air in through inlet vents at their cover bottom. The air passes around the heating elements and gets heated.

Once the air is heated, it leaves the baseboard through outlets on the top and circulates within the house.

Electric baseboard heaters have an inbuilt thermostat. The thermostat controls temperature by switching on and off the system.

Why Many Homeowners Choose Electric Baseboard Heaters

  • Unlike the hydronic baseboard heaters, you don’t have to perform the tiresome and risky task of bleeding the electric baseboard heaters.
  • They are less expensive to purchase and install.
  • They are thin, extended, and of low-profile design that occupies less space within the room.
  • The devices are easy to operate and maintain.
  • They don’t blow dust or pollen within the room since they don’t have fans.

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How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat

Tips How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat

If you’ve constantly been receiving huge power bills every month, worry not, today you’ll learn money-saving tips with electric baseboard heat.

This article will share ways to increase the heater efficiency and how to circulate baseboard heat to cut electricity bills. And without further ado, let’s dive in;

1. Regularly Clean and Maintain Your Electric Baseboard Heater

With time, dust, grime, and debris enter the baseboard heater through the inlet vents and settle around the element. Once they cover the element, they hinder maximum heat transfer to the surrounding air.

The result of built-up dust and grime is the heater taking too long and working harder to heat your room. In the end, a lot of power is consumed.

Regularly clean your heater element and vacuum your house to avoid dust.

2. Set Up Your Electric Heater in a Good Location

The best location to install your electric baseboard heater is beneath the window. Dense air enters the room through the window and sinks on the floor. When the air passes around your electric baseboard heater, it’s quickly warmed to circulate to the other parts of the house.

When dense air is immediately heated before circulating and mixing with already warm air, the heater takes less time to achieve the required temperature.

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3. Invest in a Floor Carpet

Floors are notorious for making our rooms cold. Once heated air circulates a cold floor, it quickly loses heat, making the heater work for an extended time to heat the room.

A floor carpet will act as an insulator between the heated air and the floor. Within a few minutes, you’ll notice the room is fully heated.

4. Heat the Necessary Rooms

If you spend a day at home, you can occupy a living room as a family. Heating this single room will take less time compared to the whole house.

When you regularly exercise this tip for several days, you’ll notice your energy bills decreasing.

5. Seal the Drafts

Leave the baseboard heater window open and close all the doors and other windows. You can use thick window curtains to reduce warm air flowing out of the room for the windows.

Afterward, use weather stripping tapes to seal all the drafts within the door and window frames. The idea is to restrict warm air from escaping through these gaps. As a result, your room will quickly heat, and you’ll save some energy.

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How to Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat

6. Appropriately Adjust the Thermostat

If you’ve lit your fireplace or you’re cooking, some heat will circulate within the house. As such, there is no need to turn your thermostat to a higher temperature if you want to save some money.

Switch off or turn the thermostat to a lower temperature and rely on the kitchen warmth.

7. Properly Arrange Your Rooms

Ensure furniture and other objects create enough space for air circulation around the electric baseboard heater. If air circulates quickly, the room will heat faster.

8. Dress in Warm Clothes and Take Warm Drinks

If you intend to cut your heating cost, keep fashion aside. Dress in warm clothes, wear warm socks, warm slippers, and take warm drinks.

When the human body carries out biochemical processes, it naturally releases heat.  Luckily, if you have several other occupants in the room, your bodies will emit more heat within the room.

At this point, you can just adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature and save some coins.

9. Use a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan will easily circulate heated air within the room. Once the thermostat senses the desired temperature, it will switch off the system.  All you have to do is to keep the fun running while heating.

The lesser time taken to heat your room, the lower the energy consumed. In the end, you’ll be a happy homeowner, having saved hundreds of dollars.

FAQs on Electric Baseboard Heating

Do Electric Baseboard Heaters Lose Efficiency Over Time?

Regardless of the age, electric baseboard heaters can be 100% efficient if regularly maintained. However, newer models with advanced technology may be more energy efficient. So, replacing your old electric baseboard heater may be a fruitful move if you intend to cut your energy bills.

How Long Do Electric Baseboard Heaters Last?

Electric baseboard heaters have 20 years of average life expectancy. However, if you regularly maintain them, they can serve even longer. Many homeowners have had electric baseboard heaters for more than 20 years and still running efficiently.

Is It Worth Upgrading Baseboard Heaters?

If you have a modern electric baseboard heater that’s well maintained, you receive 100% energy to heat conversion. As such, upgrading it won’t save you energy. Instead, implement the above-discussed tips to save money with electric baseboard heat, and you’ll be a happy homeowner. 

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