Best Cordless Drill For Ice Auger

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With the changes in times and advancements in technology, ice fishing has gone to a whole new level. Fishermen do not have to struggle with hand augers that their grandpas used back in the days.

The market has a lot to offer but in this review we will identify the best cordless drill for ice auger for ice fishing.

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Brand name always makes some influence in every purchase, although there is more to look into for he drills. If you were just wondering which models out there are worth your dollars, look no further!

Best Cordless Drill For Ice Auger Reviews

The drill models are designed differently with some meant to save on cost while others to boost on your speed and accuracy. As the potential buyer, the decision is in your hands and it all narrows down to the features and performance.

We tested a couple of top ranking cordless drills for ice auger and prepared a review of the best three drills you can have for an awesome ice angling experience in 2020.

1. Best Overall- Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Kit topped our list as the best cordless drill currently available in the market.

Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Fuel 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver Kit


  • ½ inch chuck size
  • 18 volts
  • 500 in/libs torque
  • Brushless motor
  • 2.8 pounds weight
  • Lithium ion battery with good life
  • 1200 pounds torque
  • LED

The 18 volts powerful equipment features a brushless motor with a high torque of 1200 pounds, and can achieve up to 2000 revolutions per minute. The impressive drill weighs 2.8 pounds and a total length of 7.75 inches, making it an ideal ice drill for small spaces, and fast drilling with less fatigue.

The tool comes equipped with a lithium ion battery, ideal to keep going for over a year. The battery will comfortably serve a fisherman not using it on a daily basis or to its full stretch. 

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  • High torque and RPM
  • The package comes with several other accessories, including a side handle, charger, and belt clip, among others.
  • It is cordless
  • Comes with a five-year warranty


Why We Liked It: Milwaukee combines all the best features any fisherman would love. We loved its power and speed which makes it a leader cordless drill that will deliver the best experience when used with a good ice auger.

2.  Premium Hammer Drill- DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill Kit

DEWALT (DCD996B) is a powerful 3-speed hammer drill that features a brushless motor.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless, 3-Speed, Tool Only (DCD996B)


  • 3-Mode LED light
  • 20 volts
  • ½ inch metal chuck (nitro-carburized)
  • 8.4 inches long and 4.7 lbs. weight
  • 2,250 RPM
  • Brushless motor
  • Lithium ion
  • 360 degree side handle

It delivers a high performance, allowing you to perform ice drilling tasks faster and more efficiently. The 20 volts battery powered cordless drill delivers up to 2,250 revolutions per minute and 250 BPM. The tool features comfortable handle grips and a durable metal ratcheting.

Its switches are sealed and coated for protection against moisture and other damage for maximum durability.


  • It is a 3-speed hammer drill
  • Has a 3-mode light for night drilling
  • Powerful and fast motor speed
  • Improved runtime
  • Comes with a three-year limited warranty
  • It is cordless


  • Battery sold separately
  • It large in size and heavy

Why We Liked It: We loved the ice drill’s high power and speed which deliver an improved runtime. It delivers up to 2.8* more runtime and 82% more power.

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3.  Hitachi DS18DBFL2 18V Cordless Lithium Ion Brushless Driver Drill

The best thing about this drill is Hitachi’s lifetime warranty.

Hitachi DS18DBFL2 18V Cordless Lithium Ion Brushless Driver Drill (Includes Two 1.5Ah Batteries)


  • 18 volts
  • 22+1 stage clutch and 22 torque settings
  • 620 inch/lbs. torque
  • 3.5 pounds weight
  • Brushless motor
  • Two 1.5Ah batteries
  • LED light
  • ½ inch metal chuck

The 18 volts tool features a brushless motor that delivers high power by reducing energy loss through heating and friction. The cordless drill’s motor achieves up to 1800 revolutions per minute with its 620 inch/pounds torque.

It has an ergonomic design that allows users to drill comfortably over an extended duration. It is managed by a micro-processor chip that regulates the flow of current to the motor.

The tool is powered by a lithium ion battery that makes it lightweight with only 3.5 pounds.


  • 22 torque settings
  • Built-in LED light
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Cordless and brushless motor
  • Best precision and control


  • Batteries drain fast

Why We Liked It: Hitachi driver drill has awesome features and is a durable cordless drill. We loved its light weight but the lifetime warranty is the best deal.

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Best Cordless Drill For Ice Auger Buying Guide

With the best drills, you will enjoy fishing out on the ice even at dusk when you can barely see, thanks to the advanced drills that come with LED lights.

However, it does not mean any ice drill out there will let you enjoy the wonderful experience. They all serve the same purpose of drilling, although the efficiency and effectiveness differ.

If you are planning on adding to your drills or making a replacement, you should have the features in mind and know what’s best to take home.

Here are some killer tips for choosing cordless drills.

Consider the Weight

Carrying a heavy load out in the cold is not the most comfortable experience if you want to fish for some time. Fatigue could get you packing pack your tools for home before you’ve had enough catch for the day.

Take a lightweight drill or any other whose weight feels good with you.

Check the RPM

The number of revolutions per minute is among the determinants of the drill’s power. With the number of RPM, you will know how effective the drill will be even on tough ice blocks. Taking home a drill with a high number would be the best bet.

Check the Drill’s Torque

Most manufacturers will indicate the drill’s torque on the specifications, although you can still inquire in case it is not shown. It is still a measure of the tool’s power, and a higher value will do you good.

Check the Battery Life

Most drills are battery powered and have the lithium ion batteries. However, the batteries may have different voltage capacity, or the drill power consumption could be high.

You want to know how long the battery can last before you need to recharge, or replacement. A longer battery life allows you to work continuously and will not at any instance cut you short while angling.

Look at the Warranty Terms

Most manufacturers offer warranty terms but they differ from one brand to the other. You want a tool that will serve you for the longest time, and so a more extended warranty period is a better deal.

A three-year warranty period can be good but a longer one is even better.


Every manufacturer will vouch for their products as the best which is why you need to do your homework to find the best. However, we prepared this piece hoping to make your next cordless drill purchase a smooth one.

From our review, Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 proved to be the best cordless drill for ice auger for angling tasks in 2020. The equipment is extremely lightweight weighing less than 3 pounds, and anyone can use it for long without fatigue issues. It is quite powerful with 500 in/libs of torque and up to 2000 RPM.

Besides, its lithium ion battery has a long life, and you are sure you won’t have to stop to change the battery.

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