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Do you find yourself dealing with metal materials and need a way to make your work easier? You should invest in the best metal lathe for home shop.

With the best metal lathe, you can do metal shaping faster and with great precision. Whether you want to bend, create precise round or cylindrical corners, or make cuts on metals, a metal lathe will help you do that with ease.

If anything, projects that would otherwise take weeks to finish take only a couple of hours to days to complete.

Metal lathe for home shop don’t cost your pocket change, but they are the difference between getting your metalwork done with accuracy and precision and not getting your work done. In this guide, we look at some of the best metal lathe ideal for metalwork.

Best Metal Lathe for Home Shop Reviewed

1. Best Equip Metal Lathe

Best Equip is for any home shop owner who needs a metal lathe that’s not only well built but also one that guarantees better performance.

Built to give you a higher level of accuracy in a short period, this unit takes even the jobs that demand too many details and makes them easy to complete.

If anything, Best Equip Metal Lathe takes away the need to struggle with trying to complete metalwork by hands by giving you the platform you need to complete those projects fast.

Speaking of design, the brand uses premium grade hefty aluminum, which is not only element resistant but also strong enough to stand up to an array of work.

They take the construction even further by adding multiple hardening treatments to the body and tool faces of the machine, so you can expect the model to last.

Power and precision are important when choosing a metal lathe for home shops. And Best Equip gives you the utmost of both worlds. In fact, with its 2,500 RPM, it’s easy to complete your metalwork project in the shortest time possible.

Like Grizzly G0602, Best Equip metal lathe is a versatile equipment. That’s mostly because it includes the full set of tools and three-jaw chuck necessary for your metalwork.

Not only is changing the tools easy, they also do lock securely in place so you don’t have to worry about safety hazards.

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  • A machine with a powerful turning speed
  • Full set of tools included to make metalwork easier
  • The aluminum construction makes the unit tough and durable


  • It won’t handle a load of full time lathe
  • You must adjust the monitor otherwise it won’t handle turning forces

2. Grizzly Industrial G0602 Benchtop Metal Lathe

If you’re looking for a small metal lathe for your home shop, consider investing your money in Grizzly G0602. Built for semi-professional engineers and home mechanics, Grizzly G0602 comes at a reasonable price point compared to other units in the niche.

You will love it because of its wide range thread, durable construction, and variable speed that allow you to do your metalwork with precision.

To begin with Grizzly G0602 features a 10 by 22-inch lathe size. Combined with multiple thread ranges and variable speed options, this machine can easily handle a variety of projects in the shortest time possible.

The 1-inch spindle bore and robust TPI lead screw make Grizzly G0602 so sturdy that it can easily handle light duty metalworking projects.

You’ll love Grizzly G0602 because it’s versatile enough to handle different levels of projects.

To be precise, the machine can handle about 26 metric threads from 0.25mm to 3.5mm and 33-inch threads from 8 to 72 TPI. That’s quite an impressive value, better than what you’ll find in competing products.

We stated that Grizzly G0602 is a perfect piece for light duty work. That’s so because it works with a single-phase 1HP motor, which isn’t as robust for heavy-duty projects. In other words, Grizzly G0602 is only adequate for small home shops.

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  • Decent speed range
  • Made of high quality materials for strength and durability, so it should last
  • Include variable speed functions for precise metalworking
  • A small metal lathe with an excellent level of functionality


  • The low power capacity makes it unreliable for heavy-duty jobs
  • Rather too high bottom end speed at 150 RPM

3. Jet 321360A BDB-1340A Metalworking Lathe

Jet 321360A BDB-1340A features a powerful motor that gets metalwork done with great precision.

It doesn’t matter whether you are up for some light duty projects or you’ve some heavy-duty projects in the pipeline. This metalworking lathe machine will enable you to get the work done fast.

In our point of view, the strongest selling point for Jet 321360A BDB-1340A is its motor, as that’s what fuels up the entire system to give you the operational value that you need.

With such a powerful motor, you can expect a better chain reaction, efficient performance, and a pleasant working experience overall. 

To be clear, Jet 321360A BDB-1340A features a dual horsepower motor capacity, which handles light and heavy-duty metalwork with utmost precision.

Because the motor provide a smooth run, you are able to complete many projects without experiencing noises and vibrations. And you’ll hardly ever run into performance issues.

Jet 321360A BDB-1340A’s doesn’t just produce sufficient energy for the machine. It also ensures proper distribution across the machine for optimal performance.

Another impressive component added to this metal lathe is the gearbox. Technically, it features a helical cutting gear that helps to reduce noise to a great extent.

In return, you’re able to pay attention to your work and get jobs done faster and with the highest level of precision.

The inclusion of splashguards is a great move as well. These are important because they maintain the machine’s integrity, especially when running for an extended period.

And given the durable construction and element resistance, you can use this machine for a very long time to come.

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  • Include an easy to operate gearbox
  • Helical cutting gives you a better cutting experience with utmost precision
  • The gap bed extension helps a great deal with bigger diameter projects


  • Not ideal for beginners
  • This product is expensive

4. TECHTONGDA Mini Metal Lathe Precision Bench

TECHTONGGDA is the best metal lathe for home shops that deal in heavy-duty metal tuning.

And unlike other technologies in this guide, it comes at a friendly price point, and therefore a good deal to consider if you don’t want to pay over $2,000 for something similar.

You will love TECHTONGGDA because of its high quality build. And given that it guarantees a higher level of precision for every home shop project, the price point won’t be such a deal breaker. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, as it hardly ever demands additional repair cost.

Power tools are supposed to make our work easier, and metal lathe machines aren’t an exception. With the level of lathe precision that TECHTONGGDA mini metal lathe offers, you can expect a flawless operation to complete all your task in the shortest time possible.

Within TECHTONGGDA mini metal lathe is a brushless motor that delivers efficient power for a smoother operation. Connect this to just about any compatible power tool and it will work perfect.

And given the operation power that it guarantees, you can be sure that it’s the best deal for multitasking.

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  • TECHTONGGDA mini metal lathe is a versatile machine
  • Offers variable speeds to make your work easier
  • TECHTONGGDA mini lathe is also easy to maintain
  • High quality, technical, and durable design


  • This mini metal lathe is heavy and therefore difficult to move around
  • Some people might find it to be somewhat expensive

The metal lathes that we’ve reviewed in this guide come at a price. But they do change the way you approach metalwork. Not only do they help you to complete your projects in the shortest time possible. They also help you do so with the greatest level of precision.

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