8 Best Dutch Ovens

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Pressure cookers and crock-pots seem to be getting all the headlines nowadays. Nonetheless, for centuries, people have been utilizing Dutch ovens as their go-to, one-pot cookware. In addition to being highly durable, Dutch ovens make amazing pot roasts. Regardless of how hard the new-fangled instant pots of today’s world try, they have not managed to attain the complex, delicious flavors that Dutch ovens produce.

A common use of the conventional cookware is searing a sumptuous large roast to lock in the juices and flavors. When you are simmering a hearty stew, the cast-iron pots are indispensable. Are you a home chef? You can use your Dutch oven to steam your side dishes, directly cook pasta in the sauce, bake artisanal bread and so much more.

Most of the Dutch ovens available presently are between 5 – 8 quarts. They weigh around 20 pounds.

Are you in the market for the best Dutch oven? We have closely evaluated, researched as well as examined dozens of reviews and ratings from different quarters to present this comprehensive review of 8 best Dutch ovens.

Easy-To-Use Dutch Oven With Limited Lifetime Warranty  

Lodge red cast iron enamel Dutch oven
Editor’s choice

Lodge 6-Quart Dutch Oven

  • Easy to care for and use
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Retains heat well

What we like: The Lodge 6 Dutch oven specializes in braising, searing, slow cooking and more. It has an enameled cast iron build that users value for its simple maintenance, ease of use, heat-conducting properties. One of the things that give it an upper hand to its competition is low cost.

This design-conscious oven has wider handles for effortless carrying with potholders. You can use it to store and serve food. With it, it is easy to move your meal from the stovetop to your table to the fridge. Regarding material, it is durable but not indestructible. Its outer layer features a double porcelain enamel coating layer that is not only to clean but also cheap resistant.

The pan’s interior is creamy white enamel, which makes it perfect for those into a pretty kitchen utensil or appliance.

While aesthetically speaking all Dutch ovens are not created equal, when it comes to performance, this cookware cooks well just like the other expensive ones on this primer. On top of that, it performs well in terms of heat distribution and retention.


  • Size: 6-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F

Versatile Dutch Oven With Inimitable Design

Le Creuset Signature blue Dutch oven
Best value

Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven

  • Inimitable design
  • Versatile
  • Excellent distribution and retention of heat

What we like: A striking feature of Le Creuset’s Dutch oven is its unmatched design. The inimitable look adds a stunning pop of color to your kitchen. This iconic Dutch oven pairs function and form.

Made in France, all Le Creuset’s ovens feature ergonomic handles and knobs that are designed specially for effortless carrying with potholders. Choose from an array of nuanced, color options and exquisite design – from coastal blue and emerald green to matte sugar pink. The wide variety of colors and designs make the pot a beautiful display piece for your stovetop.

Are you concerned about storage? If you do not like the 5.5-quart version because of your small-spaced kitchen cabinets, you can choose the 4.5, 3.5, 2, 1, and 2 3/4 –quart sizes. On the other hand, if you have plenty of room, larger ones such as 13 ¼, 9, and 7 ¼ – quart sizes are available. Weighing 11 pounds, there is no doubt that this pot is heavy but not unmanageable.

It features an improved enamel interior coating that is brilliantly designed to resist dulling and staining. This simply means that you can handle different kinds of cooking with it – from boiling to braising. The cookware’s interior’s pretty cream color makes it effortless to not only monitor food but also avoid burning your food while cooking.

Even though it is designed to be chip-resistant, enamel and cast iron remain relatively brittle and as such, they can crack or chip if you do not care for them properly. We suggest that you be gentle with this pot when storing, cleaning, and cooking. Though you can only heat the pot up to 500°F because of its resin (phenolic) knob, it can still serve most purposes in the kitchen.

Although it might be a splurge to some people, this cookware’s best-in-class quality makes sure that it lasts a lifetime.


  • Size: 5.5-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F

Solid Performing Dutch Oven With Self-Basting Lid

Anolon red Dutch oven with stainless steel handle

Anolon 51820 Dutch Oven

  • Self-basing lid for braising
  • Solid performance
  • Attractive design that looks good on shelf or stove

What we like: Today, countless choices for enameled Dutch pots exist. So, what is unique about the Anlon Vesta oven? Dang, isn’t it pretty? From its graceful handles to the red rich color, you cannot deny the attractive nature of this pot. Even better, its design features are functional.

Grabbing its large loop is easy. Although the lid can seem heavy, the big handle makes it feel secure. The side handles come complete with their curves. They feel super solid when you lift and move the pot. Beneath the lid, small nubs collect moisture as your food cooks.

When it comes to construction, this pot is made from enameled cast iron that is topped with stainless steel handle. Its exterior stuns in a shiny and sleek red. The interior features a slightly rough black that resembles uncoated cast iron but is actually coated meaning it never needs seasoning.

On top of not requiring any seasoning, the other great attribute is that you can use it to cook almost anything including acidic foods. We loved the fact that it holds up pretty well and does not chip, scratch or stain. Enjoy an optimal performance from this pot for years on end.


  • Size: 5-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F

Super-Affordable Dutch Oven With Domed Cover

Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven with lid

Lodge L8DD3 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

  • Domed cover
  • Pre-seasoned for instant use
  • Great for grill, oven and stove

What we like: At first glance, this Dutch oven seems rather unassuming particularly for its unusual design. Was the lid a stunt or is it actually useful? Granted, the general shape is typical of a Dutch oven. Nonetheless, its lid is unusual with its domed top that comes complete with handles compared to a top handle.

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Of great importance to note is that the lid design is not just for the show. You can also use it as an extra cooking vessel for simmering, baking and frying. The handles of the lid match the position, size and shape of the pot’s. The only difference is that they have a slight curve that makes moving or removing the lid effortless.

Although aligning the pot’s handles make it look neat in storage and on the stove, turning the lid in such a way that the handles are not aligned make it easier to grab even when you are wearing bulky mitts. Its size makes it ideal to bake a large cinnamon roll. Even better, you can use it to brown foods prior to braising. Rather than browning your foods in batches, you can use both the cookware and its lid on your stove.

As aforementioned, it is pre-seasoned for you to use it right away. It is made from cast iron entirely to make sure that it is durable and sturdy. Since it is pre-seasoned perfectly, this cast iron pan is practically nonstick. Whatever you are baking, you can rest assured that it will not leave even a single crumb behind. The best attribute about its material is that it retains heat pretty well meaning the pot not only heats slowly but also cools down slowly.


  • Size: 5-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F

Traditional European-Styled Dutch Oven With Self-Basting Condensation Ridges

Tramontina blue enamel coated cast iron Dutch oven

Tramontina Enameled Dutch Oven

  • Self-basting condensation ridges
  • Traditional European-styled
  • Stunning design

What we like: Tramontina is one of the leading manufacturers oftop-notch cookware. Their 6.5-quart pot is no exception. From an aesthetic point of view, the green/blue graduated color is highly pleasing. Its chromed lid handle offsets it. Most importantly, from a functional standpoint, the heavy enameled cast iron vessel offers excellent heat distribution and retention. In addition to that, it boasts a fine seal to the lid.

Looking for a Dutch oven that is great at preparing flavorful and tender homemade bread, cobblers, chili, hearty stews, soups, and meals in general? Then you can trust this one from Tramontina.

It is not only well built but also very pretty. For the money, it is a worthy purchase. Scrapping up fond is not an issue as the pot barely sticks to enamel’s bottom. If you don’t love how the Lodge’s sides look, this is a better alternative as its sides are straighter. Because of its larger flatter surface, it is possible to sear meats better. Once you start to notice a little rust, all you need to do is oil the lid’s rim.

What about cleaning? We like it because it cleans so easily. Actually, cleaning is the last thing you have to worry about when using the pot.


  • Size: 6.5-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 450°F

Heavy-Duty Dutch Oven With Nickel Steel Knob

Staub cast iron Dutch oven with enamel coating

Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven

  • Heavy-duty
  • Nickel steel knob
  • Tight-fitting moisture

What we like: The Staub cocotte is one of the best choices for top chefs. It is unrivaled for slow-cooking vegetables and meats to tender perfection as well as simmering heavy soups and stews.

Its cast iron processes incredible heat-retaining capabilities meaning this pot heats evenly throughout. Its innovative lid features small spikes on the interior that release condensed liquid back to the food continually yielding flavorful and moist results. The pot’s self-basting spiked lid and special matte black enamel interior guarantee ideal braising and browning for flavor-enhanced food.

With its enamel finish, every piece transitions remarkably from your kitchen to the table. From sumptuous suppers to comfort food, you are guaranteed that every meal will always be special when you serve it in Staub.

Boasting exceptional durability, this pot is a good option for daily use in both prestigious restaurants and gourmet home kitchens all over the world. The fact that it is built to last a lifetime means you can pass it from generation to generation.

It is made in France and comes in an array of colors.


  • Size: 6-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 900°F

Best for Camping Dutch Oven With Unparalleled Heat Retention

Lodge camp fire cast iron Dutch oven

Lodge L12DCO3 Dutch Oven

  • Unmatched heat retention
  • Brutally tough and sturdy
  • Great choice for camping

What we like: Lodge is among the leading manufacturers of cast iron cookware in the USA. Going camping anytime soon? Searching for the best cast iron Dutch oven for camping? This camp-style uncoated pot arrives pre-seasoned meaning you can pack it for your upcoming camping trip immediately it arrives. Its coating improves with extra use and seasoning.

With the cookware’s tight-fitting lid, you can be able to lock in moisture during cooking. Do you know that it is also possible to use this pot as a griddle? If you plan to heat on top, you can do so easily with the flat lid, which provides a flat area to place coals.

It holds 8-quarts. The vessel features loop handles that make it stress-free to move even with the bulky oven mitts. You should care for it just like any other cast iron cookware. Although it is oven-safe, it can be awkward due to its legs. The pot might work brilliantly on a gas cooktop. Nonetheless, it depends on your stove grates. It does not work well on an induction or electric cooktop.


  • Size: 8-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F

Dishwasher Safe Dutch Oven With Wide Cast Iron Handles

Cuisinart CI670-30CR enamel coated cast iron Dutch oven

Cuisinart CI670-30CR Dutch Oven

  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and convenient maintenance
  • Wide cast iron handles
  • Porcelain enamel interior

What we like: The large surface area of this Dutch oven allows for more evaporation hence a more condensed broth. Due to the additional space, the pot is heavier compared to some on this primer. Its cast iron construction offers even heat distribution and superior heat retention. It has durable finish whose rich colors complement your kitchen décor that is ideal for entertaining, serving and cooking.

Its porcelain enamel interior is ideal for cooking. Its surface do not absorb odors or impart flavors. It is stovetop compatible, as well as broiler, oven and stovetop safe. The pot’s wide cast iron handles offer a secure and comfortable grip.


  • Size: 7-Quart
  • Oven-safe: 500°F