Best Circular Saw Track System/ Guide Rails

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As a professional woodworker, there are several tools that you can never be without, and that includes a circular saw. But unlike the cabinet table saw, the accuracy of the circular saw is up to the imagination if you know what we mean.

But how do you achieve accuracy with a circular saw?

The best circular saw track system is an additional accessory that every circular saw owner should have. In the following, we review three of the best track systems for your circular saw.

Best Circular Saw Track System Reviews

Festool FS-1400/2 Guide Rail

The metallic saw guide has a couple of features to impress every woodworker.


  • 55 inches in length
  • Rubber lip base
  • Angle cuts up to 45
  • 5.54 pounds
  • Metal material

Among them are strength and durability, given that the material is metal. To keep it in place, the circular saw track system has a self-clamping feature.

It has smooth performance, and you can achieve accuracy every time, and that is exactly the idea. The rail is 55 inches in length, and therefore sufficient for most projects. You can cut longer boards without having to improvise to achieve accuracy.

It comes with glue-ready joints and is quite easy to use. To extend the capability of the unit, use it with Festool routers or jigsaw. The guide rail is available in different lengths, and you can choose the most appropriate depending on the application.


  • Strong and durable guide rail
  • Convenient self-clamping feature
  • The system is easy to use
  • Expanded capability
  • Available in different lengths


  • The rail is a bit expensive for budget buyers
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Makita 194368-5 55-Inch Guide Rail

The 55-inch Makita guide rail is another great option for woodworking.


  • 6.61 pounds in weight
  • Metallic
  • Silver in color
  • Corded electric

It incorporates innovative engineering to produce accurate and straight results. Well, the guide rail may be a bit heavy, at barely 6 lbs, but it is tough and will stick around for longer – actually a benefit.

It is a more portable option for people that do not have a table saw. Compared with others, you can say that this model is budget-friendly. Well, that is considering the overall quality and its functionality. You no longer need to make a wild guess when cutting the wooden sheets for your DIY Project.

Check the compatibility of the guide rail before you purchase to avoid problems later on. Purchase the right adaptor, and use it together with a compatible circular saw.


  • You can achieve accurate and straight results with your circular saw
  • Perfect for ripping sheets
  • The track system is user-friendly
  • Quite affordable


  • The guide rail is a bit heavy
  • You need to use particular saws and routers only
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Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Among the features that we like with this circular saw guide is the reversible edge. That means you can use it on both the right and the left side, and that makes it more versatile.


  • Aluminum material
  • 2.45 lbs in weight
  • Aluminum Rail 3″ (76.2mm) wide x 30″ (762mm) long

The material is aluminum, and is, therefore, one of the most lightweight in its category. It is durable as well and will not experience oxidation, especially when you use it outdoors. We also love the fact that it is universally compatible, and you can use it with any circular saw.

The circular saw track system is budget-friendly and especially ideal for beginners in woodworking, and of course, those on a tight budget. It is also great with crosscuts and rip cuts. You will notice that the guide has a plastic sled, and that anyway can affect its durability.

The circular saw guide system comes with detailed usage and setup instructions. Typically, it is something that you can do by yourself, and the instructions are clear.


  • Quite affordable
  • A reversible edge so that you can use the guide on both the right side and the left side
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Universally compatible
  • Sufficient precision control
  • Detailed usage and setup instructions


  • Only 30 inches long
  • May not be very durable
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How to Choose the Best Circular Saw Track System

The best circular saw track system is an important tool to help achieve accuracy.

But how do you identify which among them is most appropriate for Woodworking or your DIY projects? Here are a few things to consider before you make the purchase.


It is vital to note that not all circular saw track systems that you find will be compatible with your circular saw. Some of them are specific to particular models. That said, you have two options.

You can purchase a track system that is specific to the model of the circular saw that you have, or choose a universal system. You must make sure that it is a universal system if you take the latter route.


Aluminum is the most popular material because it resists oxidation and is lightweight. The rip fence can be either plastic or nylon. Plastic is stronger than nylon, and therefore the ideal choice to go with an aluminum track system.

Overall, the track system should be durable and lightweight. Check the various reviews to determine which kind of track system you are buying. Do most of the buyers say that it is durable?


Circular saw guides come in different sizes. The most appropriate size for you depends on the applications. Which jobs will you be using a circular saw on?

In the majority of the cases, circular saws of between the 50 inches and 55 inches are most appropriate.


The best track system for your circular saw should have a good design to ensure that it stays in place when working. Stability is critical for accuracy, and that is the main idea.

You can check if the track system has foam rubbers at the bottom to keep it in place when using the circular saw. The design should also be easy to understand so that you can pull it off professionally.

Another factor to look out for is the orientation. Is it only compatible with the right-hand operation, or you can still use it on your left?

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The best quality circular saw track systems are a bit more expensive than the poor quality systems. As such, you can identify the best among them by simply looking at the price.

However, price in itself is not a sufficient indicator of quality. Check what folks have to say about it, and research the reputation of the brand.

But that is not a trump card to buy the most expensive track system. Make your choice depending on how much you have to spend and the quality of the particular model. Always avoid the cheapest.

Additional Features

Anti-chip strips, among other additional features, are quite useful in woodworking. They prevent fragmentation, and you can be accurate as well as professional when working.

If you own a circular saw, then it goes without saying that you also need a circular saw track system.

The best circular saw track system is user-friendly, durable, accurate, and, most importantly, compatible with your circular saw.

Towards that goal, choose any of the above, and your projects will be a bit more professional.

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